Message from concerned Diebold voter

I had to drive the kiddo to school this morning, so I decided to whip into the Harrington Library parking lot to get my vote on. I went in, gave my voter card and then went to the Diebold machine to vote for liquor in Richardson and a straight Libertarian Party ticket. This was the first time I ever voted straight ticket, but I know the candidates in my area and thought it a good decision. Everything seemed to go OK and I left happy.

Tonight I received an email from M.B. Blankenship, a not so happy voter. (Actually, Wes Benedict forwarded the message.)


I voted early October 23, 2006 at my Precinct 74 that is in Dallas, but tied to Collin County. This was not the first time I voted on a computer so my experience can not be blamed on insecurity of what I was doing.

I am a independent voter who has never voted for a party, but for the individuals who run for office.

The beginning of the ballot was concerning a bond issue for Dallas with many items that filled the screen. I voted all those and moved on to the votes for individual candidates for state office.

I DID NOT VOTE FOR ANY REPUBLICANS. I was very careful about my choices and watched as each X was placed in the correct box.

When the candidates for judicial places came up I had a big problem with the machine. If I had the screen before my eyes I could identify exactly who it was I was choosing. the trauma I experienced has over ridden who I was voting for in my memory. There were three names that offered me the choice of Rep and Lib. Three times in succession I choose Lib, but the machine gave my vote to the Rep !!!!!!!.

This first tine if happened, the thing that popped out of my mouth so the election officials could hear me was, “This machine is not recording my vote as I chose it.” I made the correction on the first error. The second time I chose Lib for the next candidate and the machine gave my vote to the Republican. I continued to speak up. Then when it happened a third time and I was noisy, a woman came over and stood beside me.

She watched I as I finished my choosing. I voted for the State Board of Education Representative and then the the slate offered only Republicans for the rest of the offices. I did not vote for any of them telling the woman when I did not want a candidate with no opposition I did not give them my vote.

As the summary appeared for me to check it, Perry, Dewhurst and Combs all had an X WHICH I AM SURE I DID NOT GIVE TO THEM. As the woman watched, I ran the summary twice to be sure that it was correct as I intended it to be voted before removing the card from the machine.

I was so shaken I came home to call the Collin County Election Bureau to verbally report this experience. I had seen the demonstration by the Princeton Professor on the news who proved that a virus could be inserted into a Diebold machine and votes scrambled to suit an overriding software program. The woman I talk to in McKinney, Texas was not the Director of the Collin County Election Office I later learned, but she suggested I write to the three elected people who represent me at the federal level who voted to use machines in Texas that do not offer a paper trail to be checked if a voter feels his/her votes have been compromised by electronic tinkering.

I followed her advise and sent out three letters to Dallas headquarters for Hutchison, Cornyn, and Johnson October 23..

The next morning, October 24, I called the Secretary of State for Texas office and reported my experience by phone. ( I also called Democratic
headquarters for Collin County but the volunteer had no authority,). Then I followed the phone call to Austin with a summary of my discussion by phone and a copy of the letter to federal representatives addressed to the attention of Ann McGeehan the Director of Elections for the State of Texas. I have also sent a another follow-up summary of my Monday phone conversation to the Director of Collin County Elections Sharon Rowe.

I have called the Democratic headquarter in Collin County again today and would willingly take my complaint to the Republican headquarter here in Collin County. I feel so violated….as if I have have robbed by a thief, This experience cannot be written off in my mind as a glitch in
the mechanics of a machine. I know how I voted. I will always believe that the Diebold machine I was using tried six times to steal my vote…probably did . The voting process is a Constitutional right and yet the Republican leadership has managed to mess that up.They done too
much without voter consent since the fiasco in Florida in 2000.

Now I have alerted you of my experience. I hope I have a voice to make a change in the atmosphere of this nation.

M.B. Blankenship left a phone number, so I gave her a call. I wanted her to know that someone had received her message. I also hoped to recruit her to help hang door hangers. I found a firecracker at the other end of the line.

She is not a libertarian. She is fiercely independent. She is a former educator who talked to me about her worry that her vote would be stolen. She talked briefly about her worry that schoolchildren are no longer taught to think. She was, as we would say in NOLA, a trip.

This old woman (her words, not mine) asked what we would do without the Internet. I could not answer in a positive way, so I only agreed that I am happy to get news outside of the mainstream sources.

So from the Firecracker, to me, and now to you: Record your vote, and check it twice. You may find that Diebold is more naughty than nice.

Update Blankenship sent this link after I posted. I should mention that she asked me to correct the spelling errors in her email. I explained that we understand a hastily written message and would leave the message as she sent it.

  1. America is reminding me of the USSR more all the time, what with fixed elections, troops in Afghanistan, regime-compliant media, military parades everywhere, executive hegemony, secret prisons, wiretapping, a wall about to be built on the border, internal passports soon to be mandatory….damn, y’all making me homesick.

    Was it all a bad dream? Did we never leave? I seem to have brought it with me. They used to call me the ICBM but I never knew how true it was, till now.

    And that’s why we call it the USSA, kids.

    Oh and not that it’s a bad thing, but have you noticed how we have more varieties of vodka than we used to in this country? It can’t be long before those ugly 9-story grey buildings go up everywhere just waiting for the next earthquake to topple them, and don’t get an apartment on the top floor if you like running water.

    Statues of prez-for-life dubai-ya everywhere? Mandatory day care at age one? Can’t be long now…

  2. In 2001 the big complaint was that we had to go to machines because paper ballots were too confusing. Now that, predictably, the machines don’t function perfectly that’s a complaint, too. Frankly, we’d be a lot better off if the money to go to machines instead of paper had never been wasted in the first place, but remember it was the conspiracy theorists and their “Bush stole the election” crap that brought us the machines in the first place.

  3. >America is reminding me of the USSR more all the time…

    The political systems are quite similar. In the USSR one coruupt, morally bankrupt political party had a stranglehold on power. In the USSA two corrupt, morally bankrupt political parties have a stranglehold on power.

  4. Ok, i work in technology and have for a while now. There are few electronic systems that cannot be tampered with. That said, the best way to resolve the issue is to make the selection process electronic, so it is easy and readable by everyone and to make the output and counting process physical, in other words a paper output with the vote printed out (much like a scantron test in school) This way, the counting can be validated by physical methods if need be and the individual votes can be confirmed before dropping your slip into the bin. All the machines would be used for in this system is to print out a slip with your (easy to read, no hanging chad) vote on it.

    Of course this could all be avoided by having people with a decent education running the elections and keeping the old physical counting systems straight. alas, we’ll never return to the old reliable system again.

  5. I hope this has gone out to the press??
    And I don’t mean that lightly. HAMMER THE BASTARDS

  6. I expect the complaint above could be confirmed or refuted by having another voter or more repeat the procedure.

    I don’t believe every voter complaint I receive, and I’ll receive plenty this season. In the one below, I doubt the validity of the complaint because he probably falsely claimed Libertarian was next to Kinky Friedman.

    —his note and my indirect response—-

    Thanks for the notice. Next time you might also tell them that Kinky Friedman is an Independent, while James Werner is the Libertarian Party candidate for governor.


    Charlie Bouchard wrote on 10/24/2006, 5:43 PM:

    > While I was voting at the Henry Guerra library, Precinct 1024 San Antonio, yesterday, I overheard one of the poll workers telling the voter in the booth that the (LIB) after Kinky Friedman’s name stands for “Liberal”.

    > Charlie Bouchard,
    > San Antonio, TX

  7. I absolutely detest people who falsely claim oppression because it distracts from real instances.

    On the other hand, just because I’m am skeptical of some complaints, doesn’t mean some of them aren’t real–and it’s hard to tell the difference and often times you can’t know for sure who’s telling the truth. I don’t know in the cases above what reallly happened.

    Currently, one of our candidates is being held in jail and the word I’m getting from his girl friend is that he’s being held improperly on bogus charges. He’s been repeatedly harassed and arrested in the past on minor traffic violations and the claim is that it’s because he speaks out against the government locally (not Austin).

    Some details might hit the news tomorrow. We’ll see.

    In all of my frequent and very public fighting against the government in Austin, including having sued the Austin Police Association PAC and Real Estate Council PAC, I’ve never felt like I’ve been directly singled out and violated.

  8. She talked briefly about her worry that schoolchildren are no longer taught to think.

    she’s quite right. They are specifically though NOT to think.
    our school sytem has always been about been getting good worker bees who do not question orders to the mines and plants.

  9. Not a surprise at all. The elections are a sham. They think that they can set up a million flaming hoops for us to jump through to be a part of the political process. Then they come up with more flaming hoops when we get through those. Then the media plays disingeuous games with us or just blatantly blacks us out. Then the vote count in falsified any goddamn way.

    Bush stole both elections. It’s pretty clear and obvious. Now they are going to create a dictatorship with elections. Saddam had elections. So does Chavez. Hell, so does China, Iran, Zimbabwe and a bunch more.

  10. I never thought of it before, but are cameras allowed for personal use in a voting booth? I can certainly see a claim that it could be used to monitor other voters, but why not have a personal record yourself? (maybe because employers and such could then require proof of a certain vote… vote coercion?)

  11. U_A let me guess, he’ll probably say it’s the Democrats who tried to steal the election (hah!).

    Hey, in the USSR we had elections. It was even quasi-mandatory to vote.

    Another thing which really reminded me of the USSR was the way they moved 250,000 Louisianans to Texas and other parts of the country after Katrina. Forcibly moving hundreds of thousands of people to different parts of the Soviet Union was a common practice.

    To my knowledge, it has not been the practice in the US since the days of slavery and Indian wars, except for the roundups of “dangerous” ethnic groups during the world wars.

    Eminent domain of “blighted” neighborhoods is the same thing, but on a much smaller scale.

    Notice the date; correctly predicted Ohio 2004.

    (I personally knew people in Florida who knew what would happen there on election day 2000 before it happened. Check the records of Russian betting on the American election 2000).

    “Wally” O’Dell, the chairman of the board and chief executive of Diebold. For years, O’Dell has given generously to Republican candidates. Last September, he held a packed $1,000-per-head GOP fundraiser at his 10,800-square-foot mansion. He has been feted as a guest at President Bush’s Texas ranch, joining a cadre of “Pioneers and Rangers” who have pledged to raise more than $100,000 for the Bush reelection campaign. Most memorably, O’Dell last fall penned a letter pledging his commitment “to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President.”

  13. Welcome to the paranoid train! I am willing to bet this woman was so freaked out by the election conspiracy folks she panicked and could have used instruction on how to use the machines. Of course if Mr. Pierce in Ohio does not have at least one vote from my precinct I will join the train.

  14. Note that Diebold Elections Systems is based in McKinney, Texas – Collin County, where Michelle and this concerned woman are writing from. If there’s anyplace they’d try fraud, it would be Collin County first.

  15. here in new york we use old voting machines with a curtain and pull levers. sometimes new tech aint for the best.

  16. Why does everyone think this year will be different? They already stole 2 presidential elections (wide scale fraud). You really think they cannot steal House elections (small scale fraud). This is the same group that managed to legalize warrantless wiretaps, suspend habeas corpus, ban books like “America Deceived” from Amazon, detain demonstrators and start 2 illegal wars based on lies. The Republicans will probably lose a few seats to make it look good but maintain a majority. Then they’ll invade Iran on behalf of Israel.
    Support indy media.
    Final link (before Google Books bends to gov’t will and drops the title):

  17. Paper ballots, counted by hand, in a public place, witnessed by all and sundry. Either it’d stop the fraud or, if their is no fraud, it’d stop the grousing. If it stopped either, it’d be an incredible improvement.

    Of course, this would swing the vote-stealing pendulum back towards the old democratic “vote early, vote often, vote while dead” side.

  18. It’s been asked before: if a gas pump can give a paper receipt, why can’t an electronic voting machine? This receipt could be inserted into a locked box, and all boxes would have to be accounted for at the end of the day. Even if some of the boxes went missing, there would hopefully be enough to do a partial recount, wouldn’t there?

    Sadly, the scumballs have stolen Congressional elections before. A prime example is Chuck Hegel, who was an officer of the ES&S voting machine company at the time of his election. (Exit poll discrepancies abounded.) Read “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” (Palast), and go to and

  19. How could the US lose everything: Its freedom, its dignity, its respect internationally, its economy, even its wars?

    Could it be because the entire US political establishment is pre-selected on the basis of human weaknesses that make the politicians wide open to blackmail?

    Why else would it be possible for the US to pursue a policy internationally that does not serve the American people but rather a tiny client nation (or maybe rather master nation).

    From a European perspective it could be explained that the USSR was a dictatorship because there had never been democracy in Russia, but that the US could slip back into tyranny and the dark ages in legal terms cannot be excused!

    We expect the US population to win this war against tyranny, because that is what it is, there is no war against terrorism because we have not seen any credible evidence of any international terrorist network.

  20. take your digital cam, cell cam whatever cam with you when you vote. take pix of every time the machine is wrong and post them. a million pictures of machine wonkieness can’t be denied.

  21. Remember how years ago those exit polls were so accurate they had to wait till the polls closed to announce them?

    Last election the media could not understand how the exit polls could be so wrong in the critical states.

    This time the exit polls better match the vote or there are going to be some sore losers around.

  22. Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R-Maryland), a Republican running for reelection, advised residents to vote by absentee ballot because he had no confidence in the machines.
    “I don’t care if we paid half a billion dollars or $1 billion,” Ehrlich said. “If it’s going to put the election at risk, there’s no price tag for a phony election or a fraudulent election.”

  23. Like Joe Stalin said,”I don’t care who you vote for as long as I count the votes.” And in the words of Mark Twain,”history doesn’t repeat itself,but it does ryhme”

  24. I think you’re right about this being the USSR now. They didn’t lose in 1989, they just moved here and setup shop.
    Same jack-booted goons.

  25. take your cell phone and record the process step by step showing what choices you make and what it shows you chose at the end if there is a miss match you have clear evidence that can be put online for everyone to see.

  26. I have been programming computers for near on 30 years and consider touch screen voting an act of faith not an act of democracy. The last place faith should be is in the voting booth. We should know with certainty that our vote will be counted fairly. The only way this can be achieved is with systems designed with redundancy that allow a complete recount of the vote if problems occur during the ballot process.

    In Australia, we use a simple system of paper ballots and all parties with candidates in an election are allowed to provide an observer of the vote counting process. This system is completely redundant with recounts easily provided, fair and open since the voting process is overt, and bloody cheap. Now whats wrong with that.

    Best of luck on November 7th America. You will need It.

  27. Remember Sean Connerly’s comment in “The Russia House” (John le Carre)? “Russia’s very much like America, just less bullshit.” Sorry about the profanity, but it was a quote.

  28. Paper trails are useful but as seen with Blair, can easily be bypassed using massive postal fraud.

    It seems that the powers behind the throne exhausted huge resources to ensure that both Blair and Bush stayed in power for the duration because this was organised on a huge scale as was the fixed elections in Mexico.

    We must remember that Mexico gave us the first clue of outside interference by Bush as the voting records were secretly transferred to a supposedly FBI department for some sort of processing and lo and behold, the unlikely win.

    I suggest taking a witness and a mobile phone with a camera and start taking photos and sending them to websites and the media. We know the machines are crooked but we need the on the spot proof now to make it count.

    Ancient One

  29. There has been a strong evidence of voter’s fraud and manipulation throughout Bushes tenure in office. Is anyone curious as to the lack of investigatory presences by the supposed oppostion party? although, during the 2000 election Gore made it perfectly clear of his disappointments made by the Supreme Court, he capitulated quickly and without questions in an election marred by documentable evidences of corruption. The vision of Gore (smirking)as President of the Senate, during the challenging of the elections by the Black Caucas was indelibly etched in my mind; The televising and reports of the strong arming of the black vote provided the fodder needed for me to see the real pictures of Democracy; as it Is now!! Unfortunately for the writer of this article, her complaints will be ignored by Vote counters and the MSM. she will however, probably bring about a smile on the Face of someone at Diebold and who knows, she maybe even make the Questionable Alligance list of the NSA!!

  30. It pains me to see our neighbors to the south disenfranchised. But please ask yourself why you are letting this happen, and why the Democrats are allowing it. Your country and democracy are being destroyed. What are you going to do about it? I predict, now and for the record, your House and Senate will stay safely in Republican hands due to vote fraud, largely facilitated by Diebold machines.
    You got Bush for President, not because of his peoples machinations, but because it’s the best your country deserves. And your behavior is proving this point.

  31. 30 years ago a Michael Hanson was running for mayor of Glen Cove NY as an independent. The night before the vote someone him and said: “We’re going to let you have 279 votes.” That was exactly what he got the next day. Vote fraud is not new, only now it’s computerized and worse than ever.

  32. why the Democrats are allowing it.

    Because they are not a real opposition party.

    The leadership is selling out their constituency.

    By 1992 with the nomination of Clinton, I realized the Democrats were never going to stop the drug war or dismantle the military-industrial complex.

    So I switched to the LP.

    In the 90s I was really gung-ho about the LP.

    Since 2000/2001 I have been much less so.

    I still retain some hope that it can move in a positive direction, but realistically I expect it probably won’t.

    I’m thinking through a number of options, such as forming a libertarian caucus in the Green Party, joining the Democratic Freedom Caucus, seeing if the Boston Tea Party gets more organized, or taking over the remains of the Natural Law Party.

    Until the LP completely sells out, say by running Boortz for President or something like that, I’ll keep trying to make the LP move in my direction.

  33. Want to stop voting fraud? If any voters have guts (there will be consequences but it will be worth it) grab these machines take them out of the booths and smash them on the floor. This will make the statement that is needed. America has been hijacked by fascist psychopaths and have implimented their demonic will while the populace slogs on in apathy. It is going to take more than complaints and apathy to straighten out this dilemma. The real patriots will rise to meet the day for it is better to go down as a proud human than to be caged as a meek mouse.

  34. The 2000 election was stolen, the 2004 election was theatre. And the reason it’s happening is because we are ALLOWING it to happen. There are simply not enough true patriots willing to be up off their collective fat asses and literally take to the streets.
    It is not just our right, is it our responsibility to change this appalling state of affairs.

  35. What mispelling does the “Firecracker” refer to that anybody would notice in a message with that content?

  36. What troubles me the most is, the fraud is known. It is there for anyone who is not suffering from self-imposed ignorance. This means that the criminals are the American People, at least abetting the sharks.

    Shame on us.

  37. The US elections have been stolen on at least 2 occasions now – your country has been taken over by dangerous criminals – much like mine.

    This is not a party issue! Pick a colour, red, blue, green the end-goal agenda is the same – the delivery will be slightly different.

    Start reading – NOW!!!


  38. Thank you for posting this story. I linked to it so others can read it.

    Albert, I have shared your curiosity as to why these problems have not been vehemently challenged by the opposition party. I guess it is one big cabal. I always suspected that Rove has everyone’s phone conversations tapped and all kinds of ways to blackmail his opponents.

    I too will never forget the way Gore treated the Black Caucus protest, nor will I forgive him for that. He can make all the movies and pie charts about global warming that he wants, but he should have made his first movie about the real Inconvenient Truth, and that is that election rigging has risen to a higher art form under Rove et al.

  39. Voting soultion is quite simple. After voting you get a print out with a random serial number only you know. Election results associated with individual serial number are printed in the newspaper in your precint against which you check with your print out. Any discrepancy triggers the Second Amendment…load your weapon and commence vermin extermination as REQUIRED BY LAW (Delcaration of Independence)!

  40. Democracy in the USA is fixed, and it has been for quite some time. The great illusion of two mainstream parties is a masterful trick that could not have been pulled off without generations of public indoctrination. We are taught to trust…our parents, our clergy, our government…when in fact it is foolish to trust anyone completely, because when we do we set ourselves up for deception.

    While I hope that the brainwashed masses are finally waking up, I don’t hold much stock in the idea that this election will show such an awakening. Even if we voted out every incumbent, and installed members of parties other than the D+R Capitalist Party, the powers of the media would spin it as a “crisis”. Chances are, the foot would come down, and even our illusion of freedom would be lost.

    Americans are incredibly naive. Trusting an electronic machine to tally your vote without a receipt just proves it. All voters need to thwart the dominant paradigm this election. I guess we’ll see.

  41. I’ve tested the Diebold Machine as well as two other machines to help our county decide which one to use. I was able to show my election officials flaws in the Diebold Machine, without even hacking it. (I’m a computer programmer) I expressed my concerns with computerized systems to our county commissioner. Needless to say, our county is using paper ballots because of this. In PA, it is written in law that a paper printout is not allowed from electronic voting machines. There is legislation in the works to change that, but legislation is slow.

    We need to take the initiative now. ASK FOR A PAPER BALLOT. We don’t leave any room to blame computers if we don’t use them. ASK FOR A PAPER BALLOT. Don’t take no for an answer. Paper is the only answer to a truly transparent election process. Tell your friends. Have them tell their friends. This is a nonpartisan issue. EVERYONE should be concerned. If we lose our vote, we lose everything.

    ASK FOR A PAPER BALLOT on Nov 7th.

  42. We defintely need to hack those machines and make it a 100% Libertarian sweep…. as in 100% of votes go to Libertarians. That would expose the system for what it is… a fraud. Or of course it could be done surreptitiously to get some seats. In any case, we need to be in those machines tearing stuff up. There should be no moral compunction over doing such a thing. It’s our only hope and in self defense.

  43. Just like a third world country except there’s more money involved,a totally corrupt system.Laughable if it wasn’t for the obscene elements of war criminals running the country.

  44. Wednesday, November 3, 2004

    Quote of the Day: Diebold CEO promises Ohio to Bush

    In a fall 2003 fundraising letter sent to Republicans, from Diebold CEO Walden O’Dell:

    “I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president.”

    E-voting machine maker Diebold is based in North Canton, Ohio. Via earlier news items published mid-2004 by CNN, CBS, Mother Jones, and others.

    Dec. 13, 2005
    Diebold CEO Resigns
    The company has faced questions about the software used in some of its voting machines.

  45. The only answer is to stop voting. If you don’t vote, they don’t have a vote they can change. Every voter that chooses to stay home should be considered as a vote against the corrupt and rigged voting system

    “He who votes decides nothing. He who counts the votes decides everything.” – Josef Stalin

  46. Hardly anyone votes in Texas in municipal, school board, and non-November bond elections. Sometimes it’s as low as 3% turnout. The low turnout is what it is, low turnout and it’s low because not many people vote. That hasn’t changed a damn thing about voting issues.

    It’s idiot to think not voting will change something although there’s quite a few in the Alex Jones crowd who promote not voting. Fortunately, many of the Alex Jones crowd actually vote Libertarian based on my direct knowledge of people who like Alex Jones in his home town and my home town of Austin, Texas.

    It’s highly intelligent to vote for Libertarians. That’s what I do. And, while there certainly may be irregularities with the voting process in Texas, in general, I think our results quite closely mirror what I’d expect even if we had perfectly reliable voting machines.

  47. Nobody cares too much about municipal school bored elections.

    If turnout was that low in top level national elections, it would bring the whole system into serious disrepute with people.

    Voting LP may (or may not) be even better, so long as the LP advocates doing away with the system, even as a long-term goal.

    If the LP becomes a watered-down reform party, it’s just another meaningless vote.

    Even if you do vote, there’s a good chance it won’t be counted properly, but if it makes you feel better – go for it.

    Personally the last time I voted in a government election was in 2003, I voted in favor of recalling Gray Davis (CA)
    and on the question of who to replace him with I wrote in “abolish the office”. Also voted for the Racial Privacy Initiative which was on the same ballot.

    Last presidential election I voted in was ’96. I meant to vote in 2000, but moved so much I didn’t even know where to send the absentee ballot to. Didn’t mind not voting in 2004 though.

  48. If a government cannot prove the accuracy and honesty of the election by which they claim authority over the people, then the people are neither legally nor morally obligated to obey that government or to pay its bills.

    We never were to begin with (why would we?), but if this helps more people realize it, so much the better.

  49. EVERYONE PLEASE whenever there is a reported incident, make sure the person contact the candidates they wanted to vote for, and demand that they sue the Secretary of State, the Registrar of Voters, and the Board of Elections. They should leave a clear record of what happened, when, where, and leave their full contact information.

    We HAVE TO SUE them ALL this time and STOP this fraudulent election.

  50. PLEASE pass the word on.

    ALL folks with complaints about the integrity of the election, head to your local registrar of voters office when the polls close to register your anger, frustration, and to demand a REAL election with paper ballot, hand-counted AT THE POLLS IN PUBLIC, with REAL oversight from assigned CITIZENS to verify the actual counting.

    Show up with SIGNS, DRUMS, and any other noise-makers you can find. SHort of tar-feathering, pitch-forks, and lynching- which are no longer popular, we absolutely need to forcefully DEMAND A REAL ELECTION. Make your family, friends, and neighbors read all of the excellent posts on this blogpage and have them join you when polls close.

  51. In comment #33, “Here comes the Fraud” did a little prophesizing…

    “America Deceived” It was NEVER available via Amazon or B&N. It was published via “Fast Track” at (a subsidiary of B&N, btw) IT WAS NEVER BANNED FROM ANYWHERE

    The author choose not to have it released via B&N or Amazon per iUniverse. Political motivation or just a cheapskate? You decide.

    If you would like, you can call them yourself and ask. The phone number for iUniverse is 1-800-AUTHORS. No, really, call them and ask if it was ever distributed by Amazon or B&N and they will tell you it wasn’t as it was a “fast Track” publication.

    It is the speculation of this commenter that the author of the previous comment is actually the author of the book looking for some easy publicity via blogs. Try a google search on it.

    Disinformation and lies..all in the name of selling a book and spreading fear. Whatever happened to intergrity?

    Fraud indeed!!!

  52. After reading your accounts of discontent all I can say is who do you think really cares? Those setting up the machines and those in office having been put there by these machines could care less about the complaints, as a matter of fact I would think they would welcome them as it means they will once again win. On the other hand if they thought that many of us would do something other than sit on our fat butts and watch T.V. after we are through complaining then, and only then would they have reason to be concerned. It is almost unthinkable but the real reason that we have seen election fraud, seen the Constitution trashed, had the Bill of Rights trampled, are having a Trans U.S. highway system built which will not only be a toll road but run by a Spanish firm,have wide open southern borders, need a passport to go to Canada, and soon will need “permission” to leave the country is that the powers that be know that words can’t hurt them. It is time for people to stand up and be seen