Mel Gibson on Religion, Handcuffs and Toilet Humor

By now, everyone knows that Mel Gibson has finally gone off the deep end. Here are some details about how far he’s taking it:

TMZ has learned that Deputy Mee audiotaped the entire exchange between himself and Gibson, from the time of the traffic stop to the time Gibson was put in the patrol car, and that the tape fully corroborates the written report.

Once inside the car, a source directly connected with the case says Gibson began banging himself against the seat. The report says Gibson told the deputy, “You mother f****r. I’m going to f*** you.” The report also says “Gibson almost continually [sic] threatened me saying he ‘owns Malibu’ and will spend all of his money to ‘get even’ with me.”

The report says Gibson then launched into a barrage of anti-Semitic statements: “F*****g Jews… The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Gibson then asked the deputy, “Are you a Jew?”

The deputy became alarmed as Gibson’s tirade escalated, and called ahead for a sergeant to meet them when they arrived at the station. When they arrived, a sergeant began videotaping Gibson, who noticed the camera and then said, “What the f*** do you think you’re doing?”

A law enforcement source says Gibson then noticed another female sergeant and yelled, “What do you think you’re looking at, sugar tits?”

We’re told Gibson took two blood alcohol tests, which were videotaped, and continued saying how “f****d” he was and how he was going to “f***” Deputy Mee.

Gibson was put in a cell with handcuffs on. He said he needed to urinate, and after a few minutes tried manipulating his hands to unzip his pants. Sources say Deputy Mee thought Gibson was going to urinate on the floor of the booking cell and asked someone to take Gibson to the bathroom.

South Park came close to predicting this one correctly. Here’s “The Passion of the Crazy Mel Gibson” YouTubed for your viewing pleasure.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Why didn’t “god” save Mel from the clutches of the police or alcoholism? Didn’t he claim that Jesus helped him quit drinking? Guess that didn’t work out too well.

  2. Speaking of Mel Gibson, where is at?

    My email asking for an update about the site was unanswered, thought I’d ask here. I remember that on April 15th, subscribers were going to get to see some kind of “beta mode” of the site. Then there was an apology, things were moving slower than planned, the programmer was working like crazy to catch up, but it was too be rolled out in “another week (or so)”.

    Then a big deal was made that the site would be released on 6/6/06 – presumably to coincide with the release of “The Omen”. 6/6/06 came and went – we heard that some files were overwritten. And apparently there were no backups to these files so everything had to be redone.

    That’s the last status report of which I am aware. My emails on the topic aren’t even being answered any more, and calls for updates on the topic from several readers go unacknowledged – at least publicly.

    What’s going on? Where is the site at? What’s the status?

  3. Hatemongering, self-important fools usually end up shooting themselves in the foot, in not the head.
    Unfortunately, others like them learn nothing from others mistakes

  4. I’ve been wondering about LibertyMix myself. Occasional status reports would be nice. Silence is not always golden.

  5. The report says Gibson told the deputy, “You mother f****r. I’m going to f*** you.”

    Isn’t a man f***ing another man a sin in Gibson’s oh-so-holy Bible? ;^)

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–There are two systems of justice in this country: one for the rich and one for the rest of us.

  7. IMHO Mel has ‘redeemed’ himself from being just another religious nut. His arrest has entertained me, but not diminished my respect for him. If anything, my respect has grown!

    So the guy got drunk and said things he says he didn’t mean. What drunk hasn’t? I’m a bartender. I know what drunks do. “OMG! He’s human?? Oh NO!” *sigh*

    It’s not right of everyone to be judging him on what he said while drunk. Mel has entertained us for years and he’s given many times to charities. Look at ALL of him. Judge that.

    The cops tried to stop all this rediculous who-ha–a wise move and not anything close to a ‘cover-up’.

    Levin and Foxman, et. al. are just ‘attention mongers’ looking for their 15 minutes in the spot light. They are making much of nothing. THEY, and all the negative reporting are the ones that are spreading hatred for jews! (Shut up and let it pass!)

    This is a free country and Mel has the right to think/feel any way he wants to. Mel Gibson is STILL What Women Want.

  8. Facts – Gibson is roaring drunk ,Gibson acts like fool
    He acknowledges it and apologizes to the people he abused.
    I.e. the police officers, I am not aware that someone representing the Jewish people world wide was there. Even if they had been, why would a intelligent person care about the ravings of a delusional drunken fool.
    What on earth is this Becky talking about saying that there are two different sets of rules, he was arrested and this whole mess made public which I can assure no one would want.
    Get over yourselves this hyper sensitive rubbish is why we have the problems we have. Every race and religion of man has been persecuted at some point in time. Look into that before jumping on a band wagon that is just as hateful as crazy red necked losers spouting nonsensical garbage

  9. Hey mike,
    When you drink, you lose your inhibitions and often say what you truly believe. I don’t think that the accusations that Gibson was an anti-Semite that occurred during the promotion of the Passion of the Christ, and his recent anti-Semitic comments are a coincidence. I suppose it is “hateful” to point this out, but it is fallacy that I hate rather than insensitive speech. Someone who claims to be an authority on biblical “truth” (as Gibson does) cannot act this way, and despite his apologizes in the past, he continues to persist. Also, I believe Becky is referring to the investigation of whether Gibson did get preferential treatment, which is a plausible argument:,0,2026973.story?coll=la-home-headlines

    In Gibson’s own words, “I own Malibu.”

  10. Also, on the topic of liberty mix:

    In his email promoting LibertyMix, Michael Badnarik said: “If [LibertyMix] was a stock, analysts would be pushing it and brokers would be spraining their fingers entering “buy” orders.”

    I can guarantee you now that if LibertyMix was a stock, it would be filling out bankruptcy papers. As an investor myself, I must say that LibertyMix is easily the worst investment that I have ever made. However, things can always turn around”¦ at least that’s what I thought during the first delay.

  11. I don’t think Mel Gibson is a hate-monger, I think he may suffer from alcoholism (if everything I’ve been reading is true).

    Nothing changes the fact that he starred and directed my favorite movie, which is Braveheart.

    So no matter what people say, I’m still a huge fan. All of us are human and make mistakes. At times we may wish we lived in Malibu in a multimillion dollar beach house. But perhaps we should be thankful that every error we could possibly make is highly unlikely to be broadcast worldwide.

    My prayers are with Mel at this time. I’m looking forward to his next film!

  12. DAP nailed it–the fact that Gibson received preferential treatment is exactly what I’m referring to.

    A Waco, Tex., cop once told me “You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.” Gibson got the ride, but that’s probably all he’ll ever get. People like you and me have to pay for it if we ever get a DUI. People like Mel Gibson get a slap on the wrist, if that.

  13. Good point DAP,
    People do tend to say things that they believe but would never act on unless they were otherwise un-inhibited.
    But by that same token how many thoughts breeze through our heads before we analyse where they come from and determine that they should not be said or acted upon because by doing so we would be wrong. To be uninhibited means that you are not fettered by traditional social or moral constraints.

    And because he is a public figure he should be a better person then us. The question we should ask ourselves is Why should we expect celebrities to be the people we ourselves dont have the fortitude or will power to be and why are we surpised when they fail.

  14. By “preferential” treatment I assume you mean when the senior officers wanted to keep quiet what he said when under the influence. Think about it, What you or I say under the influence really is rather inconsequential, but when a very public figure with strong links to a fundamentalist religious group, makes a unofficial statement there are going to be people on both sides of the fence that will be incited. This would have been a smart decision.

  15. So the guy got drunk and said things he says he didn’t mean. What drunk hasn’t? I’m a bartender. I know what drunks do. “OMG! He’s human?? Oh NO!” *sigh*

    There is an old adage: Drunks and children never lie.

    Mel Gibson’s comments- even drunken comments- indicate that he is a self righteous idiot. Mr. Gibson’s DWI is simply proof that he is a hypocrite- Standing on a Bible one day, leaning on a bar another. Did he trade the keys to Heaven the day he picked up the keys to Malibu?

  16. What has Mel Gibson’s drinking, driving, being arrested and ranting got to do with libertarianism?

    He has a personal problem. Too bad. Who doesn’t?

    It is not going to make or break liberty, start a war or threaten more encroachment on personal freedoms.

  17. Julian,
    It has everything to do with it. In a libertarian world, Gibson would have had no worries unless he damaged life or property. In the real world, all of us would be up the creek, likely charged with some “hate crime.” Perhaps his reputation of Christ lover has been damaged, but that is how it should be. He made a fortune peddling Christianity. It is only right that those consuming his product know of his hypocrisy. This is the free market at work. ;o)

  18. Michelle I am not 100% sure of what you are saying?
    You seem to be talking in clichés, catch words and old sayings. At one point you seem to support his ranting as Free Speech whilst straight after you are saying he is a hypocrite and a Christ Lover. Which in this instance I am assuming is meant to be derogatory towards Christians. Thus marking yourself as a bigot. This is not a effective way to bring your point across. I am always surprised at how intelligent people are ready to jump in with the mob. Can anyone think of one person who is not hypocrite. A hypocrite by definition is someone who’s thoughts don’t match their actions. I believe that this includes most of the population of Earth and to believe otherwise would be would clearly mark you as egocentric.

  19. Gibson has been very outspoken against the current administration, and this war – he could have been targeted for defamation – several groups have already come out of the woodwork to speak against him, I think something is up here.

    It is a VERY Christian thing to oppose this war, Christianity values human life – warmongers do not value life, pretty basic concept.

    Please let us not judge Mel based on a few mainstream media links. Instead seek the truth.

  20. I guess cops are always 100% honest huh? Hardly. Im not saying Gibson didnt say those things but the cop could have also saw the situation as a chance for his 5 minutes of fame and made up a thing or two that he knew would get extra media attention.

    Maybe he will get a slap on the wrist, but im sure some of you have been let go int he past or have paid a lesser penalty and i doubt you were begging to pay the full charge.

  21. “It has everything to do with it. In a libertarian world, Gibson would have had no worries unless he damaged life or property.”

    Michelle, are you saying there would be no punishment for driving of under the impediment of mind and behavior altering drugs unless you actually hurt something? I don’t know, that sounds a little out there.

  22. OK guys, reading my comments from last night, I can see why you are confused. FTR, I had just returned home after a very hectic travel day. Sorry.

    I did come off as anti-Christian. I am only anti-shove-it-in-your-face-christian. Sorry.

    And Paul, I guess I am out there. DWI laws are basically laws against what one may do. Truthfully, Mel was proabably not terribly drunk. I think I read that his BAC was slightly higher than the limit. Admittedly, I formed an opinion based on a different article. I had been pissy about it all weekend and could say nothing about it-I was visiting in laws. After watching the news reports from Cali, it is my opinion that he is an ass.

  23. Mel Gibson has made more libertarian movies than Christian movies. Should it be a surprise that a person with libertarian sentiments might act unruly when arrested for drunk driving?

    (Not that I approve of such oafish behavior. I don’t.)

    The anti-semitism obviously exists inside Mel Gibson’s mind. Wasn’t that the way he was brought up? If, during his more conscious moments, he suppresses and acts against such impulses, he should be credited for such. But, he should also be berated for a while for letting them out.

    Before ye go an an anti-Catholic crusade regarding Gibson’s anti-Semitic remarks, note that there are also an unfortunate number anti-semites within the libertarian movement, especially among those who make a big deal about the Federal Reserve.

    Before getting too worked up about the Catholic Church, ask yourself this question: do you want the libertarian movement to be judged according to the ravings of L. Neil Smith?

  24. Carl

    Let’s not judge libertarians by the anti-Semitic rantings of the likes of Rick Rajter either.

    I am surprised and shocked that Mel Gibson would use remarks that would indicate he is anti-Semitic. I thought more of him than that.

    Hopefully, he will explain to us what was going on in his mind when he blundered.

    I wish Mel Gibson the best. Cops can be very domineering and self-serving when making drug and alcohol related misdemeanor arrests.

  25. I simply find it disconcerting that the media already has a link between Mr. Russo’s film and anti-semitism.

  26. I’ll always love Lethal Weapon now matter how drunk or crazy Mel Gibson becomes. I’m not sure I have much room to talk anyway.

  27. DAP — I was being speculative.

    You have Mel Gibson making the news talking about banking conspiracies, “Jews owning the Fed”, and the nonsense that’s cropping up from his father’s rabid mouth… (I can provide hyperlinks to back that statement when I get home from work).

    Then you have Mr. Russo — ethnically Italian and Jewish, Jewish by religion, certainly … but he is speaking about how a private agency owns the Fed; with both pieces making news it’s only a matter of time before some asshat puts two and two together and starts deflating the sails of A:FtF before they get any real wind in them.


    (And for those sensitive; forgive my language.)

  28. Maybe Mel would care to explain that his father’s foolish racism should not detract from the fact that the Fed is a real conspiracy against the people.

    For good or ill, he has a sort of bully pulpit at the moment.

  29. Ian, I will be happy if A:FtF gets enough media attention to allow someone to make that connection. I think that the worse case scenario would be that the movie is released and no one notices it.