Media Alert: Forum on the Impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney

I don’t spend a lot of time promoting progressive functions, but this one is to be moderated by a Libertarian candidate and has an impressive speaker lineup. If you are in the DC area, it might be worth checking out. The following is from their promo:

  • Are the president and vice president subject to the law or above the law?
  • How can they be held accountable? Should they be held accountable?
  • Have the president and vice president committed any impeachable offenses?

When: Monday, January 30, from noon to 2:00 PM. (Get their early to order lunch.)

Where: Bus Boys and Poets, 14th and V Streets, NW, Washington, DC

Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Families for Peace
Ann Wright, former DoD and State Department Official
David Swanson, Citizens Impeachment Commission
Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate
Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General
Marcus Raskin, Institute for Policy Studies
Kevin Zeese, Democracy Rising, moderator

Audience questions will be part of the event.

Sponsored by: Democracy Rising with After Downing Street/Censure Bush, Backbone Campaign,, ImpeachPAC, and Progressive Democrats of America.

For further information contact: Kevin Zeese, Director, Democracy Rising at 202-232-7112 or KZeese@DemocracyRising.US.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Aside from the fact that I’ll be at work, this forum looks singularly uninteresting. Not because of the topic, since it’s one I’ve written on before, but because all the panelists and the moderator will be speaking in unison.

    Like most circle jerks, everyone participating gets off, but it’s not a lot of fun to watch.

    Good luck to them anyway.

    Yours truly,


  2. Geez. You don’t normally promote liberal causes? Well your record remains intact because these nitwits aren’t liberals, they’re extreme leftwing whackos. Let’s pretend for a minute that this is going to be a “forum.” Aren’t forums supposed to present multiple points of view? These lockstepping lefties are all going to rant and rave about how Bush Sucks, and nothing more. What a total waste of time. THEY should all be impeached and then put under the jail.

  3. The speakers are not an impressive lineup. I agree with Paul. The panelists are a bunch of left wing socialist whackos that have an axe to grind with anyone that is not in lock step with their beliefs. They are the jackboots as The Disenfranchised Voter mistakenly labeled Paul.

    Freedom of speech and assembly only applies to them as socialist elitists, not to the rest of the citizens.

    They are absolutely not libertarians and I bet they would take being labeled such as an insult.

    Stephen, you appear to be pandering to your enemies. Why? They don’t want libertarians in power because of the nuisance of the second amendment and the little problem of capitalism as a libertarian principle.

  4. The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend. You don’t have to agree with the war in Iraq to realize, if you’re intellectually honest, that waging it when authorized by Congress to do so is not illegal.

    As for the distinguished panel…I don’t even care to say that I “feel for Cindy Sheehan” anymore. She started as a mother we had sympathy for, graduated to a mother who used the death of her hero son to make a name for herself opposing the very things he fought for and now that name is fading as her fifteen minutes ends. No need to even go any further down the list when she’s at the top.

  5. As to Cindy Sheehan, have any of you read her actual words?

    Here is a small sample:”
    There are so many people in this world who will be celebrating sorrow-filled holidays this year. Christmas is so hard for us, not only because our children are dead, but because we remember the Christmases past that were filled with joy and happiness. It is so painful to remember the Christmas mornings when the kids would get up before the sun came up and beg Mom and Dad to get up so they could open what Santa had brought them. It is too painful to get out the decorations and hang the one sock that will remain empty for eternity. So most of us skip the traditional Christmas and do whatever we can to support each other through the devastation that our lives have become. Devastation that is so needless and avoidable. Our hearts go out to all families who are experiencing the pain of loss instead of the joy of togetherness this year.”
    She is sincere. She is right. Attend to her words.

  6. You don’t have to agree with the war in Iraq to realize, if you’re intellectually honest, that waging it when authorized by Congress to do so is not illegal.

    You’re probably right, but if your even remotely intelligent you would admit the Administration lied in order to gather support for the war. And that is impeachable.

  7. I never felt for Cindy Sheehan. I thought Fahrenheit 9/11 would have been much better if Moore had spent much less time following the flag-waving mommy around.

    Still, the “whackos that have an axe to grind with anyone that is not in lock step with their beliefs” describes the Bush-Cheney Whitehouse. They lied and distorted intelligence to start a war. Iraq was supposed to last a few weeks to 6 months and the mission was supposedly accomplished in 2003.

    They never finished the job on Osama or Al-Qaeda.

    Instead, they publicly expose CIA operatives because their family members disagree with President Cheney and his Texas dress-up doll, cute-as-a-puppy spokesman Bush.

    Instead, they give no-bid, no competition contracts to companies they have financial stakes in because they are in “lock step with” their beliefs.

    Instead of returning accountability to the presidency, they blame everything on the people they are apparently too stupid to hire.

    Instead, they wiretap.

  8. Tom,

    Today’s developments shall prove interesting.

    My opinion is still “take the bastard out” — but what does this have to do with Iraq?

  9. Julian,

    Since when is a former presidential candidate and a former AG (along with other celebrities) “not an impressive lineup”????