1. That guy is the f’in man! Peter McWilliams would be proud. Very intelligent, well-spoken, and a person who actually gets off his ass to show how true activism is done. Nice video find Mike. Sharing this on the Maher forums. Spread this video widely.

  2. I feel so bad for him. I really do. I’ve sent some money to Steve Kubby, but I don’t have any that I could send him. Gah. This country has fallen into the shitter, it really has.

  3. Probably the most precise look at exactly how different the U.S. and Canada are. Props to 60 Minutes for running such a great peice.

  4. Is anyone (besides me) having trouble with the download speed? YouTube is normally faster for me.

  5. Stephen, it seemed to load slowly for me, but not slow enough to have to buffer the video at any time.

  6. Remember, they don’t care about his politics. Just that he is such a dangerous drug kingpin.

  7. It is interesting that he has made 50 million dollars in 10 years and does not live extravagantly. A true entrepreneur.

  8. Where are the other countries looking to charge Emery for selling seeds on their soil?

    And I have a question… it wasn’t clear by the peice, has Emery put the most of his eggs in fighting the drug war in America or Canada? Seemed like Canada, but it also seemed as though Emery is very concerned with America’s policies as well.

    Or, is he simply hoping that if he is able to reform Canada then the same might/will happen in the U.S.?

  9. Playing fine here. What is wrong?

    I submitted it to Google video at the same time, but they haven’t approved it yet….

  10. Thanks for the link, that was great!
    The DEA guy looked and sounded so out of touch, do you think that he really believes the things he says?

  11. Well, the actually YouTube image where you press play is not loading for me. Tried Firefox, getting the same result.

  12. Dennis Anthony Porto – it was 15 mill, not 50…

    I found it disturbing that no mention was made of the fact that he spent all profits on activism.

  13. Thanks Mike. It’s most likely the Surf Control here at work then. I could have sworn I had the same problem before I left work today on my home PC.

  14. Daniel Frazier: Thanks for the correction, but they did mention that he spent all his money on “the cuase” during the part where they showed his house.

  15. The DEA guy was a bit of an ass, but Emery seems like a bit of a wackjob himself. Not quite sure if that’s a voice we should be supporting.

  16. Are there any countries more willing to keep Emery (and Kubby, if actually released) safe from USSA regime than Canada is? Canada has far too much to gain and lose from the USSA regime, thus can’t be an effective haven.

    If there is a better option, are Emery (and potentially Kubby) free enough to travel to there?

    If the answer to both questins is yes, I would advise him (or them) to do so immediately.

  17. Canada is fairly cheap and easy to travel to, whereas some country that would both be gentle about marijuana and not extradite to the US isn’t.

  18. I don’t understand why no one in the segment even tried to explain the legal justification for the extradition of a Canadian citizen who committed his “crimes” in Canada. He didn’t flee to Canada–he operated his business from Canada. How is extradition even an option? Did I miss something?

    In any case, it is a sad commentary on our national priorities that more time, money and energy is spent trying to extradite a seed seller than was on murderer Ira Einhorn.