Madonna’s New Impeachment Plan

madonnabj.jpgMadonna’s no longer so virginal these days, but is promoting non-coital sexual practices. According to this report, she told concert listeners to engage in oral sex activities with President Bush:

Madonna radically altered her music to attack US President George W Bush during her appearance at California music festival Coachella, yesterday.

The Hung Up singer thrilled fans with a six-song set in the Sahara Dance Tent, and took a cheeky swipe at the US leader by changing her song lyrics.

During an energetic rendition of her song I Love New York, Madonna roared, “Just go to Texas and suck George Bush’s d**k.”

Let’s see. Clinton was impeached over a blow job and now celebrities are suggesting that Bush receive the same oral treatment. Is this some new undercover impeachment strategy? Props.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. I’m sure if a Democrat were in office she’d be silent. George Clooney proved that he doesn’t disagree fundamentally with Bush. All these celebrities just don’t like Bush because he’s a Republican. Most people are too dumb to realize that the duopoly is actually a monopoly. The only difference is the PR campaigns designed to pigeonhole people into one camp or another so that they beleive they are free and have a choice.

    Be sure to listen to Aaron Russo’s interview at It’s in hour two and he does an admirable job of explaining what his new movie is about and issues a call to action.

  2. madonna has jumped the shark. She was pretty good looking back in her chubby pre-like a virgin days. Now she looks like a overworked out 45 year old after babies…. uh, wait a minute….

  3. Interesting. IIRC, I read a review of the same performance that Madonna is “not a festival person” and the crowd hated her, her shitty music, and her diva antics. I would have never guessed she “thrilled” anyone. Aas far as her looks- I never found her attractive and now she looks like an old drag queen and about the last person I want to see in a T-C leotard.

  4. Actually, the report about how she was hated at the concert came, not too surprisingly – by Fox. The other reports were accurate. I was there, and I assure you, she was a smash hit. There were a few diehards of the festival leading up to it that thought she was too “commercial” for the festival, but they certainly weren’t anywhere near the tent when she performed. And the crowd erupted when she sang the line about Bush. Madonna’s previous album was where she first tried to become political, but it didn’t really work for her. So she made a mass-market dance album, and now that she has everyone’s attention again, she has started back with the slight political inferences (and has kept her doco, “I’m going to tell you a secret”, from commercial release – filled with political sentiment – until the new tour for the poppy dance album is in full swing). She knows what she’s doing. And I admire her. I’m glad there is such a big artist who can echoe our feelings.

  5. Here is a good instance that differentiates between the LP and other third parties. The CP would never post such a pic as the one of Madonna, and in fact, would probably have you stoned to death in a soccer stadium for posting such “pornography”–after all, they must ban free speech in order to defend the first amendment!

    The Greens think that blowjobs degrade women, unless of course, they occur between same-sex couples, in which case fisting and scat play are all just a matter of diversity. Funny how the GP is against breast implants for anyone except transgender males who think that having DDD boobs is what being a woman is all about.

    The LP is a party that can stand up and say: “Blowjobs, we love ’em.”

  6. I think she’s hot!
    she’s not so popular these days in America because she’s strong, sucessfull and so not tragic.Radio don’t play her song anymore because she’s over 40 wich is a kind of racism called “agism”.also because she makes dance-music when only rap and r&b rule (but do we have the choice ?that’s the only thing we can here on radio!)and most of all because she lives in London now.well all this doesn’t sound really democratic to me, and i guess that’s why she is so unti-bush right now. Here in Europe we think she’s a model : she tells everybody that you can make your life what you want it to be. She doesn’t do drugs, She works out, she has a life, and she’s smart.Many people try to bring her down because they would like to be her
    .I think it was good that she did the coachella festival because she came from the underground and today, in a way, she ‘s back in the undergroud as she’s no more a mainstream artist in Usa. personaly i love music wether it’s commercial or not.