Mack Daddy for Senate

MackBook.jpgHere’s another interesting Libertarian Party campaign in Arizona. The Salt Lake City Weekly once described former Graham County sheriff Richard Mack this way:

Meet “Sheriff” Richard Mack: FBI Academy graduate, former militiaman and devout Mormon. Mack’s Libertarian Party leanings run the gamut. Down with leftie love, he wants to legalize marijuana and pimp-slap Sen. Orrin Hatch out of office. Uptight and right, Mack wants to can government welfare, public schools and public Section 8 housing. If Mack had his way, charity would be the sole domain of churches and private nonprofits.

“The bottom line is, I don’t fit the mold,” he says.

He certainly doesn’t fit the standard two-party mold. He’s another L-Factor candidate who’s turned in the nominating petitions to run for office in Arizona. He’ll be running against Democrat Jim Pederson from Phoenix,a shopping center developer and former state Democrat chairman as well as the incument Republican Jon Kyl, also from Phoenix.

Here’s the bio from Freedom’s Phoenix:

Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, is a fifth generation Arizonan. He attended school and grew up in Safford. He excelled in sports and in 1969 was selected to the Arizona Republic High School All-State Football Team. After high school he received a scholarship in music, drama, and football to Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher. He graduated from EAC in 1975 and later received a BA degree from BYU in Latin American Studies and Sociology. He started his career in law enforcement in Provo, Utah and served as communications supervisor, an undercover narcotics agent, school resource officer, youth crimes specialist, corporal, detective, and sergeant. In 1988 he moved home to Graham County and ran for sheriff. He was elected twice.

While serving as sheriff he was the first official in the United States to sue the Clinton Administration to stop the unfunded and unconstitutional Brady Bill. Mack ultimately won a landmark decision at the US Supreme Court on the issue of states’ rights. He is the only public official in history to have received the top law enforcement award from the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and the Second Amendment Foundation.

Mack lost his bid for re-election in 1996 and became a consultant and lobbyist. He traveled extensively throughout the country on the lecture circuit promoting civil liberties. He has authored five books and just released his first novel, THE NAKED SPY. Mack has appeared on Good Morning America, the CBS Morning News, MSNBC, Nightline, CROSSFIRE, CNN, Court TV, and most recently, was one of the ten contestants selected to participate on SHOWTIME’S the AMERICAN CANDIDATE.

Mack is the son of G. Wayne and Ruth Mack. He has been married to Dawn Beals for 31 years and they have five children; Joshua, Rich, Luci, Mandy, and Jimmy. Mack makes his home in Pima and works for Johnson Motors in Safford.

If elected, perhaps Mack can use his position, experience and credentials to go after Patriot Act the same way he went after the Brady Bill.

  1. He has a good bio. The problem I see is the libertarian lunatic fringe that will disclaim him on one issue – he worked in law enforcement and (this is just awful) he was a narc.

    I support him. We are not clones and we don’t all have to walk in libertarian goose step. I wanted to get this out of the way before others starting beating up on him.

  2. Richard Mack for Senate, how wonderful that would be; not a snow balls chance in hell! This illustrates the biggest problem with the LP, too many people waisting there time and money on things that do not work. I will not waste my scarce money supporting Libertarians who have no chance of winning. If Mack really wanted to promote the LP and help reform American politics he would throw all his support and money to a Libertarian that actually does have a reasonable chance. I am supporting Frank Gonzalez who is running for congress in Florida; Frank is emulating Ron Paul and runninbg as a libertarian Democrat against a Republican in a district that is 57% non Republican. Last election running as a LIbertarian Frank got 28% of the vote. I do not know about you but I am putting my money behind someone who actually has a chance of winning! In Texas, Michael Badnarik is also waging a realistic campaign and has raised the money it takes to win, I am supporting him also.

  3. In Utah he was getting some buzz about his Governor run until he quit the race to join that SHOWTIME show, and was never heard from again.

  4. Sherrif Mack made the (in my opinion) ill-advised move to “The Candidate”, an HBO show that promised a lot of exposure for the Libertarian message. This was what all our pundits were telling him to do: “The mission is education, take the wider opportunity.” Well, he was eliminated in the first round (who didn’t know that?! -all the others were megaparty dupes) and only got the first hint of all that hoped-for publicity.

    I wished he’d stayed in the race. I have always admired him, and I found his speech at LP Atlanta in 2004 about why, as a Christian he has no choice but to be a Libertarian, to be perfect.

    I’ll be sending him money.


  5. To start with, the presentation and content of Mack’s website is unprofessional. The site is fragmented, and he says stuff like this:

    “Second, all the ‘freebies’ to illegals must STOP!”

    “The IRS needs to be abolished and the federal income tax repealed immediately! This is America and we were never intended to be under such intimidation or to have our every move scrutinized by government. I will stop this or die trying!”

    Can you imagine a Democrat or Republican running for Senate and referring to “freebies” and using all-capitalized words like they’re on some forum rant? And threatening to “die trying” if he doesn’t stop the IRS? Seriously? Can you imagine someone that’s actually gotten elected saying they’ll do something or *die trying*? That’s 1700s language, not 2000s language.

    Oh yeah, plus he’s got an image of a handgun on his site…I’m sure than will endear him to a lot of voters.

    And then there’s this:

    “Vote Richard Mack or Forever Hold Your Piece.”

  6. Okay, okay, so some Democrats and Republicans do say “die trying.” In fact, about 15 minutes after I wrote comment #5 I read this in the Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune:

    [Minneapolis mayor R.T.] Rybak is pledging an all-out courtship that includes going out late to clubs and getting up early to run around the lakes with the visitors. “I am going to show them a good time or die trying,” he said.

    article at:

    (Rybak is a Democrat and is trying to woo the Democrat or Republican national conventions to Minneapolis…another rant for another time.)

    Anyway, the fact remains that Mack’s website (design and content) is not of the caliber (no pun intended) necessary for a US Senate race.

  7. My thought on having an image of a handgun on Richard Mack’s site is that there are some remaining areas of the US where 51% of the population can cope with the idea of seeing a gun without being turned off, the state of Arizona (where I live) being one of those areas.

    I have seen guns carried by store guards, I have seen guns carried by bank guards and I’ve seen guns carried openly by customers in stores, all of which I am happier to see than guns carried by government employees.

    As for the use of all caps, I encourage people to take a look at his website:

    and decide for themselves if his use of all capital words (5 times) is excessive. I think they are used appropriately to make a point when necessary to distinguish his position from the sly promises offered by his opponents.

  8. There are glitches with the design of the website though. The navigation buttons along the left side of the page degrade if the browser window is too small. Also, there is no “about me” page, even though there are links to it. I’m sure that he just needs to get something written up to out on the about me page, but in the meantime, he shoudn’t have dead links on his page.

  9. Why don’t some of you Internet geniuses offer to help him with his website instead of bashing it? He may be like me, somewhat computer illiterate and needing help.

  10. I’d me more than willing to help, but it seems like he already has some professionals working on it (, there’s a link at the bottom of his site). And I’m not bashing his site, I actually think its pretty good, just trying to offer constructive criticism.

  11. Can someone explain to me why Mack is running for the Senate seat in Arizona and not the Senate seat in Utah? He was close to running for Governor of Utah in 2004. Was there any reason for his move to Arizona in the past few years? Both Utah and Arizona have senate seats up right now. Was this an attempt by the Arizona Libertarian Party, which IIRC has had good success in at least recruiting candidates (even if they don’t win), to recruit a more high profile Senate candidate?

  12. Logan,

    My understanding is that Mack moved back to Arizona (a year or so ago???) from Utah, where he was once living.

  13. Why not dicuss the issues instead of the web-site? I would like to hear more language from the 1770s. They had it right. The watering down of the Constitution is taking place now. I hear too much of the politically correct language of this day. Here is a good one: “separation of church and state”.

  14. Your right Chris . . . we really don’t want to rock the boat and think out of the box like Mack . . . after all, the system we have where we always elect “the one most likely to win” is working so very well. We just can’t afford to P/O all those statists like you with someone who actually believes that a Senator should obey the Constitution.

  15. I think the picture of the 1911 on his website will turn off some people who otherwise might be persuaded to support a sincere pro-Constitution candidate. Word of his pro-2nd Amendment will get around fast enough.

  16. Ralph Hughes

    Mack’s success in defending the Constitution has everything to do with the Second Amendment. I wish he had more pictures of firearms and people using them. Arizona is a Second Amendment state as is Utah. He is not running for office in California, New York, Illinois or Massachusetts.

  17. I knew Richie personally. He taught my senior american history calss when i was in high school in 1997 in Thatcher Arizona. He graduated high school with my dad and i,ve got to tell you, after being taught by him, (kind of), he brings some good points but also some very crazy ideas to the table