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Dick Clark, of Alabama, has just launched a new campaign website. Crisp and clean, too. State law prohibits his fundraising at this time, but I’m sure he will add the necessary donate buttons as soon as he can. I’d also expect issues and other information to start appearing on his site before long. I like watching sites grow, and this one looks promising.

Tim West reminds us that the battle between the pragmatists and the purists happens even in Costa Rica, where they are winning at a faster rate than we are in the US.

You can register for the LP National Convention here.

Austin Cassidy informs us that Libertarian Richard Ford had a double digit showing in a recent Missouri state house race.

Michael Badnarik’s listening tour continues, and he had some really nice words to say about Hillsdale College.

David Henderson addressed the CA LP convention; his speech is posted at It’s pretty good.

I saw the first public review of Aaron Russo’s new film at IMDb. Since registration is required, I’ll cut and paste after the jump.

Well, the title as it is, I saw the film “America: From Freedom to Fascism” tonight in Tucson, Arizona. From the moment it begins it is gripping, informative and down right scary! The viewer comes away with an understanding that as good as we might be in our day to day lives, we are all targets of a runaway government, intent on exerting it’s power and expressing it’s will — despite the law.

Particularly chilling is the interview with a Virginia Beach, VA family whose homes and business were raided by the IRS on mere unsubstantiated accusations; the victims of Police State authoritarians. Another interview with a former IRS Commissioner who, now a high-powered D.C. attorney, can’t seem to make the connection between Supreme Court decisions on the Constitutionality of the Income Tax and how the IRS regards “voluntary compliance” with a law he’s unable to articulate. Flustered, the commissioner ends the interview abruptly and asks Russo to leave.

Russo is a bulldog as he prowls halls of government trying to get someone to just show him the Law that says a working citizen in the United States owes an Income Tax, or just to acknowledge prior Supreme Court rulings on the subject. Clips of press conferences and television interviews and news cuttings reveal obfuscation, saber rattling and threats but not one answer that clearly defines the Law, the statutes or the Tax obligations of American citizens.

Aaron Russo has created a compelling and troubling documentary that indeed gives the impression that America has already moved from Freedom to Fascism (and defines the terms so the viewer can decide for themselves).

The film is in the final stages of post-production and upon completion will be entered at Cannes in May. It is sure to make the headlines there and open more than a few eyes. This film will make an impact on the viewer — It’s up to the viewer to then make an impact on the state of affairs in American government.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. As a resident of Phoenix I would be very interested to know when the next airings of this will be, as I only discovered them post-de-facto.

  2. “Dick Clark, of Alabama, has just launched a new campaign website. Crisp and clean, too. State law prohibits his fundraising at this time, but I’m sure he will add the necessary donate buttons as soon as he can.”

    Steve, re: Dick’s race, is his FR blackout different from Loretta’s? Is this due to state vs. federal candidacy? This is from Loretta’s blog….

    “Today is Feb. 6, 2006, the first day I am allowed by state campaign finance law to resume campaign fundraising activities. Everyone seeking state elected office was required to stop soliciting and accepting campaign contributions from Jan. 10 until Feb. 6 for the first 30 days of the regular legislative session.”

  3. Prediction. In the very minimum (or rather, the MAXIMUM), Russo’s movie will receive absolutely no publicity in the USA. It probably won’t get much press even in Cannes, especially since so much of the tax portion is specific to the States. What European who lives in a welfare state cares about the US income tax? Not a damned one. Meanwhile our managed media would successfully and deliberately blackout any coverage of this film, even if it was the hottest thing there by a factor of 10x.

    I hope Russo doesn’t have much money in the filming of this thing, cause he’s about to take a heavy loss.