Loretta Nall’s Latest Interview

Loretta Nall‘s been pretty busy on camera for the last few days. After receiving the nomination to run for governor on the Libertarian Party ticket in Alabama last weekend, she’s been doing one television spot after another. I just got the link to her latest interview, so I thought I’d pass it on.

Note that she didn’t bring up marijuana — the media did, twice. Considering her background and that the weed or boobs angle sells ink and airtime, I don’t really blame them that much, though. Her callers didn’t ask about weed or boobs, though. They were interested in her platform and the issues which concern them the most — a lesson some in the media need to learn.

She covered topics like taxes, immigration, gambling and eminent domain. I’d have answered two of them slightly differently, but she did pretty well for her first week as a candidate, as opposed to being a drug and prison policy activist. About the role model question, she later said:

I wasn’t really sure how to answer the “role model” question. I was thinking “Man politicians are about the worst possible role models for anyone…maybe you should find them some new ones”….but I thought that might sound rude.

32,000 more signatures (which the Republicans and Democrats don’t have to get) before the beginning of June is going to be a challenge, tough.

  1. I heard she was also invited to the debates, which every one except Riley has committed to. That might help spike some signatures.

  2. Wow, a televised debate against all four major candidates on the CBS affiliate would be amazing. If Loretta did even half as well as John did in the APT debate in 2002(and I know she would) she could really school the candidates in front of the greater Montgomery area.

  3. That was a great interview. Until now, everything I knew about Loretta was only through the written word. I am more impressed now. Not often are political candidates so energetic and straightforward in answering questions.

  4. Very well done. Nall might make a respectable showing. She could have answered the immigrant question a little better. Stephen, I thought she did great on the role model question.

    It was amusing that all the host wanted to talk about were drug convictions and dope. Funny. I think all that might frankly give her mass appeal to younger voters. What all needs to happen to get her on the ballot? This just HAS to happen!

  5. Let me add that I’ll ride over and we can set up an OPH/meet the candidate booth or something at the mall to get the signatures. Let me know!

  6. Concerning immigration, I am one of those “closed border Libertarians”, and yet I though she answered the question clearly, if someone is stopped for an infraction, give then a ticket and let them go about their business.

    And I actually don’t disagree with that. People with minor traffic infractions are nothing to worry about. Violent felons, OK, deport them.

  7. No one has noticed or commented that the call in number was 420-TALK.

    I swear….I kicked it off on the Capitol steps on the day that GW declared National DARE Day…and one of the first talk shows I do has the Universal Stoner call numbers…and the election this year is taking place on the same day as my letter to the editor that got me arrested and started all of this was published four years ago.

    Now I am not one who believes in fate, destiny or any of that….but too many coincidences makes me wonder. Are the stars lining up in our favor?

    Thanks for all of the positive feedback so far.

  8. DD, I didn’t know that you live in or near Alabama. Do I know you?

    And Loretta will certainly welcome any help on the ballot access drive or OPH. I don’t know where you are, but we can get OPH material to you. Let me know what you need.

  9. Not matter how one views the immigration issue, I thought Nall’s answer was pretty good from a political perspective. All four of the other candidates are closed borders, and this allows Nall a distinction. They are also using veiled rascist language, which Nall countered.

    There is a large liberal activist community in the state which is open borders, gay rights, anti-war, and pro-mmj. The other candidates won’t touch those issues, so this gives Nall some headway with them. The only issue where they will disagree is education, but Nall’s opposition to No Child Left Behind will help with some of them.

  10. I think Nall has a good possibility to come in second place, and an outside chance of victory. If I were a Libertarian donor, I’d be giving chiefly to two campaigns right now: Nall’s and Badnarik’s.

  11. Stephen, I live in Savannah. We don’t know each other, but you have seen me. Badnarik and I spoke down at the Savannah waterfront when he came through.

    We need to get some money, action… something together to get this thing cracking. Let it build up some critical mass. There is no telling where this could go, even though victory isn’t likely. I’m pretty shocked at the positive reception Nall is getting. Seems pretty popular amongst blacks too. Hispanics would obviously be a great draw as well. There may be a distant outside chance.

    Over here, Sonny lied and nobody gives a damn. I think the populace must be on heavy doses of valium.

  12. “””Seems pretty popular amongst blacks too. Hispanics would obviously be a great draw as well. There may be a distant outside chance.”””

    I am very popular in the black community. Part of that has to do with my work with Roberta Franklin on The Morning Show over the last few years.

    I am one of the only white women I know who isn’t afraid to travel in the heart of the inner city in Montgomery unaccompanied by body guards or a gun. Truth be told, I often feel more comfortable in the presence of black people than white people. They are more accepting of my radical ideas, don’t freak out when they learn I am for legalization, are not opposed to sparking one with me on occasion and their inherent sense of humor is something I feed on. I think Don and Lucy are probably shitting bricks today as both of them feel being a democrat is enough to secure them the black vote.

    I say they are in for a nasty shock!

  13. The Wetumpka Herald ran an AWESOME EDITORIAL on my candidacy this morning. I love how he pointed out that my platform has a very broad appeal to voters of all stripes. This is especially thrilling because this editor and I have had harsh words in the past.

    He is wrong about us appearing on the ballot (at least for now) but I am not going to correct him because I do intend to be on the ballot.

    If I keep up this kind of positive media coverage then I think I can even overcome not having millions to spend for advertising. My platform gets those tongues wagging good and proper and that is the best form of advertising in Alabama. If you can get’em to talk about it over the supper table….then you can win.

  14. My replies to 2 discussion remarks:

    [1] The need for qualified signatures on petitions – SUGGESTION: I have no idea how many members of LPA there are, but if anyone has that figure, take one quarter (because probably three fourths will not take part) of the total, and divide that number into the number of signatures required. Send out marching orders to the total number, telling them to make a concentrated effort to obtain their proportional share of the number of qualified signatures required and submit the petitions to some central LPA point, to be submitted from there to the office of the Alabama SOS.

    [2] Loretta said. “…I often feel more comfortable in the presence of black people than white people. They are more accepting of my radical ideas…”. I may not agree with every single one of her issues, but I think calling them radical is something that only the “business as usual” crowd would do.

  15. Steve –

    32 k more? Does that mean about that many have been collected already? (41 k valid takes about 63 k raw on average).

    Even if it’s 9 k I’m impressed!

    Don – I answered that on Loretta’s yahoogroup.