1. She’s also on a bunch of other shows.

    BTW, for the prim and proper suit and tie fanatics, she got attentions as a result of talk about smoking dope, no panties and boobs.


  2. Great interview and she’s riding this wave very well. She should have deferred from tipping her hand about future political aspirations, but considering her status as a write-in it probably it for the best that people know she’s not looking to be a flash in the pan.

    Still, amazing that a Libertarian candidate made #1 on the Countdown. Awesome!

  3. Oh yeah, and she got there by talking about smoking dope, not wearing panties, and boobs.

    Clue for those who think that LP candidates should always dress and sound like D/R dummy clones.

  4. attention is cheap. she’s engaging in exactly as much meaningful, helpful discourse as the most ignored paper candidate. which is to say none whatsoever. she probably wouldn’t get my vote, she certainly won’t get my money, and without a couple of genetic anomalies, she wouldn’t get my attention.

  5. paulie: Actually, she’s presented herself in a professional manner much to the chagrin of her detractors. It’s her opponents who keep making issues of these things and she has the political savvy to turn them in her favor for more media coverage.

    If she had been using her marijuana affiliations as a cheap political stunt (like dressing up as a hippie and waving a peace flag), we would have seen right through it (like the liberty costume guy), but instead she’s continually acted professional in the face of a lot of personal attacks and poked fun at the whole mess at the same time.

    Like I said, political savvy… not cheap publicity stunts.

  6. I’d have to disagree on all points in 6.

    Attention ain’t cheap. After you get as much attention as her, then you can make that claim.

    Once she has it, she knows how to back it up with meaningful policy discussion. She’s even been known to convince cops, old codger newspapermen and mainstream politicians about the drug war.

    She does have my vote, I did send her money (first time since 2000 I’ve overcome my cynicism about the political process to such an extent) and she has my attention for a lot more than that.

    But really Matt, your comments reveal a lot more about you than about Loretta.

  7. Yes, but follow the history of how she got this much press to begin with. It’s all on her website, including the article which led to the latest round of publicity.

  8. I hope this puts some people’s arguments against her to rest. She’s actually very well-spoken and I almost think that the media isn’t quite getting the chuckles they expect to garner from interviews with her. If anything, Loretta Nall should really be brought in to work on other campaigns in the LP on how to take press, work it into a positive spin, and speak sensibly to voters.

  9. Loretta rocks! How many other LP candidates have gotten national TV coverage and airtime this year??

  10. When Loretta first came on the scene here in Atlanta, my Green friends and I, the group token social libertarian, fought over who was going to ‘get’ Loretta. Guess I won that tug of war.

    Loretta is dedicated and working a state that I do not think anyone here would go and live, much less take on the status quo. How many of you have fun for any office, much less a governor? Hmmm #6?

    The ‘boob’ thing was so last spring. It was that AP story that got the national news to finally notice her.

    She was able to get those 40,000 signatures; they had to go through a rediculous qualifying process that knocked ‘just enough’ names to keep her off the ballot.

    She is a dedicated advocate for cannabis restriction for adult use, and a true fiscal conservative. I sent her donations earlier, I’ll send her more later.

    We could ‘all use more Nall’ in our organization.

  11. Thanks for watching y’all and for supporting my campaign for governor of Alabama in whatever way you can. I may win this thiing yet. If the emails in my inbox from Alabama voters are any indication of what November 7 holds….then I’d say things could get real interesting.

    Loretta Nall

  12. Loretta Nall is a truly special and awesome human being. It’s just that simple and I know definitively that there are very few people that I can say that about.

  13. Here’s that AP story if you doubt me.


    On other matters….

    Indeed, Loretta Nall indicated that when her current campaign is over she will be working for the Phillies 2008 Presidential Nominating Campaign by doing media relations.

    Yes, that is unfortunate. I’ve asked her why not Kubby and haven’t heard back. Despite her poor choice of presidential campaigns and certain contractors, I still like Loretta a lot.

    Here’s another candidate who is also really good, and would have made a lot more sense for Loretta to support:


    She was able to get those 40,000 signatures; they had to go through a rediculous qualifying process that knocked ”˜just enough’ names to keep her off the ballot.

    Incorrect. It was about 15,000. My advice about starting early was not taken.

  14. Loretta is dedicated and working a state that I do not think anyone here would go and live,

    Why not? I lived in Alabama for ten years (my parents, my sister and such stuff as I have which is more than I can bring on the road still live there) and I was a New Yorker, from the city.

    I had those same type of prejudices at first and was glad to discover I was completely wrong. Alabama was a great place to live.

  15. This may surprise some of you, PAULIE!!, but I actually think this is a good thing. I saw the clip on Fox News. Good job Loretta.

    Look Paulie, this is totally different than the Kookie guy in the Statue of Liberty get-up in Colorado. Problem there was HE’S A DUDE!!! He looked uuuuuugly!! in that outfit.

    Loretta has done an excellent job at getting the word “Libertarian” mentioned in this year’s election.

    Now, whether or not she benefits remains to be seen. However, think about the “suit and tie” Libertarian candidates who could benefit in other races from her efforts, for the “what the hell” vote.

    The “what the hell” vote is the same as the Kinky Friedman vote in Texas. It’s mischevious voters, “throwing their vote away” here and there, while still voting major party in the tight important races.

  16. Actually, Eric, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Unlike most people here, you actually understand nuts and bolts politics, leverage principles and niche marketing. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

    The fact that we are pursuing different niche strategies does not mean that I don’t understand what you’re doing.

    As for Brophy, if I read correctly, his stunts with the liberty costume got him in the debate they originally tried to keep him out of.

    Despite what Julian “macho, macho man” thinks, I don’t really know enough about cross-dressing to say whether he does it well or not. I’ll leave the makeup critique to Starchild, or you, if you’re so inclined.

    Hey, I just thought of something. Julian is a macho, macho man who is burning with desire to meet me and see my “gun”. You were In the Navy. Every once in a while I stay at the YMCA. Hey, we can be the new village people!

    (For the dumbasses out there: just kidding).

  17. Exceptional! Loretta was well spoken and carried herself well and she did it on a Libertarian platform. Paulie, you’re right about this. Here’s a wakeup slap for detractors who wish Libertarians were just Republicrat lite.

  18. Hey, the “Horny Guy Vote” should be more than enough to win an election.
    Perhaps the Libertarian Party should take a look at her tactics; at least she got national exposure. That’s more than we can say for most of our candidates.

  19. Rachel Mills received a lot of favorable national media attention a few years ago for her “Ladies of Liberty” pin-up calendar. Hmmmm. I’m seeing a trend, and a piece of the political market that Libertarians can corner. :)

  20. Our Wyoming house candidate got coverage in today’s New York Times for the Cubin slap incident, but the Times used a lower-case “l” in “libertarian”.

  21. I think Loretta did a GREAT job.

    I’ve never said that we shouldn’t be boldly and proudly espousing the Libertarian Proposition. I believe that we’re our most credible when using that proposition as our talking points. With regards to wearing a suit, all I’m saying is that if we are to be seen with any credibility in advocating our radical policy positions, we have to look the part so that people will LISTEN instead of being distracted because you’re wearing butterfly wings. Wearing a suit helps us get the message out. Wearing whacko outfits prevents people from listening to a candidate presenting the Libertarian Proposition.

    Frankly, I’d rather have Mr. Turned-Blue-Colloidal-Silver in Montana wearing a Statue of Liberty outfit because his nutty words would have been overcome by the nutty costume.

  22. You’ve definitely got my vote Loretta, and I’m beating all my friends over the head until they get enough sense to write you in as well.

    My brother-in-law actually discovered your site before I ever told him about you. He thinks you’re awesome! And I agree!

  23. From LPA-activists yesterday

    I wall to wall media for the next week. If someone on tis list is interested in taking phone calls for me and helping to schedule the media I would sure appreciate it. Tomorrow I will be on the Man Cow show, three ABC Radio show in NYC, WAKA Channel 8 Talk Back Live and a couple others I can’t remember right now.


  24. Dude, when democraticunderground is pretty much unanimous… on a non-Democrat – that’s powerful.

    I’m sure Dondero-Rittberg is upset over such a development.

    Kubby/Nall ’08? That would be powerful against Hillary the hawk. If the Democrats take over, the war in Iraq will wind up being their baby. They will be destroyed by their base over it. A Kubby/Nall ticket would be absolutely deadly. Of course, so would a Kubby/Ruwart or Ruwart/Nall.

  25. Devious,

    Unfortunately, she’s not old enough. Born 1974, so we’ll have to wait until 2012 if they still have presidential elections then.

    Latest media scheduling from LPA activists:


    I will be a guest on FOX NEWS Big Story Weekend this Sunday at 4 pm central time and in the latter part of next week I will be a guest on the Today Show. No date for the Today Show as of yet but will post one as soon as I get it.

    For all of you still bitching and whining at my success all I gotta say is


  26. “…a couple of genetic anomalies, she wouldn’t get my attention.” Get over yourself, ‘matt.’ I don’t know what the hell you look like but if it is anything like the typical Libertarian male, my guess is that Mrs. Nall wouldn’t give you the time day if you were wrapped in Gainesville Green.

  27. She’s (so far as I know anyway, happily) married (I know, I’m a little bummed too, not for her tho).


    It’s not so much about your skills or lack thereof – Loretta is great at a lot of things, but delegating is not at the top of that list. She does way too much herself.

    If she invested just a little time in getting other people to help her on stuff like that, she could get even MORE done.

    Scary, huh?

  28. Yeah my HTML skills are lacking….no doubt…but as long as the site is functional I can deal with it.

    I will be a guest on Fox Cable News Big Story Weekend today at 440 pm cst. Someone please record this and YouTube it for me if you can.

    >>If she invested just a little time in getting other people to help her on stuff like that, she could get even MORE done.

  29. No on the Today Show. I don’t expect word on what date until Monday.
    Also, the Fox news segment scheduled for later today has been postponed with a tentative date of next weekend for airing.