Loretta Nall Media Update: “Most talked about topic on the blogs…”

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Here’s some recent media coverage of Loretta Nall’s race for Governor in Alabama:

The Cleburne News on gay marriage:

In a state where the label “pro-family” is usually understood to mean “pro-family, as long as your family looks exactly like mine,” Loretta Nall is the exception: “When I say I’m pro-family, I mean I’m pro-family for everyone,” says Mrs. Nall, mother of two and the Libertarian Party’s 2006 nominee for governor of Alabama. “The last thing the government has any business doing is peering up the skirts and down the trousers of citizens who come down to the courthouse and pay good money for a marriage license, or who offer a loving home and dedicated parenthood to children who would otherwise grow up abandoned or orphaned, Nall said.Nall is the only candidate who has so far chosen to openly appeal to Alabama’s gay and lesbian community.

AP wire
that hit a handful of papers in the southeast:

Libertarian Party nominee Loretta Nall said she objects to using the Guard to militarize the border with the peaceful neighbor. “The last thing I want to do is make it more like a police state,” she said.

Instead, she advocates embracing illegal immigrants who are working in the United States. “We should naturalize them and make them part of the tax base,” she said.

Mobile Press-Register on the Flash for Cash campaign:

There’s been some discussion lately about whether all the pollsters and consultants have sapped the fun and spontaneity from politics. Folks who espouse that opinion apparently haven’t viewed Alabama Libertarian Loretta Nall’s ads.

One posted on the Mobile Libertarian Party’s site boasts a photo of Nall, who’s running for governor, leaning forward in a low-necked top, displaying her cleavage.

The slogan reads, “More of these boobs, and less of these boobs!!” Small photos of Gov. Bob Riley, Roy Moore, Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley and Don Siegelman are included.

Nall still needs money to get on the ballot in Alabama. After watching the MSNBC footage below about her fundraising campaign, please pop by her site to leave a contribution. Here’s the G-Rated page, and this one’s PG13.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Since you have no interest in government, why do you care what she does?

  2. I mean, seriously.

    All you that claim to desire no formal government literally have no dog in the hunt anyway. I dont get why you care so much about a process you claim you not only have no interest in, but further claim you want to destroy? Why would you care about the LP, and why should I listen to anything you say about it all?

    The LP is not the entire libertarian movement. It’s the political arm of it. For so many people who desire nothing of government or politics to be so concerned about what it does and who’s zooming who is astounding to me. The LP is in the business of electing poeple TO GOVERN.


  3. oh one last thing – 95% of you really awesome libertarians that think shes a joke – you couldnt get yourself or your candidate on MSNBC for any reason at all, and that’s been proven.

    You dont like it becuase it doesnt appeal to your sense of “reason” and sense of high minded persuasion that is the libertarian model of ” outreach”….that only appeals to other libertarians. Why the hell do you think she got MSM attention?


    Ok, I’m done. Not having a place to scream bloody murder is starting to get to me. Can ya tell ?

  4. Who’s the 95% that think she’s a joke? You must be projecting your true feelings….

    That government is best which governs least.

  5. Brian,

    What Ali said is innaccurate, for starters. She does not show “her tits” — but I’m sure the facts won’t get in the way of your opinion.

  6. “…that thinks shes a joke”…removing the other libertarians who thinks she’s not one, like me. There’s a dividing line there, you see.

  7. Nigel — We had a bunch of people in the house when they played that and we all were rolling with laughter.

  8. I’m glad you like the MSM coverage Tim. I bet you probably also liked the MSM coverage of the blue guy and the druid. The LP is a joke and this kind of stuff just reinforces the public’s image of libertarians being weirdos.

    I’m sure you’ll be hoping to prove me wrong when Nall finally becomes the first prominent elected Libertarian. That one all you election suckers always thinks is right around the corner.

    I bet she’ll get tons of votes, seeing that she’s chosen free immigration, drug legalization, sex, and gay marriage as her main platform (very popular positions in Alabama!).

  9. Brian,

    Guy Hunt was a joke, too. The Amway salesman-turned gubernatorial candidate won the election in 1986 when the two Democrats, Baxley and McMillan, so angered the voters that he was able to scrape just enough votes together to win. Alabama is NOT a run-off state, 34% could win a three-way race. The Republicans and Democrats are a coalition of voters, Loretta is tapping into those groups that don’t fit well into either, or worse, are completely ignored. The other candidates actively support deporting illegal immigrants, perhaps creating a modern day “Trail of Tears”. From their comments it seems they would also have returned those lucky enough to escape from East Germany. A full 76% of Alabamans believe in MMJ, a goodly chunk think that Alabama’s vibrator ban is silly, and a lot of conservatives don’t want government defining marriage because it is a divine institution, not something man can on a whim define (or redefine).

    I still think people vote for the person, not the party.

  10. Speaking of conservatives in Alabama — if Riley wins the GOP primary, who are they going to vote for?

    68% of Alabama disapproved of Bob Riley’s tax rape scheme and the Democrats supported it. I figure this may be worthy of a few votes from the right, too.

  11. ….That one all you election suckers always thinks is right around the corner.

    For so many people who desire nothing of government or politics to be so concerned about what it does and who’s zooming who is astounding to me. The LP is in the business of electing poeple TO GOVERN.

    Proud election sucker since 1982….and that’s Mr. Election Sucker to you. :D

  12. Don’t forget that Americans have elected a few other “jokes” for governor in recent years, including an action movie star and a pro wrestler. If she can keep the attention on herself long enough maybe enough people will realize that her positions are the right ones and that she actually is the best candidate in the race. Just get her into the debates, then things could get real interesting.

  13. Stephen, I can assure you that if Riley wins the primary, and that’s a big if that conservatives will vote for Riley. This idea that libertarians have that conservatives have a legitimate interest in voting Libertarian is repeatedly proven to be a loser.

    Conservatives would vote GOP even if it ran on a platform of dropping nukes on their own city to get at “the terrorists”. That is no exagerration either. “Aw shucks, Marge, they have to nuke our town to get at the terrorists. I hope the fallout and blast radius is confined to those wily terrorists. I guess it’s just got to be done and at least we elected someone with the courage, resolve and respect for God to do it!”.

  14. DD,

    Right now, Riley is way up in the polls against Moore.

    When I said conservatives before, I was referring to those who vote for fiscal conservatism. I should have been more clear.

  15. Sorry, I confused Riley with Moore.

    I think the bunk “wasted vote” syndrome will assert itself. I’m not sure what people will fear “wasting” it over when the choices are decidedly nothing, nothing and something, but I am sure on the individual level, the sheeple will figure out some lame cop-out excuse.

  16. How long has the Libertarian party been occupied by Communists? What is wrong in Alabama? Do you all hate Western civilization?

  17. Jane,

    What does communism have to do with Nall’s campaign?

    What does Western civilization have to do with her campaign? She’s running for governor, not a history professorship.