LMAO at the Future Authoritarians

As no one seems to have been injured or arrested, here’s a story almost any libertarian will find humorous:

At least 1,000 West Point cadets demonstrated last week against the manner in which a drug search was carried out in their barracks, shouting and throwing fireworks and other objects from their windows, according to accounts of the incident.

“Hundreds of cadets were hollering obscenities out of their windows and some were throwing objects,” according to an incident summary obtained by the Times Herald-Record of Orange County, N.Y., which ran an article about the incident yesterday.

It gets even better, too:

The officer’s report called the incident a riot, but Cassella disputed that characterization. “The term ‘riot’ is going a little too far,” he said. “They blew off steam.” He said he did not know the name or rank of the officer who wrote the report.

Cassella said he believes that the incident grew out of a “misperception” among cadets that they had been tricked into complying with a surprise drug search. They had been awakened around dawn on April 19 for a fire drill, but while they were still outside, police squads entered the buildings with drug-sniffing dogs. Frustration built during the day, and the outburst began at about 10:30 that night and lasted an hour, he said.

Hell, they do this sort of stuff to junior enlisteds all the time. What’s good for the goose…

Stephen Gordon

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  1. (Chuckling) Sauce for the goose, indeed. I recall very vividly being on the receiving end of a surprise, pre-dawn piss-test in my barracks on a Saturday morning after we’d been told we could sleep in after winning the company pennant in a competition on Friday. Let the ‘Pointers stew; few enlisted with any brains will ever entrust their safety to a ‘Massengale’ of a ‘Pointer.

  2. I’m a cadet and I was here for the “riot.” It wasn’t a riot at all and believe it or not the “aristocracy” does all the same things that enlisted do, including piss tests and health and welfare inspections. That wasn’t the issue. Some of the cadets were upset about the fact that the officers went to such lengths to deceive the corps. No one actually cares about the search, it’s about hypocrisy. Officers weren’t living up to the honor code as cadets are expected to in their daily lives. This wasn’t some sort of political demonstration, these “riots” happen all the time, any time the power goes out for example. It’s just Cadets having fun. Nothing is damaged and no one gets hurt. The media is just looking for a story.

  3. Thomas,

    You don’t think overly zealous senior NCOs and company grade officers in the real Army aren’t equally hypocritical and do similar things all the time?

    I know such things happen frequently and was happy to see the media pick up on it.

  4. “Honor code,” eh?

    I guess it’s possible to be honorably dishonorable then.

  5. LOL! Get over it! I graduated in ’86. This crap went on all the time. There was no riot, there was a tightass little captain who didn’t know Woops. There’s a long tradition, usually during midterm and termend exams, where a cadet leans out the window and just screams. Sometimes it takes off – hundreds join in, the place sounds like bedlam, people throw crap out the windows. Call it ‘fratboy’ if it makes you feel good, it’s close enough. It’s a bunch of 20-year-olds being 20, and it only a ‘riot’ in the sense that it’s funny as hell. Some poor dumbass captain who doesn’t know the Academy had no idea what he was dealing with and overreacted, and the only reason you poques have heard about it is that some cadets thought his writeup was so stupid and so funny that they circulated it. And 20 years on, I can tell you that no enlisted in the last two decades has lived as throgouhly inspected and examined a life as the cadets. I still piss on demand, btw. Such is life.