Tim West is a friend, co-blogger and the founder of Liberty For Sale. Due to serious health problems, his new marriage and a database crash, he’s dropping the site. He asked me to pass the following message along:

Liberty For Sale suffered a data base failure that looked rather involved tonight. I took this as a sign, and for a number of reasons, I have decided to put a bullet to the head of L4S. I have killed it dead with no remorse and deleted all the content within. I have also deleted all my backups.

Being a lightning rod for discontent within the LP is no longer something I wish to persue, mainly for very practical reasons. I simply can’t type well anymore, with one hand unable to be used due to my medical problems, posting is a real problem. I’m no longer able to make the level of entries required to keep the site fresh, and newer sites such as HoT have had much more effectiveness.

After my recent medical issues, I find that the back and forth required to maintain the level of discourse required to keep the pressure on the LP to change hearts and minds is something I can no longer do and yet make sure that my frame of mind is where it properly belongs as concerns my illness. Getting well again is my first priority, and anything that hinders that process can’t be tolerated.

It may seem very strange after what has happened to me, but I am happier now than I ever have been. My family is closer than ever, I am married to most wonderful and loving woman in the world, and I find that what I started back in August 2004 as The New LIbertarian has grown into a reform movement that can do just fine on it’s own.

It’s time for me to retire from active day to day blogging and concentrate on beating my illness. So that’s what I am doing.

I still intend to start a book project using voice to type software, and write about how to finish the job of turning the LP from a self obsessed quasi-religious cult to a political party that is driven to win elections and that can actually effect the level of freedom in the USA in a meaningful way. I can take much more time to do this than blogging allows, and the result if popular can influence many more people than any blog can. I have decided on this path.

I will still be active on the libertarian web, making comments where they need to be made. Thanks for everyone’s patronage over the last few years. It has been a joy to challenge the “conventional wisdom” inside the LP and be the one to tell everyone that the emperor wears no clothes.

I have zero doubt that in 2008~12, the LP won’t look anything like the LP of 2004. Take care.


Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Would it be possible for HoT to keep the consolidated list of 2006 candidates. Our site had quite a bit of traffic based on that list.

    Somebody has to compete with Democratic machines like DailyKOS.

    Peace out Timster.

  2. Too bad. I didn’t always agree with Tim, but I appreciated his passion for the cause.

    Thanks for the memories, Tim.

  3. I’ll be around guys. Just not bloggin anymore.

    I’m planning that book project, and making more videos. More production efforts to make the LP more attractive to a wider range of people, instead of trying to convince people that are unconvinceable of their errors.

    I’m going to go right around them. Success will make my arguments for me.

  4. Eric, I’m pretty sure LibertyMix, when it happens (any more news on that?) will be competition for DailyKOS.

    I also would like to know about LibertyMix. We were told there’d be an update in “a week or so”, and now it’s been 9 days. Any updates, screenshots, info?

  5. Best wishes to you, Tim; I’m sorry that I didn’t discover LFS earlier. I certainly understand (and frankly agree with) your decision, however.

  6. I’m working on a way to get back on so I dont have to type.

    We will see if it is better for me. Give it a few weeks.


    The Second Amendment serves absolutely no purpose. Most gun owners are far right. The government is now far right. The only time a far right constituency would ever take up arms would be in the event of a left wing takeover. But a left wing takeover will never happen because the far right beat them to it.

    You all say you believe in the right to bear arms but when push comes to shove you’ll be turning them in like good little acquiescent citizens. Of course, the amerinazi government will allow you to keep your small-caliber rifles and shotguns for deer hunting and small game, and that’ll be enough for you because that’s all you care about anyway. You’d never have courage enough to actually defend the United States of America against a military takeover from within.

    The automatic and semi-automatic weapons that give you parity with the military will be confiscated. I’m sorry. I meant, your automatic and semi-automatic weapons will be turned in. Out of fear. You won’t resist. You’ll make every excuse in the book why it’s your citizenly duty to abide by the law — just like the Germans did 70 years ago.

    I’d bet money on it. Besides they’re far right. And you’re far right. They’re your friends. They’d never do anything bad to you. Or your family.

    As long as you comply.

    In Jesus’ Glorious and Holy name,
    Dean Berry – Real American

  8. Hello. I own which I recently repointed at the Liberty for Sale candidate list. Obviously that is not working any longer.

    I can host the candidate list on if that makes sense. Let me know.

    And Tim, thanks for all the work on LFS!


  9. The LP is not self obsessed or a quasi religious cult and has never have been. We stick to our principles. Republicans and Democrats first of all have no principles and even if they do have some short term ones they violate them at will.

    The LP is different from the Republicans and the Democratic parties because we refuse to give up our principles.

    Obviously, even though I think Tim is a good person, he does not care to be a member of a political party with principles that they will not violate. He obviously cares more about the LP getting quick “power” than staying sincere. Power corrupts and if you obtain quick power because you compromised on your principles then you are nothing better than any other political party.

    The democrats, the republicans, the greens, and every other party are all the same. They violate their principles. We don’t. That is the reason that makes us worth voting for!

  10. “…how to finish the job of turning the LP from a self obsessed quasi-religious cult to a political party that is driven to win elections…” Oh, yes it is, William! I beleive Libertarians need a ‘movement’, not a ‘party’. That way our meme could permeate ALL sides of the dialectic. Don’t SELL OUT, but rather SUBORN. Rergards.