Libertarians, What’s your personal one issue?

by Kathryn Weitzel

Liberty is a tool used by our heart. We expend energy for the mere flexing of this muscle.

April 1st marked one particular day that my partner in liberty, James Bell, and I decided to flex our muscle. We marched at the Peace and Justice parade, which began near the Martin Luther King Memorial in downtown Atlanta. The sky was just perfect for marching since a heavy downpour the night before gave us clean baptised streets for which to try something very new to us, outreach to groups that would never have ever seen the word Libertarian — ever.

The group organization was fantastic as programs handed to everyone gave a basic template of where every person could assimilate. The Veterans for Peace had a green balloon and Churches or faith based had their own ballon as well. I looked around for media in the crowd and spotted the Fox 5 Atlanta film crew. I quickly introduced myself as the only conservatives in the whole crowd and left it at that. It wasn’t 5 minutes and I had a microphone in my face asking why such strange bedfellows like libertarians would be marching. I explained our non- aggression platform and how though, the Libertarians were split on this issue, the right for the expedient ending to the Iraq conflict was worthy of a marching cause.

The march was a perfect networking tool that only old town markets could appreciate. We all that day were expressing liberty for any cause. It wasn’t about whose government program was better or who to elect. We were all proud of each others willingness to stand on one issue. We all politely cringed when conversations grinded to a halt because of off topic discussions made us uncomfortable. This is what being an american is all about. I even saw a group of women tell a person who was displaying the photographs of the savagery of war, that he was out of line for approaching cars. You see everyone has their limits aboout what is acceptable.

I was proud to have folks come and take pictures of our banners with their cellphones to show their families. Thats outreach that is priceless. It’seems we were routed down Boulevard Avenue, along with cheers of children playing in the streets. They watched patriotic americans gather for a common cause. We neared the entrance to the park only to be berated by religious persons preaching how everyone in the crowd were sinners. I am a person of faith and believe in standing up for what is right. We all emptied into Piedmont park to find Mark from Think Libertarian displaying an OPH booth, and selling tees. I am proud of any libertarian activist practicing their right or left cause.

We all do things that are unpopular without regard to feelings when there are facts involved. This bright Saturday was a perfect day to be a big tent american and stand up for what we believe. I am fortunate that the anti-march folks took a break from wagging their fingers for at least one afternoon.

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” — Alexander Hamilton

UPDATE by Stephen Gordon: Veteran’s for Peace has a good slide show depicting some of their activities at the rally. It’s to be noted that my contact with the Veterans For Peace Greater Atlanta Chapter is Debbie Clark, a Libertarian. I’ll add that Kathryn’s observations match my own at similar events where Libertarians were involved — in locations ranging from Birmingham to Manhattan. To read Lew Rockwell’s speech at one of these rallies, click here.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Libertarians, What’s your personal one issue?

    stop the war – war is the health of the state

  2. Ending all forms of gun control.

    AB – I’m afraid that legalizing drugs will cause them to be taxed. Decriminalization is more my speed :)

  3. my personal issue is the sum total national debt of all our deficits in the last 30 years and the foriegn ownership of America resulting from it.

  4. So, some libertarians are allied with the Peace and Justice Commission if I am reading this correctly. When I go to their websites, I see they are linked with anarchist groups, ANSWER, the American Communist Party and many more groups that I believe advocate the violent overthrow of the United States.

    Please verify if you doubt me. One such site is

    I do not believe libertarians that participate in antiwar demonstrations and are present when signs such as “murderers wrapped in the flag are still murderers with a doctored photo of a soldier with blood dripping from his hands and laughing” is doing us any good.

    We can work every day to attract followers. Participating in demonstrations with known groups intent on the destruction by revolution of our country undoes everything we try to accomplish.

    Go participate all you want but what gives you the right to speak publicly for the rest of us by your actions? Do you want people to think we are socialists?

  5. . Cheesus. Just one issue?

    With 280,000 troops on 750 bases in over 120 countries it is time to bring them all home. This number does not include Iraq, Kuwait and Afganistan.
    Time to withdraw from Iraq. Now.
    End the War on Drugs.
    Pay off the national debt, of which about 40 of the interest goes to foreign nations.
    Abolish the Federal Reserve.

    I’ve takem advantage of the opportunity so I’ll stop.
    M.H.W. another vet for Peace

  6. Reducing overall government spending, including spending on enforcement, prosecution, and incarceration related to laws and regulations limiting our personal freedom.

  7. Privitizing government land and all bodies of water to make pollution an infringement of property rights – the best thing for the environment.

  8. It is great that you mentioned Mark from working an OPH booth. He is always doing some OPH booth (or selling cool shirts and other gear) somewhere in and around the South. As you and I know, we need more libertarians in the South :)

  9. “why the libertarian movement hasnt attracted more minorities!”

    Well a few reasons.

    1) People in the movement don’t do a lot of outreach outside their own social circles, and overwhelmingly those are white.

    2) A lot of libertarian rhetoric sounds, superficially, racist, to a lot of people. And in some people’s cases, is.

    3) Chris, have you ever felt uncomfortable at LP meetings because everyone else there is white?

    4) The drift to the right in the LP has invited unfortunate tone in such outreach as takes place.

    5) A lot of libertarians are left-brained, logic-only computer nerds and fail to communicate non-verbally, visually, musically and emotionally. Thus they only appeal to their own kind, the least common type of personality and motivation factor.

    6) In many communities, there is a historical attachment to the Democrats. Libertarians generally appeal to ex-NSGOP and not enough to ex-DP.

  10. On a federal level my key issues are the debt, social security, health care, and property rights.

  11. Please verify if you doubt me. One such site is
    ****I understand that if I stand in a crowded subway bus with Union shop men that I am indeed not one of them. People will know this based on my appearance and the fact that I will tell them about myself. That’s what we accomplished. People saw, heard, and learned from us. Some persons learned they were actuallly Libertarian. How is that a loss? I somewhere remember a qoute “we shall all swing together or hang separately?”.
    Julian says:
    Go participate all you want but what gives you the right to speak publicly for the rest of us by your actions?
    ** How are you a libertarian? The U.S Constitution gave me that right to express myself. Please check our party platform on non aggression. I guess you will be trying to change that at our next National convention. The peace qoute saved us in the OK bombing. My father is a decorated Vietnam vet from Idrang he is a republican and supportive of my rights too. Thanks for your opinion.

  12. Paulie says:
    You’re a conservative?

    Kathryn says:
    I was conservative comparing to that crowd. If you are to go on what our varied platform states, it is undeniable that freedom of expression is a part of our Constitution laid out by our forefathers. The people are allowed to change their gummnit and Constitution every time the people approve. If the U.S. Constitution waffles too much for you well……take dramamine.

  13. Read the link if you haven’t yet.

    Properly understood, libertarians are to the left of statist socialists.