RLC Founder Urges Libertarians to Board “Joementum” Train Wreck

Lieberman - libertarian rumorsAccording to the latest polls, Joe “Kissy Face” Lieberman is running over 10 points behind Ned “Kos-Approved” Lamont in the Connecticut Democratic primary race for Senate. Barring a miracle, Joe Lieberman will not be the Democratic nominee. However, the taller half of “Sore/Loserman 2000” has indicated that he will run as an independent for the seat after a trouncing by his own party.

Now, why should Lieberman’s sour grapes independent run, which may have cost him the primary in the first place, matter to libertarians? According to Eric “Master Shake” Dondero Rittberg, liberventionist gadfly and founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus (their motto: “he promised to stop beating us if we stay and work it out”), Lieberman is “one of the ONLY decent Democrats in the Nation” and deserves libertarian support. Not only that, he’s pimping Libertarians for Lieberman on various email lists and encouraging people to call him on his cell phone to help.

Leaving aside for a second that Lieberman is pro-war, pro-censorship, and pro-government intervention (especially since the last Presidential candidate Rittberg endorsed was all of those things), haven’t we libertarians learned a painful lesson about endorsing defectors from the major parties? Not only is Lieberman not a libertarian, I’m predicting that after the polls close in Connecticut tonight, he’s also going to be a loser.

While some rightly criticize our willingness to lose while clinging to our principles, Rittberg would have us abandon our principles to lose with a loser who’s abandoned his.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: RLC Secretary Thomas Sewell commented:

I can tell you categorically that Rittberg is not an officer, spokesman or otherwise entitled to speak on behalf of the RLC. Please attribute his views solely to him, not to the RLC.


Update by Nicholas Sarwark: As predicted, Lieberman lost and he’s gonna pick up his sour grapes and try to run as an Independent. It’s a gutsy move, but all of the bigtime Dems he got to stump for him in the primary are very unlikely to support him now that Ned Lamont has been selected as the Democratic nominee.

Update by Nicholas Sarwark: Looks like Rittberg is in good company in backing Lieberman’s bid.

Nicholas Sarwark

Mr. Sarwark lives in Colorado and keeps poor people out of cages for a living. His views are his own, not his employer's, his wife's, or his dog's. They are also awesome and always right.

  1. From the last link the 2nd para… this priceless quote:

    Apparently, some Libertarians believe the key to electoral success is to go dumpster diving in the Demopublican trash heap.

  2. “Libertarians for Lieberman”?

    I think the word Libertarian may be totally without meaning at this point. It’s dead.

    Long live “Free Marketeer”.

  3. Rittberg is a joke.

    Hopefully this post makes that clear for anyone who didn’t already share your opinion.

  4. Well I for one like Lieberman. I fully recognize he isn’t Libertarian, but I like him a lot better than any other politician of his party. I don’t think he deserves the beating and humiliation he’s taken. He’s a good man, that should at least count for something.

  5. I’m not saying he deserves libertarian support, mind you, but I think he sure as hell deserves SOMEBODY’s support.

  6. I would think that the “libertarians” of the new Libertarian Party would be all over people like Lieberman.

  7. Paul,

    “Good men” do not advocate using force on others.

    Lieberman is a sick man.

  8. Because the goal of the new LP is to get as many digits in the polls as possible with a candidate who is moderately libertarian. Compared to the other candidates, Joe is moderately libertarian, and to the LP incrementalists, could therefore be seen as “a step in the right direction.”

  9. Lieberman has spent the last week trying to get Dems to support him by pointing out he supports the Democrat agenda of big government down the line. The only issue on which he looks “conservative” is his support for the war. He is the Scoop Jackson of New England.

    Another choice in the Connecticut Senate race is John Mertens, running as candidate of the Independent Party.

    Mertens describes himself as fiscally conservative, socially liberal. He opposes the Iraq War, calls for ending the waste of money on drug interdiction, balancing the budget and legalizing Gay marriage.

    More info @ http://www.mertens2006.com/jm2006/

    The Independent Party (http://www.independentpartyct.com/) also has candidates for Governor & Lt Governor.

  10. DAP: I don’t speak for the LP, but I’m pretty sure our aim isn’t simply to score high, but to actually win elections. Endorsing and supporting Lieberman after his own party rejected him would be a huge step away from that goal in my view (he simply can’t win as an independent or third-party candidate).

  11. It would truly be a waste of our time and resources to support Lieberman. There are so many other real Libertarians to work for.

  12. Lieberman is definitely not a libertarian. Unless the Republicans aren’t running anybody against Lamont and endorsing Lieberman, they are screwing themselves because he will split the moderate/conservative vote. I’m just kind of surprised that it would come from the RLC – is that a formal statement of the organization, or just one guy’s opinion? Just because he founded the organization does not mean that he is still a libertarian.

  13. DAP — frankly, your attitude here doesn’t surprise me. It’s as wrong as Mr. Bernard’s statement about libertarianism being dead, which surprises me even less.

    Note: I am not the tactful sort.

    That being said; push comes to shove the idea, I think, of ‘pragmatists’ is to push libertarianism into the mainstream; which of course will muddy it somewhat, but still get things moving in the right direction. End of the day: Lieberman is a complete statist. That he wants libertarian support only shows that he knows it’s the only route for a non R/D.

  14. Wow…just wow…I just generally don’t like Democrats, but I completely loath Lieberman…he’s as far down on my list of “Democrats to entertain the thought of possibly EVER voting for” as anyone.

    God damn the democrats are clueless…I still maintain that Howard Dean would have probably beat Bush EASILY…instead the Democrats wanted the blandest, most middle of the road guy they could find, and that’s exactly what screwed them over. They couldn’t back a guy who’s a real enough person enough to occasionally say something awkward…not inappropriate…not totally irrational…not factually inaccurate…simply awkward. There’s a good chance I would have swallowed my independent pride and voted for Dean (impossible to say for sure…he could have become as big of a dittohead as Kerry once he had the attention on him, but I don’t think so).

  15. I can tell you categorically that Rittberg is not an officer, spokesman or otherwise entitled to speak on behalf of the RLC. Please attribute his views solely to him, not to the RLC.

  16. I am in total agreement with Thomas Sewell. It’s amazing how much hubbub that Dondero boy can stir up all on his own. Let’s be clear – he is not speaking for the RLC, he is not speaking for the LP, he is not speaking for Lieberman, and dear God whatever he says is not another reason for fellow Libertarians to argue with each other. I think that’s what he wants.

  17. Loserman is a disgusting statist who stands for everything Libertarians oppose. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before I support that punk-ass little bitch. This parasite has been feeding off the taxpayer for decades. It’s past time he goes.

  18. Mr. Rittberg has often claimed that he founded the RLC. My information is that this claim is true. If it’s not, I’ll happily post a correction. As it stands, I’m pretty sure everything in my post is accurate.

    Note, I am not claiming that Rittberg currently speaks for the RLC; however, RLC founder is a title he often uses. This is one of those unpleasant moments like when John Hospers endorsed Bush. People who do great things can often make subsequent mistakes.

  19. Nicholas: “Mr. Rittberg has often claimed that he founded the RLC.”
    Mr. Rittberg [AKA Dondero] was among the founders of the RLC more than 15 years ago. He has not held any official position for more than a decade and does *not* speak on behalf of the RLC.
    Of course, we take no position whatever on any campaign in any other party. Nor have we endorsed any Republican candidate for US Senate in Connecticut.
    We have insisted that Eric *not* to use the title “RLC Founder” without a disclaimer. He has ignored our requests.

  20. Rittberg? Dondero? What’s the name? Everything about the guy is dishonest and of dubious authenticity. I’m glad everyone here is in agreement with me on this.

  21. Well, two of my best friends are socialists. I guess I keep politics pretty seperate from my opinion of people as individuals. Now as for my opinion of him as a government representative, I don’t think he’s any worse than the demoblican who will replace him.

  22. Lieberman may be an authoritarian weenie, but at least he sounds like Elmer Fudd.

    And yes, there is a very large difference between the LRC and the RLC.

  23. Libertarians for Lieberman? Excellent idea. After all, so long as the candidate is pro-imperialism and pro-agressive war, he can be a libertarian, even if he is also anti-civil liberties and pro-big government. The label is rapidly coming to mean less than nothing, and perhaps this will help put the nail in its coffin, along with the LP deform caucus.

    Dondero/Rittberg is doing a great job of pushing the Republitarian warmongers back to the Republicans, where they belong.

    If a fascist like Bush can be a “libertarian” why not Lieberman?

    I look forward to “Libertarians for Limonov” (if you don’t know who he is, google him and the National Bolsheviks for a laugh or a vomit).

    Who are we to tell Rittberg of JVD they aren’t libertarians? They have as much a right to call themselves whatever they want. Why not just call themselves heirs of Napoleon or billionaires while they are at it?

  24. I wouldnt support Lieberman to do anything but exit off the national stage and retire. Pretty pompous of him to assume he, as a ‘elite’, somehow has a *right* to public office.

  25. Lieberman as an independant? How many hoops does he have to jump through to get on the ballet?

  26. I think the incumbent can get on the ballot regardless of party affiliation. Also, while he has no right to public office, he sure as hell has a right to run.

  27. Actually, Lieberman has to turn in petition signatures to get on the ballot, just like any other independent — he’s had paid collectors out gathering those signatures for some time, as he anticipated the possibility of losing the primary (Mr. Dondero is one of those petitioners).

  28. I still dont understand the LRC= Republican sentiment. I can only speak for myself, but I am as far away from a Republican as possible. While I signed up to be a member of LRC, the RLC disgusts me. If anything I might be considered more “left” these days. I have always felt the “Republicans” were the “non-reformers”..So I guess its just biased perspective all around.

  29. Graham,

    “I still dont understand the LRC= Republican sentiment.”

    It was a JOKE, okay? That’s what ;-) and “LMAO” mean.

    As for any reality underlying such possible sentiments, think of it this way: “Purists” may regard the LRC as deviating from principles which are necessary to a successful libertarian party; they may likewise regard the same principles as incompatible with the divergent path to success taken by the Republican Party and therefore unlikely to find real expression in the RLC. So, while the situations are not exactly the same, there is some possible similarity in perception. That, combined with the similarity of the acronyms, is enough fodder for a throwaway line at any rate.

    Hey, let’s all tell our versions of “the Aristocrats” now!

  30. … and am I just having a really bad Freudian episode, or does that thing that Lieberman is holding in the graphic look like a clitoris on top of a French tickler, with a dildo for a handle?

  31. ”¦ and am I just having a really bad Freudian episode, or does that thing that Lieberman is holding in the graphic look like a clitoris on top of a French tickler, with a dildo for a handle?

    You need to “get some” and soon.

  32. Carl please do not insult Elmer Fudd. Elmer tries real hard
    even though he may not suceed. At least he tries. Which is more than I can say for some people. And besides he is also for the 2nd Amendment as, I am sure, you can tell.
    Now apologize damn it.

  33. I heard that Dondero-Rittberg traveled to Connecticut to work on Lieberman’s petition drive. I bet he made good money. I got offered the job myself but I turned it down because I consider Lieberman to be one of the most anti-liberty scumbags in the Senate and I wouldn’t work for him no matter how much money was offered.

    Dondero-Rittberg must be delusional if he believes that Lieberman has something to do with liberty.

  34. I think that it’s disturbing that some folks that move within libertarian circles are trying to enlist other libertarians to garner signatures for Loserman. I’m so glad he lost, he’s been living on the taxpayer dole for years, like the typical politician parasite that he has been for so long. I say good riddance. How in the world can anyone say he is pro-liberty?

  35. Lieberman? The guy who wanted to censor video games? (specifically Night Trap and Mortal Kombat)? Anybody between the age of of 20 and 30 should be ashamed for supporting him. Have we forgotten so quickly?

  36. Once again, Libertarians missed an opportunity. By rejecting the good for the perfect and not getting on board with Lieberman, Libertarians caused Lieberman to lose the CT primary.

    However, a great opportunity has come up to draft Tom DeLay for LP Presidential candidate in 2008. I am forming a group of mainstream libertarians called DeLay for Liberty to draft Tom DeLay. He is a strong libertarian, favoring tax cuts and killing Islami-Commies to protect our freedoms.

    Enrico don Dino
    Founder of Republicrat Liberty Carcass

  37. >DeLay for Liberty

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. It will go down as one of the great contradictions in terms, like military intelligence.

    And “He is a strong libertarian” isn’t bad either.

    You’ve missed your calling Enrico. You should have been a comedian. But please keep them coming. Thanks!

  38. > By rejecting the good for the perfect and not getting on
    >board with Lieberman…

    More like rejecting a piece of crap. Not only is Loserman one of the great tax and spenders and warmongers he’s also a destroyer of liberty.

    Who do suggest we support next, Al Gore who was Lieberman’s 2000 running mate?

  39. It has been mentioned, but I would like to mention it again… Eric Dondero Rittenberg is *NOT* a representative of the RLC. He is also not “THE FOUNDER” of the RLC, he is simply one of the people who was involved in the founding of the organization. Since then his ideologies have changed, and he has spent most of the past few years being a cheerleader for the Bush administration.

    Douglas Lorenz
    National Board Member &
    Former National Chairman
    Republican Liberty Caucus

  40. Doug Lorenz and Bill Westmiller are dead wrong in their assertion that I was “one of a few people” who founded the Republican Liberty Caucus.

    The group was literally founded in my living room at Winding Way, Tallahassee, Florida in May of 2000.

    For confirmation of this, anyone can contact current RLC Vice-Chairman Phil Blumel, who wasn’t there, but was contacted by phone during the meeting. Phil is quite easy to get a hold of.

    Others (all living and very easily reachable), who were in attendence, included: very-well known Florida GOP activist Daniel McDaniel (still living in Tally), Curtis Dietrich, then Libertarian Party Chairman John Otto, my wife Barbara Rittberg, Joel Delefave and his wife Snasia (now in NJ), and Dave Hunn (now a financial investor in Phoenix).

    It’s amazing that Newbies like Westmiller and Lorenz who only joined the RLC around 2000 would comment on something they know absolutely nothing about.

  41. Phil Blumel is hosting the 2006 Republican Liberty Caucus National Convention in Florida this year. Phil, and his sidekick well-known Florida libertarian activist Tom Walls, were among the very first RLC members. Rex Curry, a Tampa Attorney was also one of the original members. Rex is quite a well-known libertarian activist, most known for his recent efforts on the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Phil, Tom and Rex can verfify where and when the RLC was founded and by whom.

    They were there. People like Westmiller and Lorenz were not.

    It is an extreme insult for Newbies to comment on events that they know absolutely nothing about. They both should be ashamed. And if they persist, legal action may be in order.

  42. It’s terribly ironic, how far out of the mainstream the libertarian movement has become.

    On one side we have the Ned Lamonters bashing Joe Lieberman as being a “closeted right-winger who opposes affirmative action laws, likes Bush’s tax cuts, and supports school vouchers.”

    On the other side we have Libertarians bashing Lieberman as being a “horrible statist.”

    The guy can’t win for nothing.

    I guess, Libertarians would rather continue to do outreach amongst themselves, sort of preaching to the chior.

    Why get your hands dirty giving out Political Quizes and turning campaign workers onto libertarianism in a Republican or Democrat or in this case an Independent Campaign.

    Better to play it safe, huh, guys and gals. Let’s just go every month to our nice little Libertarian Supper Club meeting at Chile’s and talk about issues amongst ourselves.

    We wouldn’t want to do any outreach now, would we?

  43. What’s super ironic with all this criticism is not one person has brought up the fact that Lieberman’s candidacy as an Independent will result in great credibility for the 3rd Party/Independent Movement, particularly if he wins.

    I can understand the aprehension of libertarian Repubicans with the Lieberman race. But why the disdain for libertarian efforts on behalf of Lieberman from the 3rd Party crowd? Don’t you all realize what this means for you all?

    The State of Connecticut will be sending an Independent to the United States Senate. Don’t you think that opens up the door for other Independent Senators in the future? Maybe even a Libertarian Senator?

  44. When I was in Connecticut collecting signatures for Lieberman I ran into a self-described “Libertarian Party member” at least once a day. This was in towns like Southbury, Clinton, Newington, and East Hartford.

    Every single one of them enthusiastically signed the petition. Every single one of them said the exact same thing, “I’m glad I can finally support Joe as an Independent… I could never vote for him before as a Democrat.” Some of them added how they always viewed him as sort of a “libertarian-leaning Democrat.”

    Now all this vitriol on-line for a libertarian effort on behalf of Lieberman.

    All the critics might want to consider getting in touch with Libertarians on the ground there in Connecticut to see how they feel. And I ain’t talkin’ about the CT LP leadership, or activist CT LPers, but rather regular members who don’t say a lot, but always send in their dues.

    I’ve spoken with these people, and their views are not accurately reflected by the vitriol here.

  45. In case anyone still doubts who the Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus is, I have compiled a List of messages from 4 witnesses who have been involved with the RLC for over a decade. (Recall Westmiller and Lorenz have been active for less than 5 years). They include: Phil Blumel, Cliff Thies, Adam Bernay, and Mike Holmes. All have served as National Committee Members of the RLC. All are in opposition to Bill Westmiller’s claim that there were “multiple Founders” of the RLC. All attest to who is the one and only official Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

    Way too long for this Forum. But I’d be glad to send the messages to you as an attachment.

    Just call me at 979-799-7077 or email me at ericdondero@yahoo.com. Thanx!

  46. Mr. Landrith,

    Just for the record, I’ve taken just about every single version of a Libertarian Political Quiz out there. On just about all of them I score a 100/100. On a couple of them I’ve scored 90/90. One of them scored me in the “Milton Friedman/Barry Goldwater” area just Right of the Libertarian Party.

    Which one of the issues below am I anti-libertarian on?:

    Pro-Choice on Abortion
    Pro-Gun Rights
    Anti-Seat Belt Laws
    Pro-Spending Cuts
    Pro-Tax Cuts
    Pro-Private Property Rights
    Anti-Foreign Aid
    Anti-Membership in the UN
    Pro-Privatization of Social Security
    Pro-Lowering the Drinking Age

    I could go on and on and on. Is that enough for ya?

    Just curious, what’s all your scores on the Quizes?

  47. Ah, yes. Donderberg come back with the “scores” again. Well, I scored 100% percent on the only quiz that means anything with regard to libertarianism – the non-aggression principle.

    Eric, if you favor Big Government Conservative Wars of Aggression that steal income from your neighbors and saddle their descendents with massive war debts. Well Sailor, this Marine says you are not a libertarian.

    You advocate passing laws that grant veterans the “right” to commit violence in suppression of the First Amendment. You are not a libertarian.

    I don’t care how many other libertarian leanings you may possess, you have made it 100% clear that you lack respect for self-sovereignty and are an apologist for Big Government Republicans at every turn. If you were a libertarian, you’d stop acting as an apologist for Big Government Wars, the architects of the PATRIOT Act and stop falsely promoting Republicans who favor such schemes as libertarians.

  48. By the way Eric, since you are obsessed with test scores:

    The last one I bothered with was Bryan Caplan’s Libertarian Purity Test. I scored a 145 when I first took it – just a little shy of Lew Rockwell.

    Just for you, I took it again today and came away with a 160.

    So, are we done with the stupid tests now? The tests only measure your answers to specific questions. Your anti-liberty advocacy efforts (a few specific mentions above) outside the tests speak volumes about the integrity of your answers.

  49. Mr. Landrith,

    And some of us consider those who would give aid and comfort to Islamo-Fascists to be not only definitely NOT libertarian, but teasonous, as well.

    Funny how self-proclaimed “libertarians” such as yourself seem not to care at all about the social tolerance agenda of Pro-Choice, Drug Legalization, Topless Bars and Beaches, Prostitition, Gambling, and Drinking Laws, all of which would be banned in an Islamo-Fascist State.

    Gotta girlfriend? Wife, maybe? Are ya anxious to see her covered from head to toe in an ugly Black Burka?

    But then again, it’s all about our foreign policy, right?

    Yeah, yeah, those peaceful Muslims. If only we pulled our troops out of Saudi Arabia and Iraq, and ended out support for Israel, they’d just leave us alone.

    Has nothing to do with hating our culture. Nah, nothing to do with Madonna, MTV, Hollywood, Hip Hop musice, or Tan Blondes on California beaches. All about our foreign policy, right?

  50. Eric,

    What does any of that have to do with your insane desire to beat up flagburners and start wars all over the Middle East?

    If you want to fight Muslim fascists (note that I did not say all Muslims) then feel free to go and do so. However, I do not grant you permission to steal from me or saddle my children with trillions of dollars in debt in the process.

    Fund your own wars and fight them yourself.

    And whatever are you rambling about with regard to “culture” and MTV?

  51. It is an extreme insult for Newbies to comment on events that they know absolutely nothing about. They both should be ashamed. And if they persist, legal action may be in order.

    He’s gonna contact his attorney at lol, folks.

    Look, Dondero, you’re doing good work with the eminent domain thing out west. Just keep that up.

  52. Look Stuart, that’s just a very small part of my political activism. A very small part indeed.

    We all need to boost up our activism on behalf of liberty 1,000 times over. Get off your damned computers and start walking some precincts for Libertarian and libertarian Republican candidates nationwide!!! It’s August. We’re in the middle of Campaign Season. Ask yourself what have you done for liberty today?

    I’m donating this evening and my entire weekend to walking precincts for Bob Smither, Libertarian for Congress all over Clear Lake (south of Houston).

    Anyone care to join me?

    And if you hate me, fine. Bob and his Campaign Manager will give you a walk list far away from the precincts I walk.

    Just get off your duffs and get active for the one Libertarian Campaign for Congress this year that actually has a shot of winning!!!

    And if you can’t help out here in Houston, walk precincts or sign wave for libertarian candidates in other states.

  53. If there is anyone out there that doubts that it was I who founded the Republicrat Liberty Carcass in my bedroom back on September 12, 2001, my mom will testify that I did as she was present.

    Message from Enrico’s mother, Ethel:

    “My Enrico founded the Republicrat Liberty Carcass and I still have the special cape he made that day to prove it.”

    There, that should settle this thing.

    Everyone here is just jealous that I am more libertarian than all you libertarians combined. The fact that I am now organizing a draft DeLay for Liberty movement proves that.

    When Tom DeLay becomes The President one day, and me and Joe Lieberman are working in the White House, then you’ll all be sorry.

    Get off your damn computers and start working for liberty before the Islami-Commies take over and force us all to eat flat bread.

    Enrico don Dino
    Founder of the Republicrat Liberty Carcass

  54. Umm, Mr. E.D. cute little post. But I guess you didn’t read the post prior to yours. I’m walking precincts for Bob Smithers the Libertarian Party candidate running for Congress in the Tom DeLay District, NOT for Tom DeLay.

    If you had been following the news you’d know that DeLay is no longer a candidate.

    Little Advice: Next time you post, probably a good idea to read the posts prior to the one your responding to thoroughly.

  55. Lieberman is about as far from being a libertarian as one could get. Gun control, censorship, welfare state, interventionist foreign policy, Lieberman’s stances are not what I’d call libertarian. Libertarians for Lieberman is like Libertarians for Stalin.

    The REAL threat to America is not the Arabs, it’s the authoritarian New World Order parasites that control the DemoRAT and RepubliCON Parties.

  56. No, the real threat is most certainly from Radical Muslims. You don’t see crazed buearacrats storming into Jewish Community Centers and blowing away 6 Jewish women do you? Nor hanging out at suburban Gas Stations blowing patrons away with high-powered rifles. Do you?

    When we start seeing that, I’ll agree with you that the “real threat” is coming from our government.

  57. Mr. Dondero,
    So nice of you to join the fun. In the multiple posts reciting your libertarian bona fides, what I didn’t see was an explanation of exactly what benefit would accrue to the Libertarian Party or the broader libertarian movement by supporting Senator Lieberman’s quixotic bid to overturn the decision made by the Connecticut primary voters and cling to a Senate seat he obviously feels he deserves.

    You note that he’s running under a third-party banner. True, but it’s a third party entitled, “Connecticut for Lieberman.” Doesn’t seem like that would have much use for any other race or candidate. As a point in fact, the only reason he’s founded a “party” to support his sore loser campaign is to acheive a higher spot on the ballot.

    The war in Iraq was a mistake and it’s now a failure. We’ve provided a catalyst for a civil war in that country that is getting our soldiers killed and inflaming passions in the region. Joe couldn’t recognize it, but the voters did.

  58. Gee, I wonder why some Muslims are so mad. Could 40 years of the American government interfering in their countries have anything to do with it???

    The REAL villians are the globalist New World Order SCUM who control our government and who are pushing us into a global police state. 9/11 was Bush’s Reichstag Fire.

    Examine the facts, 9/11 was an inside job. WTC building 7 was not hit by a plane and was on the other side of the complex from buildings 1 & 2 but yet it mysteriously collapsed. NORAD stood down even though Andrews Air Force Base is only about 10 miles away from the Pentagon. A record level of put options (bets that the stocks would go down) were purchased on the airlines that are alleged to have crashed on 9/11 and these put options were purchased through a bank that had been headed by Executive These are just a few of the facts, the government’s 9/11 fairy tale has been exposed as a LIE at numerous levels.

    The REAL terrorist is the US government!

  59. The put options were purchased through a bank that had been headed by Executive Director of the CIA Buzzy Cromgaurd. Gee, I wonder if anyone at the CIA had prior knowledge of the attack…

  60. Here’s more on the mysterious collapse of WTC building 7.


    There is no way that WTC 7 went down like that without bombs being planted in the building. There is no way that a contolled demolition like that could have been planned in just a few hours. There is also no way that Muslim terrorists would have been able to plant bombs in WTC 7 for a controlled demolition. WTC 7 contained offices for several government agencies such as the CIA, the FBI, the SEC, Mayor Guliani, etc… Only people with high level government security clearances could have pulled this off. Incidentily, Marvin Bush was involved with the company that ran security at the WTC. Pretty convienent for planting bombs…

    9/11 was the pretext that the neo-CONS needed to get the American people (or should I say sheeple?) to support wars of aggression in the Middle East and boosting the police state here at home. Don’t be NEO-CONNED, 9/11 was an inside job!

  61. Check out Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a group of PHD’s who have examined the evidence and who say that 9/11 was an inside job.


    BYU physics professor Steven Jones (who is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth) has researched the subject and he says that bombs were used to take down the WTC buildings. In fact, Professor Jones has examined some of the rubble from the WTC complex (at least what he could find since most of it was hauled away before a real investigation could be conducted) an he found traces of thermite. Read about it here…


    Be sure and watch the video of this lecture from Professor Steven Jones on this subject.


    Here’s more on the subject…


  62. Why am I bringing up 9/11? Because 9/11 is the BIG LIE that is being used to scare people into accepting wars of aggression and a domestic police state.

    Our government lies to us and violates our rights on a daily basis. The Federal Reserve and their funny money. The IRS and their bogus income tax. The Social(ist) (In)
    Security Ponzi scheme. FDR’s prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor. LBJ’s lies about The Gulf Of Tonkin and the sinking of the USS Liberty. The insane War On Drugs. Crazed buearacrats massacring American citizens at Waco, Ruby Ridge, and other incidents. 20,000 unconstitutional gun control laws. Private property confiscated from American citizens and handed over to politically connected corporations under eminent domain laws. Dictators propped up by American tax dollars. The US military playing global cop/bully. Need I say more?

    Yes, our own government is the REAL threat to our freedom.

  63. I don’t normally have a problem with people running as independents, but in the case of Lieberman, he does not belong on the ballot, he belongs in prison for numerous violations of the Constitution.

  64. Oh good, the off-topic 9/11 tinfoil weighed in. We really don’t get enough comments about that. Shame, really.

    We all need to boost up our activism on behalf of liberty 1,000 times over. Get off your damned computers and start walking some precincts for Libertarian and libertarian Republican candidates nationwide!!! It’s August. We’re in the middle of Campaign Season. Ask yourself what have you done for liberty today?

    I think this is wonderful in general, but what about those of us who live in states where the LP basically imploded (Nebraska), who go to college and are therefore poor, and live in the middle of nowhere (Nebraska) and can’t afford the gas to be activists or the money to donate?

    Internet activism does have a level of appropriateness to it. DailyKos unseated Lieberman, for Pete’s sake. Voters post on blogs and message boards just as much as they shop at Walmart or malls or the like.

  65. Response to Stuart,

    Ever hear of the Republican Liberty Caucus? The libertarian political movement is no longer a 1-organization game. True, the RLC was tiny a few years ago. But now it’s organized in even more states than the LP. Take Maine for instance. For all intents and purposes the Libertarian Party no longer exists in Maine. I think they even list the NH Chairman as “Contact” for the ME LP. But the RLC is thriving there, under the leadership of State Representative Ken Lindell.

    If there’s no LP Chapter in your State, join the RLC!

    BTW, the RLC used to have a strong chapter in Nebraska. Don’t know about currently. But perhaps you could organize one? I’m the very guy who founded the RLC. And way back when one of our first chapters was in Nebraska, headed by an old guy named Harry Thode of Omaha.

  66. Response to Nicholas,

    You say that “we have lost the War in Iraq.” On what basis do you make that claim. That is patently absurd. The War in Iraq was perhaps the most glorious, quickest and with the least casulaties Victory the American Military has ever had in the entire history of the United States.

    Obviously, you are not a Veteran, but your inane remarks.

    Sir, we captured Saddam Hussein. Case closed. On that basis alone, the War was won. If we had failed to capture him, yes the War could have been categorized as a huge loss.

    What’s more, we killed his two murderous sons Uday and Qusay.

    And Zarcarwi.

    And we liberated the Kurds.

    What more do you want?

  67. What should the Libertarian Party do in the Lieberman race?

    I wouldn’t say an endorsement. But I would say stop badmouthing him, and recognizing Lieberman’s effort as helpful to the 3rd Party/Independent cause.

    Perhaps a press release from the CT LP praising Lieberman for his libertarian-leanings on some issues like Tax Reform, School Vouchers, and opposition to Affirmative Action.

    I do know this. It’s an absolute shame that with the most watched race in the nation, the Libertarian Party, and the libertarian movement, outside of my own personal efforts, is completely MIA.

    Translation: Libertarians should not be taken seriously in American politics.

  68. Dondero proclaims:

    Sir, we captured Saddam Hussein. Case closed. On that basis alone, the War was won.

    Then it must be time for the troops to leave. No WMD, no Saddam, a constitution and elections – what are we waiting for? Maybe installing Lieberman as the Iraqi Supreme Rabbi?

    Then, Dondero informs us:

    Libertarians should not be taken seriously in American politics

    He must have changed his mind since 2001:

    “We are now at a state of all-out war with the LP,” said Republican Liberty Caucus activist Eric Dondero in 2001. “We must deal the Libertarian Party a fatal blow. They are the enemy. Much more so than the Democrats or moderate Republicans.”

    Source: http://www.freedom2008.com/reader/archives/002981.html

    Why bother to deal the LP a fatal blow if they can’t be taken seriously, Mr. Dondero?

    It seems Dondero has been busy hacking at the branches, but hasn’t struck the root.

  69. Check out Gun Owners Of America’s rating for Lieberman on the right to keep and bear arms. Lieberman is rated with the lowest possible grade of ZERO.


    So let’s this straight, Libertarians should get behind the gun grabbing socialist Joseph Lieberman because it advances the cause of liberty. Yeah, this makes sense.

    I didn’t know that being anti-gun rights was pro-libertarian.

  70. You people can mock or ignore the 9/11 Truth Movement all you want but we aren’t going away. I would love to see one of you people debate BYU physics professor Steven Jones on the subject.

    The 9/11 Truth Movement reached a new milestone a few weeks ago as the largest 9/11 Truth conference to date was held in Los Angeles. It was called 9/11 And The Neo-Con Agenda. I attended the event and it was amazing. CSPAN was there and after much discussion they actually ended up broadcasting it. For those of you who haven’t seen it here is a link where you can watch a panel discussion that was held at the event.


  71. Question for Andy? Why the selective conspiracy theory backing?

    Alright, so you think 9/11 was an inside job. What about Oklahoma City? What about the mountains of evidence that concludes that McVeigh didn’t act alone, that there was without doubt a 3rd Terrorist involved, and he was without doubt of Middle Eastern decent?

    Any accident that Nichols went to the southern Phillipines 5 times (!!!) the year before the bombing. This, when he already had a Phillipina wife!!

    An OKC City Councilman and his two top aides, SWEAR they saw McVeigh and a Middle Eastern Man running from the scene on downtown OKC streets moments before the bombing.

    I guess a City Councilman’s eyewitness account is not to be trusted, huh?

    You spout all these conspiracy rumors about 9/11 but completely ignore facts about another vicious bombing in the United States a few years before, that prove Islamo-Fascists were behind it.

  72. On Lieberman’s grades. It’s all about perspective. Even Republicans in the Northeast are horrible from a Western libertarian perspective.

    When it comes to the Northeastern United States we have got to take anything we can get. Anybody who expresses even the slightest libertarian inclination, we MUST work with.

    The Northeast is very far gone, but we shouldn’t completely write it off.

    Or, is that what you are suggesting?

    And answer me this. If Lieberman is so bad, than why are the Lamonters slamming him for being in favor of Bush’s Tax Cuts, Social Security Privatization, School Vouchers and ending Affirmative Action?

  73. Only as heavy as carrying those water buckets for the LP Optimists who shout, “We’ll win one day, just you wait and see… we’ll win!”

    Okay, 35 years and waiting.

  74. Hey, better to die with my integrity and dignity intact than to gleefully get on my knees for every Republicrat that walks by.

    Some things are more important than winning.

    But don’t you worry about it, you wouldn’t be interested in crazy ideas like “principles” anyway.

  75. Yes, the Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job as well. It’s not just about Bush and the Republicans, the Democrats are a part of the New World Order as well.