Libertarian Television Commericals Archived at Google Video

Last week, we wrote about Google’s venture into the online video world. I thought I’d give Google Video a try, and uploaded a few Libertarian candidate television commericals. The upload process was fairly simple, but it took a few days for them to approve the content.
There are already a few Libertarian Party videos available with this search. I uploaded the Badnarik television commercials and the Russo commericals had already been uploaded by someone else.
A sampling of what’s available is provided after the jump.

Badnarik: Bush/Kerry Morph (Russo Endorsement)

Badnarik: Peace President

Badnarik: Protect Rights

Badnarik: Send Message

Russo: Choice

Russo: Change
I’ve already uploaded a few more commericals and other videos, and they should be viewable in a few days. I’m looking for the original Badnarik commercial produced by Jon Airheart and some convention raw footage.
If you have libertarian videos stored on your hard drive, it would be pretty cool if you’d take the time to upload them to Google Video for the world to see. If you own the rights, you can even charge for it. If not, there is a lot of material which can be placed on the site for free viewing.