Libertarian Party Convention Recap (Saturday)

From our Cleveland headquarters, Hammer of Truth brings you news of absolutely nothing except that the grass grew some today and it was good barbecue weather. Sadly, I was glued to the Internets trying to find out what was going on in Portland, Oregon and C-SPAN wasn’t cooperating with my demands (seriously, does anyone have video in the wild?). So we leave the heavy lifting to other bloggers who are braving the haze of Portland patchouli to bring you real coverage.
Austin Cassidy’s Third Party Watch has someone taking very good notes, as there’s a 5-part 7-part series detailing what Joe Magyer’s impressions are of the LP Convention in Portland (part one, two, three, four, five, six, seven):

Oh, snap, Carl Milsted just took the podium. I reaffirm my belief that he looks like Mick Jagger. He gave a brief speech supporting adjusting the bylaws to make the tent for the LP a bit larger. This short speech was followed by lively discussion from both camps. Literally, there are more people lined up to speak on this issue than any other.
Specifically, the issue is whether or not to replace Article 7, Section 1, which reads, “Members of the Party shall be those persons who have certified in writing that they oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.” with the phrase “A member of the Party shall be any libertarian who has self-identified as a member.” The hard liners reject this change, while the more open tent style LRC types support Carl.
The motion failed. We will now proceed to 10 minutes of debate on the proposal that was given.
[…] We’re now about to take a 2/3 vote to accept the motion”¦
The motion failed.
Lunch time.

There goes fixing the pledge for another two years (but not the debates, gnyaaaa!). The alternatives were actually pretty decent, it’s too bad they didn’t pick this very simple message: “Members of the Party shall be those who have certified in writing that they support smaller government, lower taxes and more individual freedom.”
Don’t miss Friday’s 3-part series as well (part one, two, three):

As the meeting was going on, other LP superstars, including Hammer of Truth and newly anointed LP Communications Director, Stephen Gordon, were in and out of the audience. I was glad to see Stephen there, regardless of his opinions on the Libertarian Reform Caucus. Our party leadership should certainly keep their ear to the ground and, well, this is as ground as ground gets.

Good lord, do I get superstar status if I go to one of these things? if so… I’m soooo not missing 2008.
Over at the LP Blog, there’s a few more updates (part one, two):

Former Congressman Barr told the breakfast attendees what action the Libertarian Party needs to undertake to take to be a “protector of liberty.”
Barr issued a virtual call to arms:

“To be a true and meaningful protector of liberty as a political party, an organization must be … organized … prioritized … committed … serious … It cannot spend its time and resources nibbling at the edges of the fundamental problem facing America today – the loss of liberty at the very hands of government – but must instead truly join the battle; lead the fight.”

Score for the people who want to actually get the LP to actually participate in uh… politics, I’ll give the reformers their time to shine now, but by Monday I hope the closure of the debate there will transform into energy into activism and eagerness to engage our audience instead of another internal bickering fest for two years (I can dream, no?).
If anyone has photos or video, feel free to drop them our way… we’d especially love getting after-party photos with Michael Badnarik doing keg stands (rumors on these Internets I tell ya!).