Libertarian Party Chair on Cavuto

I’ve been getting behind at work, and then lost Internet access for a while, which got me even further behind. One of the things I missed out on was Libertarian Party Chair Michael Dixon on national television. All I know is what was reported on the LP blog (and in the comments section). If anyone finds a link to the video, please let me know. Props.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Usually FNC reruns these shows at 4 or 5 in the morning (when I am more likely to be awake). So it might be on again. I haven’t found a video yet.

  2. You didn’t miss much. Dixon looked and sounded good but wasn’t given the chance to say much of substance. Cavuto seems to like the idea of a centrist candidate and the guests, it seemed to me, were almost like an excuse for him to be able to say that while pretending to do an interview.

  3. I would agree with Austin. I saw the ‘interview’ and was kinda disappointed, mostly because it was so short. I wish Tucker Carlson wasn’t taking the week off, he would have been all over Greenspan’s comments in Forbes. But, the LP was on Fox, someone had to notice.

  4. I just watched the re-run of this. Did anyone else find it rather odd that they would run the other guy’s name and the organization he was from while he was speaking, but when Mr. Dixon was speaking they didn’t?

  5. It was just on at 1am. Didn’t miss much. Not much said about. Dixon did work to get in a mention about the LP as an established organization that could provide support for a high profile alternative candidate. I did like how he looked and presented himself/LP, but as mentioned it was very brief.

  6. Speaking of FNC, They are discussing 3rd parties on “Cashing In” right now. Jonathan Hoenig, of course, endorsed Libertarians.Jonas Max Ferris said he “had some good points about Libertarians.” They all pretty much said having “3rd parties” is good,but no chance in hell of winning. Trapper John was the most negative and said “3rd party candidates are DOA.”