Libertarian Party Campaign Sites Update

There are some pretty good websites out there for LP candidates, and some which are not so good. The best list I have is over at LFS. Please let me know if you have any updates.
Here are some of my recent favorites:

Jeremy Ryan — City Council, Ward 7, Burlington, VT
Wilbur Wood — U.S. Congress, District 10, Virginia (new)
Bill Peirce — Governor, Ohio (one of Van Dyke’s sites)
Sue Jeffers — Governor, Minnesota (won Politics1 site of the day)

Apparently, there are some who place the party banner ahead of advancing the cause of liberty. Believe it or not, Congressman Ron Paul has a challenger from the Libertarian Party.
I don’t know anything about him, but if Eugene Flynn (who doesn’t even seem to have his own website) manages to draw enough votes to knock Paul out of office, I expect that he will become enemy number one of the entire freedom movement.
To be sure, everyone should have the right to run for office — including Jeffrey Diket, Jim Burns and Dave Hollist. However, people like these give the general public plently of reason to call the LP a bunch of loooooosers. Perhaps if we pop Flynn enough e-mails, he’ll remove the tin foil from around his head and kindly drop his race.