Libertarian Search; Kosmix Style

Innovative search engine Kosmix is simplifying the sometimes daunting task of finding what you need on the web by organizing search results into categories. There are currently three main engines with more on the way: Health, Travel and recently added Politics. The cool thing about the Politics engine is that Libertarian is one of three categories it will organize your results. As Wired News reports:

Search engine newcomer Kosmix, which lets users look in specific topic areas, recently introduced its politics engine. For any search term, Kosmix organizes results into conservative, liberal or libertarian categories, allowing seekers to explore results associated with a certain political persuasion.

They are still in the “Alpha” stage of development so the categorization isn’t perfect, but any search engine that acknowledges libertarianism as a mainstream political philosophy deserves a second look.

  1. Hi! (1) I predict that the Libertarian Party in Vermont will invite medical marijuana activist Steve Kubby and marijuana legalization activist Loretta Nall to join them in Vermont this coming August, in time for Steve Kubby and Loretta Nall to run for U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives for Vermont.
    It is possible that Loretta Nall will not get enough signatures to get on the ballot in Alabama where ballot access is a major issue for anyone who is not a democrat or republican.
    Steve Kubby may have a felony conviction coming up, might have a hearing March 14th, and regardless should be out
    of jail by about August;
    the felony will keep him from running for office in California but not in Vermont.
    (2) I ask you to grade my website! For each political issue:
    R Republican, D Democrat, L Libertarian, or I Independent.
    I’m running for Governor and U.S. Senate 2006.

  2. Morey is indeed correct: I am the (Libertarian) product manager at Kosmix. I’m glad that the politics search is getting some play in the press, because it’s one of the most interesting searches we do (just try to get the same results out of Google, MSN, or Yahoo). If you have any suggestions, drop me an e-mail!

  3. Mark — what are your thoughts on We just started getting hits tonight, and they indicate an altogether new sort of algorythm.

  4. Live is pretty interesting, from my initial searches. Microsoft has been pouring a lot of money in to Search research, so I expect some interesting stuff to pop out over the next year. You’ve inspired me to do a review in a blog post very soon!

  5. You could try the Dumbfind politics engine, just do any search using a tag of “politics”. We also have health and travel engines too, and thousands more. Our approaches to the problem are similar, but Dumbfind has a much more flexible system. And we were first! Please check it out.