Libertarian Media Montage

Q: What’s the difference between a Libertarian television ad and Santa Claus?
A: They’re both figments of our imagination, but at least you know what Santa Claus is supposed to look like.
That right there is the conventional wisdom, and outside of our Presidential races, it’s generally true. HOWEVER. A lot of serious Libertarian races have emerged this year, and with those serious races come some serious ads. I thought I might give our loyal Maccabees a taste of what Libertarian campaigns on the march look like.
And yes, I will actually slap them up for your viewing pleasure, but you’ve gotta come with me across the jump. And I warn you that this is an exhaustive list.
First up we’ve got Eric Sundwall’s campaign over in New York. It’s beautiful, so here’s to hoping that Eric gets to tell the electionistas to fuck themselves in federal court this week.

Next up we’ve got Phil Maymin, with a straightforward no-frills campaign ad that’s still sure to speak to plenty of disgruntled Shays voters.

Here’s the Kevin Cherry ad we’ve been talking about, I gotta say it’s even better than I thought, very professionally done. Cherry’s definitely going to have a serious impact on his race, if he doesn’t win it outright.

What’s really awesome to behold is the media-savvy campaigns that have released SEVERAL ads for their candidates. I don’t know if they’re all running on television slots, but if they’ve got the money they damn well oughtta.
David Schlosser’s got a lot of good stuff up right now, ready for some TV ad runs. So here we go with all four of them…
Laying out his credentials:

Quoting Ben Franklin:

About accountability:

Something of a montage of his campaign:

Jack Cashin’s got a lot of great videos on his site, but the only ad I saw that was even remotely within the timeframe for a TV spot was this bad boy:

What else… Allen Buckley, running for Lt. Governor of Georgia (seeing a theme here, kids?) has a television ad. Looking pretty sharp, too… his kid is adorable! ^_^

That’s all the ones I’ve been able to find… you see any more, link a brother up, ‘kay?