1. Wow.. someone spent some good money on that! Well done. The download was excruciatingly slow though, consider mirroring the video.

  2. So true. My only complaint is that under my state’s laws she should’ve waited until he was in the house so she had a rock-solid self-defense plea.

    Unfortunately, when I became disabled due to mental illness, I lost my firearm rights. I have no history of violence. I have no criminal record. As a mentally ill individual, I’m statistically MORE likely to be the victim of a crime than the average person. So whose bright idea was it to disarm me becasue I might hurt myself?

    What am I supposed to defend myself with? As the girl in the commercial said, “I haven’t GOT a couple of minutes!”

  3. Hi, this is Peter Van Horn, the bad guy who Bethany (the blonde babe) Wastes with an AK-47 Fully automatic Machine gun. We had fun making this commercial that, Sadly, never aired on TV because the owner sold the store shortly after we finished the piece. The Producer and Creative Genius is Mr. Nyk Fry, who also does the funny British voice over in the end. He also produced my music video “Sunny Day” and we are in production on another video featuring Bethany the Babe, called “My Blues”. Check it out at: pvhproject.com

  4. Thanks to all you crazy guys who have helped spread the word! I fun making this piece. It was not intended as political, yet seems to have sometimes stirred such emotions… in actuality I don’t even watch horror movies, so am glad it hit the genre well enough! Check out GAC/CMT soon for what should be the debut of singer Brandie Frampton’s http://www.brandieframpton.com new vid “Day By Day” Really different! Thanks, http://www.nykfry.com