Libertarian Groups on logoIt’s been a while since I’ve posted about the awesomeness of but there some things I want to get out there for LP staffers around the country.

The number of libertarians using for scheduling is steadily growing, in many cases duplicating the old methods of the state parties. It’s in their best interests to move over and embrace this as the national LP has.

A new piece of PHP software called SimplePie now replaces my early attempts to parse their RSS feeds — use it and love it. State chairs should have their webmasters take a look at for adding it to their own sites. We are at the cusp of making this a standard for libertarian scheduling, so don’t miss the boat. (Note to webmasters: remove the /v2/ string from the RSS url to get a much more detailed feed. It’s useful if you want to hack the results a bit to your own desires)

If you are a staffer for a state Libertarian Party, please contact me at your earliest convenience and let me know your username and I will add you as a moderator for your state. I never intended for myself to permanently oversee scheduling for all the various states, and with recent improvements to the site, I can easily give the power to moderate over to the right people. Hooray!

That’s it… enjoy!

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. I’ve used a couple times to promote various events (I am district 6 rep for Fla), including a “mock funeral” for old political methodoligies (which i feared was a bit too cerebral of an undertaking, and i have to assume by the low turnout that perhaps it was) and have had mixed success (see previous parenthetic statement.

    I havent used it in about a month though, and will need to have a look at it.

    BTW, I have had an opponent who has been ripping my campaign signs down, and who has filed numerous complaints thereabout with state and local election officials (I argue first amendment protections, and have actually been able to hold off on fines and prosecution thusfar). I wish to challenge my opponent to a round of fisticuffs, street fighting rules, no weapons, but have been advised not to. Comments?

  2. Gabe J: Keep the fight clean. I know our opponents can often be douchebags, but challenging someone to a fist fight is absolutely not going to reflect well on you.

    Maybe you should put up signs that expose their campaign as dirty bastards that rip down signs? Would probably get you some media coverage if done right.

  3. For candidates who want to draw crowds, I would suggest going to where the people are. Namely bars and events that are already going to take place. Use Upcoming to find the events where you can come in with a group of your own and start handing out flyers and shit.

    I don’t know why people think libertarians have to act like we’re the center of everyone’s schedule… go to where the people are dammit (parades, bars, concerts, blogger meetups) don’t aske them to come to you out of the blue.

  4. I gotta go with stephen on his second comment there, I have been out promoting my campaign, first at teh big 4th of july celebration (big positive response) then at varous street corners (huge positive public response) while wearing an Uncle Sam outfit and doint the “robot” I bet I have equal name recognition to any candidate in any race in my county.

    Also, letters to teh editor are a good way to promote events (I have had two published in one month, I got 12 e-mail responses and an article where the reporter says he “admires teh heck” out of me), and my local paper actually has a section where people who have political-themed announcements can make them for free (quite convenient).

    Anyone interested in learnng more anbout varius wats they can help promote the party should consider taking classes with the libertarian leadership school (4th semester begins july 31st), I learned a lot. http://www.lp/org/lls/

  5. Gabe,

    You need to assemble your evidence against your opponents and take it to the press. I read your other post, and if you do indeed have uncovered evidence of government wrongdoing be assured they wont stop there.

    Fight? You would be dead meat. no one would ever take you seriously ever again.

    See if you can procure a security camera and get someone in the act. Then turn the tape over to the press with a statement.

  6. See, I just remember growing up, and hearing stories about polititians getting into fistfights and duels over their beliefs, and on some level, that’s the type of polititian that I have always wated to be. alas, it’s a different time now, and I’m a bit of a dinosaur in some ways.

    I have uncovered some definate conflicts of interest pertaining to the board that I am attempting to get on, teh Vice Chair runs a company which is paid 168,640 per year to do water testing for teh county, while at the same time, he sits on a watchdog board for our county’s water quality. He now has managed to get his second in command on this board, and this guy has multiple conflicts of interest, being that he works for a private water testing firm (nights) and works testing water for the city stormwater people during the day, and sits on a watchdog board that monitors out county’s drinking water. My opponent is the chairman of this board, and he is either getting a kickback, or he is

  7. a complete incompetent at his job. either way, we are sving this little nugget until 20 days before the election, so that it breaks hard, and is fresh in epoples minds when it’s time to hit the polls. Long story short, two local democrats that the party has been grooming for years to be party leaders are going to have their careers ruined, one less republican will hold office (my opponent sits on an environmental board, and he is a land developer who drives a hummer, are you kidding me!?) and three libertarians are going to hold office (and get a heck of a lot of good press, i’m sure)

    We’re getting dicked arround on the minutes from the board meetings for teh last few years (we’re really thinking that there is a smoking gun in there somewhere [probably two or three]), it’s really seeming like there is a real effort to cover something up, but it’s too late, I can smell the blood in the water.

  8. SVD- email Mike Nelson about our county’s info. I am the chair, but he is the brain.

  9. Additionally, to put a bug up my opponenets ass, I found a neighbor of his who has a lifetime restraining order (against my oponnent) and who let me put one of my huge campaign signs in his yard. He says that if my opponent rips that sign down, he will have my opponent arrested for violating the restraining order (500ft away), a felony.

    If i had known that politics was this fun, I’da run ten years ago.

  10. Here’s the thing about signs: for all you know, it’s the guy’s 10 year old nephew taking them down, thinking it helps, or any other one of his supporters not under his control. People take them down to mow or water the lawn. Which is why you shouldn’t curse the wrong-doer or the opponent until you know. If your roles were reversed, you’d be the first to object to an assumption of guilt.

    It might be worth speaking to the candidate and asking him to speak to his staff (if any), and see if he’s having the same problem; agree on a fair fight. See if there is a geographical pattern and check dumpsters. Go back and speak to the property owner (sometimes the spouse doesn’t agree).

    The way you handle this is a reflection on how you’ll handle problems when elected. Take the high road and you’ll contrast nicely to a guy who earned a restraining order.

  11. Upcoming’s a great tool (hopefully it will displace the now fee-based Meetup.Com).

    I seem to recall that SVD et al began agitating for LPHQ/the web site to implement its tools some time ago. Has that ever happened?

    [Insert self-satisfied self-back-pat] Naturally, the Boston Tea Party had an Upcoming.Org group and site feed up during its first week.[/]

  12. (Only mildly off-topic, since it relates to activities done that can be organized under

    Thomas L K,

    Have you received yet any copies of the “New Political Spectrum Quiz” from Eric Dondero?

    I’m very curious about it since it’s claimed to be more effective than the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

  13. Sandra, I know it is my opponent who is tearing my signs down. He has filed complaints with the state elections board, and has called me, and the two other members of my coalition several times. He had someone, I think it was his wife, call and claim to be a city commissioner, who threatened me repeatedly. the number that came up on the caller id was the switchboard at his land developing company. He wsa cought on tape in a previous election tearing down his wifes opponents signs. People like this have no place in politics.

  14. Daniel,

    Ah, yes — the “New Political Spectrum Quiz.” Dondero can always tell you how someone scored on it, but nobody every sees the actual quiz.

    No, I still haven’t seen it. I’m pretty sure that Dondero is still trying to write it.