Libertarian Flame Wars

OK, libertarians, duke it out here. If you tire of fighting over anarchism v. minarchism, there’s a host of other divisions to fight about here.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Let’s see what I can stir up…

    Harry Browne was a space alien with ties to the mafia; Badnarik is a socialist, the LRC pragmatic Master Race will sweep Portland and, um, the Cubs will win the Super Bowl.

    How’s that for starters? :D

  2. Here’s the email I sent those petty, bureaucratic bung
    holes at the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.
    Please feel free to borrow anything from this email.
    I’m just so fucking sick of our Nazi masters fucking
    with us!,,,,


    So now if a person has a drink or two in a bar they
    will be harassed by an undercover TABC “agent” because
    TABC “agents” can tell “just by looking at a person”
    (your words, not mine) if a person may be legally
    intoxicated even if that person is simply minding his
    or her own business and NOT driving or intending to
    drive an automobile! You Nazis have even arrested
    people trying to go to their hotel rooms to go to
    sleep after having a drink in the hotel bar.

    You bureaucratic bung holes have gone too far this
    time! You are nothing but thugs with guns and are a
    constant reminder to people of the illegitimacy of the
    state. You are today’s Nazis and are just the type of
    people our Founding Fathers fought to the death. Can
    you image George Washington or Patrick Henry putting
    up with the petty shit you people are trying to pull?
    Davey Crocket would have sent you bastards straight to
    hell! Taxpayers are suppose to pay your salaries for
    this type of tyranny? Besides being unconstitutional
    this is IMMORAL. Lets hope there’s a special place in
    Hell for people who violate our Constitution. Fuck
    off, you Nazi bastards! You are nothing but statist
    traitor bastards! You are the very worst kind of
    parasite on the taxpayer and a free society. What you
    do is antithetical freedom and what this country is
    supposed to stand for. Damn you to the Devil!


  3. Yeah, but my Atlanta Braves will once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at the World Cup.

  4. This country was founded on pragmatic libertarianism and minarchism, and that is what allowed it drift to the tyranny we have now.

  5. Since there are two, I’m going to post this twice.

    Remember the Republican “Contract with America?” How about we all (all 50 state orgs) and non-affiliated libertarians get together and agree on 10 things. Just 10 things we are all or a supermarjority are, willing to pledge our lives, freedom, fortunes and sacred honor to.

    I strongly suggest a move towards the middle, moderation in order to win. No need to sacrifice our basic belief of self ownership to do so, but create a message that broadens the appeals of the party and the ideal to a greater audience.

    And…LETS WIN SOME DAMN ELECTIONS! (National ones that is)


  6. I’ve got a button to push here.
    It’s an old topic with libertarians…

    Libertarians have no hope of winning elections as libertarians, so we should run as pro-freedom republicans or democrats, instead of under the LP.

    Personally I’ve got no problem with it since libertarianism is just a philosophy and doesn’t need to be squeezed into a party. Just don’t expect to be following strictly the playform of the party you ran under.

  7. Yeah, but my Atlanta Braves will once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at the World Cup.

    Steve, everyone knows that on average the New York Yankees win about every other year. Therefore it should be agreed on by everyone that they will be due to win this year in the Super Bowl.

  8. I think one is hard pressed to find many people other than libertarian anarchists who think ‘minarchist’ is a word. Certainly, if I am pressed as to whether I am an anarchist or a minarchist, my reaction is that I don’t believe in the questioner’s theological distinctions.

    Using the freedom train notion, I observe that we have two sorts of anarchists, namely those who think they know where the train will stop more happily, though most of them when pressed agree that the destination is so far off it is hard to see, and those who start asserting that voting is immoral, etc.

  9. Harry Browne was a space alien with ties to the mafia;

    True, but my home planet is better than his home planet. Also, he was rolling with the rickety Dixie Mafia, and my crew, the Russian Jewish Mafia, is a lot tougher.

    Badnarik is a socialist,

    Gary Nolan is a fascist.

    the LRC pragmatic Master Race will sweep Portland

    Much as Hitler’s master race swept into Poland, only to be eventually utterly destroyed, as our Anarchist-Green-Libertarian Alliance will do to you RLC, oops, I mean LRC master racists.

    and, um, the Cubs will win the Super Bowl.

    I’m predicting the Knicks will get the Stanley Cup this year.

  10. I came up with the train analogy independently, without reading it anywhere, years ago.

    Since then I’ve come to realize that the more apt analogy is that of a cancer or deadly virus. As long as any is left in the body, it grows back and is likely to be worse than before.