Libertarian Candidate running on GOP Platform

Perez bad photoshoppingLibertarian Youth’s recent post about Ruben Perez, Libertarian candidate for Texas Congressional District 23 (or 32), makes me wonder if the Libertarian Party should start screening these guys out. This wacko has taken the de facto Republican Party campaign stance on every issue and has somehow decided that makes him a Libertarian. He either has no clue what the word libertarian means or he is whoring for votes. Take your pick.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: If you actually go to, you’ll be greeted by the theme song to Bonanza, loads of broken images, and some one-liners on religion that make me believe the guy is more in line with the Constitution Party platform. Yet his economic views seem more in line with socialism (“Ruben Perez proposes to work with other lawmakers in order to help control the oil and gasoline prices for truck drivers, farmers and all consumers”).

Frankly it seems that someone in the TX LP needs to wake up and smell the coffee on this guy tomorrow and send him packing.

Another Update by Stephen VanDyke:: An eagle-eyed reader emailed and pointed out that Perez has filed for District 23 before, apparently after he didn’t catch anyone’s attention from his 2004 presidential bid (and I thought Mike Badnarik was a dark horse). Also, some tasty reponses to the project vote smart survey paints this guy to be a big government spender and otherwise being clueless about libertarianism (he even fills out the optional “other” fields, which makes it a joy to read). But my favorite item:

I am against read mail of americans citizens , plus e.mail, tap phones, conduct random searches, because we have a United States constitutions for protection against enemys.

  1. WTF? Yeah, that guy needs to go. I mean, I’m all for broadening the big tent but that’s just embarrassing.

  2. The LPTexas candidate list has Perez running in U.S. Rep 32, not 23 and indicates that Perez has opposition for this nomination. Unfortunately his opposition, John Hawley, is reviled by many Texas LPers for his consistently boorish behavior. Still I would urge my fellow Libertarians to vote for Mr. Hawley in that race.

    If the LPTexas site is wrong and Perez has filed for 23, then he also has opposition in this race although I don’t know anything about his opponent (Cecil Lamb).

  3. Guess I’ve officially entered the Libertarian blogosphere now. I have emailed the Dallas County Chair about the guy, who emailed our State Coordinator or whatever, Wes Benedict.

  4. No need to boot him, just defeat him in the primary.

    According to Politics 1, Perez became the LP nominee for Congress in Texas CD-23 in 2004. He also seems to have a history of getting his name on the ballot as a Reform Party candidate. He had declared himself as a 2004 Libertarian Presidential candidate, but did he even show up at the Convention?

    One guy who unfortunately did show up seeking the LP nomination was Jeffrey Diket.
    How did that guy get 30 signatures from delegates? Remember his ugly 15 minutes on C-Span? That embarrassment prompted Judge Jim Gray to suggest that the requirement be raised to 100. Instead of raising it to 100, maybe we could find a way to actually make the signature binding as far as your 1st-ballot vote.

    When naming future delegates to the National Convention, Ohio might want to think twice about letting the guy from NE Ohio who nominated Diket at the convention have that honor again.

  5. I see him listed as CD32 in all the lists of 3rd party candidates on the web.

    I have agreed with the Libertarian party for a long time and have been trying to be more active in the party. I just put up a website at and any comments are appreciated. It is a work in progress (as am I)