Libertarian Brett Blanchfield gets equal time

Score one for the Iowa LP.

Local candidate for Iowa House District 66 Brett Blanchfield was on a radio program on the 18th and got some pretty good coverage. They went into detail on his issues and he gave at least as strong a performance as the rest of the candidates, if not stronger.

There’s not really a soundbite that neatly wraps everything up regarding Blanchfield, so just go read the article at the Des Moines Register.

It’s nice to see multipartisan coverage that actually covers everyone equally. Even when we make it to debates or candidate forums, often the media writeups about it just focus on the major party candidates and then have a token throwaway paragraph or two about those cute Libertarians that got to play politics with the big boys for one day or whateverthefuck.

So kudos to Blanchfield and kudos to the Des Moines Register, and kudos to KWQW and J. Michael McKoy for inviting the Libertarian and giving him equal time.

Stuart Richards

Stuart Richards is a 26-year-old land surveyor based out of Portland, OR. He is a left-leaning geolibertarian and (theologically) liberal Christian, and has been blogging on and other libertarian sites since 2004.

  1. No conspiracy theories or anarchy tomorrow, Brett Blanchfield is a serious and credible candidate.

    District 66 is very liberal with important issues of personal freedoms such as gay rights, opposition to smoking bans, and mandatory seatbelt laws. All of those issues are libertarian issues that we can run on.

    We have received almost if not as much press coverage as our opponents. I am told that we will likely be on a morning television news program before the election, and probably going to be on another radio program very soon.

    One possible strategy is to run radio ads on popular youth targeted radio stations. To advertise and promote the campaign, we will need donations and volunteers. If you are interested in helping the campaign financially or volunteering your time, please e-mail me at and leave your telephone number and location and I will give the information to Brett.

  2. Out here in South Dakota it’s business as usual. The major paper in the state, the Argus Leader (Sioux Falls), has not covered Libertarian U.S. House candidtate Larry Rudebusch at all. He’s up against Stephanie Herseth who’ll win handedly, but that is obviously not the point. The Argus Leader and KELO-TV have not invited Larry to this debate and they will not return his phone calls.

    Has appeared in a local TV debate in Rapid City two weeks ago and on Tuesday night of this week he appeared on the SDPB Debate where he held his own.

    South Dakota Public Broadcasting also invited Tom Gerber, Libertarian, who is running for Governor and they included the Constitutional Party candidate too.

    The MSM is still restricting access, but SDPB has at least taken the step to recognize the third parties.