Liberate Someone – Vote for FTL!

FTL LogoAs you probably know, thanks to your votes we won the 2006 Podcast Award for “Best Political”. This month, it’s back to the usual, one vote per month at Podcast Alley. Last month we finished at 4th place. Not bad, but we can do better; especially since we don’t have to promote two different votes this month. It’s just one, and it’s quick and easy:

Leave a comment if you feel so inclined, ask a few friends to vote as well, and feel good that you just helped to spread the message of Liberty to new people!

Thanks for your help!
Host, “Free Talk Live”

  1. FTL is amazing. It helped turn me from Republican-lite to hard-core Libertarian. Now we just need to get people to listen to it.

    So, vote!

  2. Republicans are Libertarians who are ignorant about human nature (you can’t force morality). Democrats are Libertarians who are ignorant about economics (dollars are the medium of exchange for all they value).

    Education can save most of them. Keep up the good work.