Lawyer shot by a Dick

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What makes this more amusing to me is that these guys weren’t REALLY hunting:

500 farm-raised pheasants were released yesterday morning at the Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier Township for the benefit of Cheney’s 10-person hunting party. The group killed at least 417 of the birds, illustrating the unsporting nature of canned hunts. The party also shot an unknown number of captive mallards in the afternoon. (WTAE)

Apparently Bush started the “Oops I didn’t mean to shoot that” tradition back when he was running for Governor of Texas against Ann Richards. Richards, a life-long hunter, was being portrayed in the media as being more macho than Bush. Rove set up a dove hunting trip for Bush where he mistook a Killdeer for a dove and shot it. Killdeers are on the threatened species list so Bush was fined for killing it.

So, anyone have a good Cheney joke for this event?

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Don’t miss the ten ways Dick Cheney can kill you.

  1. “Vitriol”? It’s not vitriol to mock government “officials”, especially if they’ve done something to merit it. The Vice President of the United States shot some old guy in the face. And sadly, that’s among the LEAST bad things he’s done. I have a feeling that the sort of people who would get offended by such CALLED FOR mockery would never vote Libertarian in the first place.

    Further, those kind of jokes just help make the public less able to take their “leaders” seriously, which is good for libertarians. Once people begin to learn that their elected “officials” are completely worthless, corrupt, and crooked – that’s good for libertarians, right?

    I’ve got another one, from Jay Leno:

    “I think Cheney is starting to lose it. After he shot the guy he screamed, ‘Anyone else want to call domestic wire tapping illegal?'”


  2. Yeah, there are more important things…but isn’t this fun!

    BTW, that quote referred to a Pennsylvania hunt, not the one in South Texas.

  3. I’m no doctor, but I suspect if the Vice President had NOT shot him, and the shot had NOT lodged in his heart, he would NOT have had a heart attack at that point in time.

    I have no proof of this, of course. Just speculating.

  4. Ok, Cheney was drunk, was much closer to the guy he shot than the media will have you believe, had the secret service prevent the local authorities from interviewing him, didn’t tell the President, and on and on. Doesn’t his behavior seem a bit odd?

    Additionally, if that were anyone else they would probably be arrested, interrogated and most likely charged with something.

    Is Cheney above the law?

  5. Update: Ballistics tests prove VP’s story false?


    “Cheney claims that he shot Whittington at 90 feet, ballistic tests from the spread of the shotgun pellets to their penetration depth is 100% conclusive.

    Harry Whittington was shot at close range, between 15 and 18 feet, not the 90 claimed by Dick Cheney and the Secret Service. It is now clear why they refused to let Sherriff’s Deputies interview Cheney for over 13 hours and why they claimed that Whittington’s injuries were superficial when in truth they were grievious.

    The mainstream media is ignoring this literal smoking gun evidence. Anytime they wish, the local police can conduct their own ballistics tests and they will have the exact same findings. The media can conduct their own tests.”