Laura Bush: A Chicken with Lots of Eggs

Perhaps it’s time for a new title for the wife of the President: The First Phobe. While they’ll allow for a big red dog and a cookie monster at the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll, they seem to be scared shitless of gay parents. From the Telegraph:

Faced with the prospect of the 128-year-old tradition being hijacked by gay pride advocates, aides to President George W Bush have carefully scripted the event to limit the political damage.

Homosexual parents seeking public acceptance of their families have already secured many of the 15,000 tickets available to the public.

But it was clear yesterday that protesters would be kept far away from the First Lady, Laura Bush, who is overseeing the event on the White House lawns.

By the time the gay pride activists are allowed in, Mrs Bush should be gone, leaving them to confront giant-sized children’s characters.

This seems a bit too familiar. I was in Manhattan for the GOP National Convention, where they relegated the less ballsy protesters to the “Free Speech Zones” — and I’d be amiss if I didn’t indicate that Democrats did the same damned thing in Boston.

My recollection is that another First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower, wanted to know why black kids had to view the Easter activities through the White House gate. I’ll suggest that Smylex could have made the same political move Mamie did, but it seems she’d rather pander to the likes of Russell Henderson, Aaron McKinney and Fred Phelps.

I’ve been around the block a few times and I can’t imagine that the First Twins haven’t come home late some time reeking of both alcohol and tuna fish. Perhaps the First Phobe needs to look inside the gate, as well.

  1. The DNC made the “cage.” There was no “official” free speech zone during the RNC, unless you’re talking about the little fenced area outside of Madison Sq. Garden.

    The cops in Boston were 1000 to 1. I went inside the stupid cage and yelled. Some people heard me.

    Where were you?

  2. Quote of the week:

    “I can’t imagine that the First Twins haven’t come home late some time reeking of both alcohol and tuna fish.”


  3. maux — I missed Boston, but I participated in the activities in Manhattan. I had to catch Boston from the Internet, as there wasn’t much MSM coverage of protest activities.

  4. It’s sad that radicals of any stripe want to hijack this sort of event to promote their agenda. That the White House try to limit the damage to the spirit of the event is entirely appropriate.

  5. Tom Hanna: Who? The black parents who did it in 1953 or the gay parents now? I’m a bit confused as to who’s got the radical notion that they should have the same rights.

  6. Might I suggest that you read a little more in the new testament in whish Jesus himself talks of the new pact that is formed. The biblical quotations that condemn homosexuals and homosexuality are all from the old testament. Jesus himself did not seem to find homosexuality such a great problem as he did not really talk about it. Instead he preferred to hang out with tax-collectors and prostitutes and say things like “Let he who is pure throw the first stone” and “Judge not, so you shall not yourself be judged”. My translations are probably inaccurate as english is not my first language. Honestly, I do not believe God hates fags as he created us all just the way we are.

  7. Morten — I’ve nothing against Jesus, but I’d prefer to hang out with prostitutes than with tax collectors.

  8. A good idea, I would rather hang out with prostitutes and tax collectors, [after all who would collect the money to pay for our intrastructures], as hang out with whoever Stephen Gordom is. I have plenty against Jesus, wonder if he wans’t gay , otherwise, howcome 12 males followed him around? If nothing else, somethimg to ponder.