Lady Liberty Interviews Michael Badnarik

Enter Stage Right brings us Lady Liberty’s interview with Michael Badnarik. It is a good read, touching on issues such as immigration, campaign strategy, what he will do once elected etc. He even got in what appears to be a jab at HoT:

There are Libertarians out on the various ‘blogs who are upset because we are not running our campaign the way they think I should. And my response to them is, “Well, if you think you’ve got a better way, then you run your own campaign! Get off the couch, put your name on a piece of paper, and run for Congress! You spend 18 hours a day reading mail, making phone calls, writing fund raising letters, and you can run your campaign any way you want.”

After seeing results like this and this, I personally think they are doing a great job on the campaign.

  1. Nigel,

    I have supported Badnarik ever since I first heard about him after he won the Libertarian nomination for President. There is no conversion here. What makes you think there is?

    I do not particularly agree with some of his staff choices, but that is another story…

  2. Do you mean his utterly specious analogy of comparing an arbitrary line on a map (the “border”) to an individual’s home? That utterly pissed me off and severely reduces the chances of me ever donating to his campaign again.

  3. JayeRandom…the analogy didn’t bother me, in fact, most people I know would relate to complex issues if put in a context that they can understand. I’m supporting him, and I don’t live in District 10.