Kubby Going Back to Jail

It’s starting to get confusing, now. Out of jail, in jail, released from jail, going directly to jail. Steve Kubby was just sentenced back to prison. This time it’s not directly for drug charges, but for moving to Canada in order to stay alive. From ABC News 10:

Medical marijuana activist Steven Wynn Kubby is heading back to jail after a Placer County judge sentenced the former gubernatorial candidate to 60 days behind bars Tuesday.

Kubby, 59, received the 60-day sentence for violating his probation by moving to Canada in 2001 rather than serve a 120-day term following a conviction for possession of psilocyn and mescaline in Placer County. Kubby said he went to Canada because he would have died in jail without marijuana to treat adrenal cancer.

The picture’s becoming clear on this one: Law enforcement officials involved are considerably more compassionate than those sitting on the bench.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. I think Vermont has an exchange program with California, when Steve Kubby gets out of jail on felony probation, he could be exchanged with a Vermont probationer going to CA. In Vermont, a felon can run for political office. If Steve Kubby arrives in Vermont in July, he will have time to get the required 250 signautes an Independent candidate needs to get on the ballot. He can’t run for statewide offices because he won’t have the residency requirement, but he can run for federal office, for U.S. Congress. http://www.sec.state.vt.us
    I’m running for U.S. Senate http://makemarijuanalegal.com
    An Independent candidate can put a descriptive word other than ‘Independent’ on the ballot.
    I put Marijuana on the ballot, twice, in 2004, for Governor and for U.S. Senate. See, Cris Ericson, MJP, but on the actual ballot it said, “Marijuana”.
    Out of State campaign donations are legal.
    Steve Kubby should come to VT when he gets out.

  2. link correction:
    See Cris Ericson MJP
    http://www.sec.state.vt.us click on Elections
    Please donate enough money to Steve Kubby so he can move to Vermont and apply for out-of-state probation.
    Federal Election Commission 1-800-424-9530
    Each U.S.A. resident can donate up to $2100.
    Make Marijuana Legal!

  3. No surprise there. The guys on the bench only have to see him once in court. Where he’s probably all dressed and nice looking in a suit and tie. The prison guys get to see him falling apart.

  4. Bastards. This is why the Sons of Liberty need to come back and threaten these dirty thugs.

    This is why potheads and ravers get picked on, and the Hell’s Angels get left alone.

    Speaking of raves, imagine an armed rave full of Liberty lovers that are willing to flex their rights. This is being planned in the Free State.

  5. What in the crap are you talking about Ian Bernard? There isn’t going to be a Son of Liberty, especially if the conservatives have anything to say about it. There isn’t going to be some wierdo freak rave, especially if the conservatives have anything to say about it. You may live in New Hampshire, but your brain must be in space. Get real.

    And I’d like to remind everyone that “Our Democracy is Broken”. Stephen, I have axed you before about what can be done to rectify this highly annoying situation. I have a grave dislike for Astroturf groups that support incumbent protection measures. How much money do you need, sir?

  6. Considering our Founding Fathers tried to set us up as a Constitutional Republic, I hope that our democracy is broken since by definition a democracy is mob rule.

    The Republic is dead sir, and it has been since 1913.

  7. “a conviction for possession of psilocyn and mescaline in Placer County”

    Sounds like there’s more to this guy than “medical” marijuana. Perhaps he ought not be the poster boy of choice. If the agenda is legalization of medical marijuana, the symbol might be a little more politically palatable if it wasn’t someone doing time for “hard” drugs. Mind you, I’m not in favor of this guy dying and frankly I don’t care if he did mescaline, PCP and cocaine and washed it down with a couple shots of bootleg corn liquor. Just thinking that it’s yet another good example of why you pick your battles (and how not to).

  8. 1) there was no motion in court to request that S. Kubby be allowed to smoke real medical marijuana in jail?
    2) is anybody going to talk about the rights of medical marijuana patients who are jailed, for whatever crime, to smoke real medical marijuana in jail?
    3) aren’t medical marijuana patients who are felons, for whatever crime, more likely to commit new crimes because when they get out of jail they are often homeless and cannot get federally subsidized housing or foodstamps because they have a felony record?
    4) was S. Kubby’s wife at the recent hearing? http://marijuananews.com reports he’ll be homeless when he gets out, does that mean the wife ditched him?
    5) is S. Kubby allowed to use the jail law library and will his attorney file a motion to allow him to use it?
    6) does the jail law library contain California Codes, or only law books of no use to those in CA jails?
    7) why didn’t he risk going to trial?

  9. Oh no, don’t call us “weirdo freaks” and threaten us with conservatives, that will really stop us from pursuing Liberty in our lifetimes!

    I’m giving it all up now because of you “Devious David”.

  10. Ian Bernard, I support your Free State Project. I am commenting that things are going to be a lot more difficult and dangerous than you think. I would also warn you not to beleive that conservatives are your friends.

    But just what on earth do you mean when you spin off on some strange trip indeed – “Speaking of raves, imagine an armed rave full of Liberty lovers”???? What is this supposed to mean? I have no interest is a rave. I am utterly confused by the comment.

    Further, it is naive of you to want some Sons of Liberty or your rave because I can tell you right now that an armed showdown with The State is not what you want. Conservatives of course would love nothing more – theirs is the ideology of hatred, bigotry and the total state. Any excuse to kill people indiscriminately would be very much to their liking.

  11. Devious,

    Did anyone say this would be a cakewalk? Also, when did I claim conservatives were friends?

    What’s confusing about a rave with people packing heat in attendance?

    I don’t want an armed showdown, I want to show them we’re not going to take their shit anymore.

  12. Well, you have your rave and see what happens when they give you shit. The State is always total, that means that it is willing to escalate even the most benign situation to its highest degree. If a cop saw you spit on the sidewalk and you sufficiently resisted, eventually he would put a hole in your head right there. Why is this hard to understand?

    You have your rave, they’ll just bring more forces and be less selective of how they deploy theirs. Didn’t you watch Waco? When you deal with The State, you are dealing with a force that beleives it is greater than god. Even if you did somehow muster a greater force, The State would escalate – even to make a point and get popular support.

  13. You haven’t been paying much attention to what’s been happening in NH. The activists have found that when you stand up to the state and refuse to back down after they threaten you, that THE STATE BACKS DOWN.

    Not every time, but it’s happening.

    This is why the state doesn’t screw with the Hell’s Angels.

  14. There are occasions when The State “backs down”, but I have to say that all of mine have been in a court room. The State prefers to go after people who are weak and helpless, yes. But that doesn’t mean that I would run around calling its’ bluff continuosly and indiscriminately. Waco and Ruby Ridge are perfect examples of The State instigating and escalating the “issue”. What the agents of The State don’t realize is that they are utterly expendable to the cause and their lose may even be advantageous.

    Further, Hell’s Angels are occasional targets of various levels and degrees of investigation and prosecution. Usually the cases seem to be infrequent, but investigations of that sort weave a web of characters and crimes. In other words, when they go down, a lot of them go down.

  15. Semi-OT/ RE: Hell’s Angels: And sometimes even a few Amishmen go down with them… for participating in drug-rings no less.

    As a former Pennsylvania resident I still get endless mirth out of the thought of the fact that a group of Amish individuals had a drug-smuggling ring active with a group of Hell’s Angels, way back when.

    It’s good stuff. :)