Kubby Getting Sicker in Jail

Marc Emery isn’t the only victim of Canada’s recent capitulation to the United States regarding marijuana issues. Steve Kubby is still in jail in California after being recently booted from Canada. Kubby requested a hearing to modify his 120 day sentence in Placer County, California. According to the Canadian Press, his request was denied.

Still suffering from adrenal cancer, Kubby is reported to have shingles, indicating that his immune system has been further compromised by an injustice system which is preventing him from obtaining the medication which has been keeping him alive. One report from his court appearance states that he has lost 27 pounds in his first 37 days of captivity.

I’m not sure what Kubby’s weight was when he was arrested, but he certainly wasn’t portly. Other health problems aside, if continues to lose weight at the current rate, he will have lost 88 pounds by the time of his release. Considering his other health conditions, this could easily be a state no longer compatible with life.

Our government has shown that it has absolutely no concern for the lives of people who require marijuana to stay alive, especially those incarcerated for doing what is required simply to survive — just ask Jonathan Magbie or Peter McWilliams. Actually, you can’t ask them, as they are already dead — murdered by the cold and callous hands of the state.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Please go to the kubby.com website and help Steve and his family by donating some funds to his defense. You don’t have to spend a lot, every bit helps. AND it is a direct attack against the war on drugs.

    We don’t need another martyr, Peter died and before long his situation became almost a non-issue. Let’s keep Steve alive so that he can continue to be a voice of reason and remain a husband and father.

  2. Legalize, Tax and Regulate ALL drugs around the World and keep the drugs out of the reach of our children and away from the Street Market – TODAY.

    Prohibition of anything NEVER worked.

    Drop by http://www.leap.cc for more information on how you can help to end the drug war in YOUR Country as we speak.

    Together we WILL make this reality.

    Alison Myrden
    Leading Female Speaker in Canada for L.E.A.P. –
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  3. That all sounds good except for the taxing part…

    Its funny that we have to try and convice our government to legalize drugs by offering them money through drug taxes.

  4. JUst received word that Kubby has been released because of over crowding at the jail. The Sheriff released him this evening. This needs to be confirmed.

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