Kn@ppster profile of George Phillies

Thomas Knapp has a new installment completed in his “First Look 2008” series, a set of articles which provides his view of the prospective 2008 Libertarian Party presidential candidates. This time he takes a detailed look at George Phillies. Tom likes Phillies and knows him pretty well, but has some skepticism about his ability to garner the LP nomination.

As normal with this series, he provides the good, the bad and the some additional observations. I’d check it out.

Stephen Gordon

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  1., under Immigration:
    “We may differ as to what our laws should be. However, Americans are entitled to the certainty that their country’s just laws will be enforced until those laws are changed.”

    Huh? If the laws are just, why change them? When they’re unjust, get around them if you can!

    He’s worried about Mexican welfare queens. Two wrongs don’t make a right, George!