Kevin Cherry for Georgia Public Service Commission

Libertarian candidate for Public Service Commission in Georgia, Kevin Cherry, is running an impressive campaign focusig on consumer advocacy, free markets and alternative energy. Cherry’s platform was recently covered in the Rome News-Tribune with more detail:

Consumer Advocacy “” “The people of Georgia deserve a commissioner that will be fair and objective. You deserve a commissioner that won’t take campaign contributions from the executives and lobbyists of the utilities being regulated. I have no ties to these industries, and will always look after the best interests of the consumer.”

Competitive Free Markets “” “The best quality of service at the lowest rates is always the product of a free market. As your commissioner, I will continuously seek ways to improve and increase competition in your utilities. Regulated monopolies tend to get bloated and charge rates that pay for excessive top heavy administrative costs. One example of free market competition is cell phones. Over the years, cell phone service has increased, competition increases, and rates have continued to fall. Free market competition is the solution that works.”

Alternative Energy “” “Georgia’s rate payers and tax payers are being asked to build more nuclear power plants in Georgia. I am not against nuclear power, but I am against the tax payers footing the bill while the power company runs away with the profits. The decision to build these plants and the risks should fall on the stock holders of the power company. In contrast, I think Georgians should be given tax incentives to create renewable sources of energy. Through conservation, bio-mass, and other renewable energy supplies, we can ensure a clean future with low energy rates.”

Cherry’s campaign will be using TV ads to help get the message out. He is the first PSC candidate to run TV ads in this election, and will be among the first Libertarian candidates to run TV ads in the state of Georgia:

James Bell, Kevin Cherry’s campaign director and producer of the ad said it sends a powerful message about the lies, and corruption of the two party system.

“We wanted to compare the electronic voting machines to a slot machine to show how the voters of Georgia feel it’s a gamble to even vote in this state,” said Bell. “We don’t trust the politicians and we don’t trust the voting machines. The Libertarian Party is offering a real choice this year. I hope the 40-50% of voters who do not vote will realize the power they have if they will only go to the polls.”

The ad ends with three cherries rolling up on the slot machine wheels to show a winner. It’s Kevin Cherry! The closing line says, “Pick Cherry for PSC”.

The video can be viewed here.

  1. I’m rather impressed with the ad!

    I wish you the best of luck, Mr. Cherry. Being elected as the PSC would be a wonderful opportunity to apply libertarian and free market ideas and ideals to the State of Georgia!

  2. This guy is a very legit candidate.

    The LP of GA is very good. My prejudice would have me believe that they would be a far-right, CP-like state party, but every candidate I’ve seen for them has ranged from “acceptable” to “OUTSTANDING.” Jack Cashin and Mr. Cherry rank at the top of my list.

  3. I’ve been seeing his TV ads a good bit here in Atlanta. On major networks, and during major programs.

  4. Hi Jeff Shulman,
    I agree with you on Kevin Cherry and his TV ad. Great candidate and ad. Trevor Southerland and the Georgia LP staff, members and candidates are running effective campaigns this year.

  5. The LP of GA is very good. My prejudice would have me believe that they would be a far-right, CP-like state party, but every candidate I’ve seen for them has ranged from “acceptable” to “OUTSTANDING.” Jack Cashin and Mr. Cherry rank at the top of my list.

    On the other hand, Hayes sounds like a Boortzitarian.

  6. Yes Paulie, and the sad thing is that the GOOD candidates like this man here do not provoke hardly any discussion. 7 responses as of my post. But put a flaming anti-immigrant scumbag on HoT, and he will provoke 100 posts in no time.

  7. At least I know we’ve got the (l)ibertarians behind us in this race.

    In a recent news article our democrat opponent Dawn Randolph has stolen another Cherry platform position. On Oct 24, in the Jacksonville Times-Union
    Democratic candidate Randolph said she does not fully oppose the expansion of nuclear power but thinks that the companies’ investors should foot the construction costs and not Georgia ratepayers.

    And back on June 20 ( Cherry said

    “Why is a multi-billion dollar corporation asking for a $51 million handout to do a study on a project that could cost tens of billions to complete,” Cherry asked. “Stockholders, not ratepayers, should determine if it is a project that should be funded.” “To ask ”˜Joe and Jane Ratepayer’ to foot the bill is absurd!” Cherry proclaimed.