Jimmy Carter Growing a Pair?

Via AP:

“Under the Bush administration, there’s been a disgraceful and illegal decision – we’re not going to the let the judges or the Congress or anyone else know that we’re spying on the American people,” Carter told reporters. “And no one knows how many innocent Americans have had their privacy violated under this secret act.”


“It’s a ridiculous argument, not only bad, it’s ridiculous. Obviously, the attorney general who said it’s all right to torture prisoners and so forth is going to support the person who put him in office. But he’s a very partisan attorney general and there’s no doubt that he would say that,” Carter said. “I hope that eventually the case will go to the Supreme Court. I have no doubt that when it’s over, the Supreme Court will rule that Bush has violated the law.”

The former president said he would testify before the Judiciary Committee if asked.

“If my voice is important to point of the intent of the law that was passed when I was president, I know all about that because it was one of the most important decisions I had to make.”

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Awesome! So the LP is going to seize the opportunity and publicly endorse his statements with press releases and media appearances… right? Didn’t think so…

  2. The best thing about Carter’s speaking out is that he’s the real deal when it comes to living a virtuous life — which must confuse the southern Republicans to no end.

  3. IMHO JC was the most moral President of the US in my life time. Look at how he has lived his life after he left office and then look at all the others. Compare and contrast, Reagan and his speeches for mega$, Carter working with Habitat for Humanity. He is a true elder statesman and gentleman. Kudos to him for calling GWB out. Too bad GWB probably didn’t listen, but the congregation definitly did from the response Carter got.

  4. No matter how many nails he bangs into 2x4s for Habitat Humanity, Jimmy Carter will never divorce people of the widely held belief that he was the WORST U.S. President ever.

  5. No matter how many nails he bangs into 2Ô”4s for Habitat Humanity, Jimmy Carter will never divorce people of the widely held belief that he was the WORST U.S. President ever.

    Widely held by whom? I can think of quite a few off the top of my head who were worse, starting with Nixon.

    Yours truly,

  6. IMHO JC was the most immoral President of the US in my life time. Look at how he has lived his life after he left his failed office and then look at all the others. Compare and contrast, Reagan and his glorious speeches, Carter working posing with Habitat for Humanity. He is antithesis of a true elder statesman and gentleman. Shame on him for calling GWB out. Good thing GWB has too much class, but the congregation definitly didn’t, considering the response Carter got.

  7. Carter is a shame. Poor excuse for a former president. Mrs. King’s funeral was not the time or the place for petty partisan politics. Carter failed to mention that the wire tapping of Dr. King was done under the administrations of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. The attorney general at that time was Robert Kennedy. Carter has no class what so ever!

  8. The most immoral?

    Dude get the fucking Neo-Cons out of here. Honestly, saying JC was a bad president is one thing, but saying he was the worst President ever only demonstrates how irrational you fucking retards are…

  9. I survived the Carter administration. I remember the interest rates that were so high that people could not afford a home. He destroyed the real estate business. He also destroyed the military. I remember morale was so low we need to thank God we were not attacked at that time. To say that Carter was the worst President in history is putting it mildly. He was incompetent to the point of criminality. Now in his last years he is just a bitter old fool trying to change his sorry legacy. As for morals he may not be a snake like Clinton however he violates all the standards set by former Presidents that even the hapless Clinton observes. Carter will never be able to change the facts of history. He was a terrible failure and an embarrassment. The only people he gets along with are communist dictators that hate this country and that includes Moslem entities that would see us destroyed as well.

  10. Apparently Jack Hamilton didn’t remember the TRUE reason the military was demoralized in 1976: The disaster that was Veitnam. It’s kind of hard coming home to people spitting on you and then want to reup. Of course it’s not even close to Nixon/Ford’s fault on that one, because they were the other flavor of republicrat, dontcha know

  11. Who was doing the spitting? Liberals. And,DVoter, dude, you say us “neo-cons” (pretty laughable) are so irrational, just look at your own posts and observe who is the overly emotional one here. You are the classic liberal driven by emotions and self-righteousness, and not rational thought. Very amusing.

  12. I remember damn well the reason. I was one of those people returning from that war. A war that was initiated by Kennedy for a noble cause. But the reason the troops were demoralised was the severe cuts by Carter, The neglect in procurement.the failed rescue attempt.The whole self loathing that Carter foisted on this country. Also smart moves like when The Russians invaded Afganistan Carter withdrew from the Olympics, That sure showed um,also his cut of of sale of wheat that devastated American wheat farmers for the same reasons. They bought it fvrom Canada.Another tough move.We were all victims of Carters ineptitude. Now the country is a victim of his bitterness and a desperate attempt to rehabilitate his failed legacy.What a unabashed loser.

  13. One other thing, How the hell could it have been Nixon or Fords fault. Nixon ended the war and the war was already over by the time Ford became President for those few months. You can tell John is really on top of things. The greatest escalation in the war was by Johnson after his lie about the Tonkin Gulf resolution. Then the democrats hung us out to dry.

  14. Stephen, I’m glad to hear that Jimmy Carter is taking a public stand against Bush’s Charles I imitation. Good on him. But what’s having (or not having) two testicles got to do with anything?

    Hamilton: “To say that Carter was the worst President in history is putting it mildly.”

    If you can’t remember any Presidents from before 1976, maybe.

    Given that the office of the Presidency has hosted several active slavers, at least one genocidaire, and arch-segregationist admirers of the Ku Klux Klan, I’d have to say this seems rather like American historical myopia at its most ridiculous.

    Hamilton: “Nixon ended the war …”

    After escalating it for the entirety of his first term. Come on. You won’t find any love for LBJ here, but there are in fact some evils in the world that Democrats didn’t cause.