Jesse Jackson Promotes Himself to US Senator

I found this gem while doing some research on Samuel Alito. DemocracyNow! provides a transcipt of a recent interview of Jesse Jackson conducted by Amy Goodman. From the interview (emphasis added):

AMY GOODMAN: I mean, you don’t agree with President Bush, but he has the right to choose the Supreme Court justice. Of course, they have to be confirmed by the Senate.

REV. JESSE JACKSON: He has the right to recommend. We have the right to resist. His recommendations are not in our interest, and therefore, we must resist his recommendations. He does not have the right to appoint unilaterally by fiat. And we would be ridiculously stupid not to resist that which is not in our interest.

What a blithering idiot!

Stephen Gordon

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  1. “What a blithering idiot!”

    I know, I know, correlation vs. causation, but might I add that Rev. Jackson also believes in Intelligent Design. :o)

  2. Jesse Jackson is one of those fanatical democracy-above-all majority-rules-in-all-situations kinda people.

  3. I believe Jesse Jackson sees himself as the Savior of millions of Americans. He is outrageous when twisting the truth to fit what he thinks his followers want to hear.

    He is cut from the same cloth as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and their cronies, members of the far left that believe the bigger the government, the better.

    Their behavior, statements and those that are politicians vote in favor of issues that prove they perceive themselves as elitists that know what is best for us sheep.

    It just burns me that there are so many of them that look down on the rest of us and truly believe we are mental idiots and believe we have no idea how to live our lives or make decisions we think is best for each of us as individuals.

    History books are full of these narcissistic better than thou politicians (little and big dictators) and pied pipers.

    Of course, they believe they are above the law and moral guidelines the rest of us are expected to follow.