Jeffers Endorsed by the RLC

Libertarian candidate for governor in Minnesota Sue Jeffers was just endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus. Here’s their release:

Sue Jeffers was unanimously endorsed by the RLC National Board in April of 2006 and confirmed by Minnesota RLC Executive Officers as a leading advocate of individual rights, limited government, and private enterprise.

We believe Ms. Jeffers will be a strong defender of liberty as Minnesota Governor and urge our members to contribute to and support this campaign.

Susan is a member of the RLC Advisory Board.

Hopefully, this will help Jeffers in her attempt to be able to appear at the Minnesota Republican Convention.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. Doubtful it will help. Republicans HATE libertarians and choose to use their money and time while stabbing them in the back and marginalizing them. And then when cornered, Republicans will just rip them endlessly. Yes, the GOP is a great place for libertarians. Of course, the RLC’s idea of wonderful libertarians like John McCain etc. should tell us something.

  2. The comment above is obviously not from an RLC member. The RLC’s idea of “wonderful libertarian” Rebublicans is more like Ron Paul and Jeff Flake than it is John McCain.

    There are more libertarians in the Republican Party right now than there have ever been in the Libertarian Party, so there’s no reason that us Goldwater and Reagan Republicans should reject Sue Jeffers, one of our own.

  3. There are some good Republicans that do want smaller government, but I am not in full support for the RLC. They posted their Top 10 list of Republicans and Trent Lott was #2.

    Listen to his weekly radio address where he talks about additional government funding for natural disasters, airports, seat belt laws, highway “safety” money, manufacturing corporate welfare, more FTC laws, more immigration laws, more and more government.

    I’ve checked out many other of these Republicans and more than half of them don’t even talk about the importance of liberty and call for a bigger police state. There are only a few that I can support. Sue Jeffers is one of those candidates I trust. She’s actually registered as a Libertarian, so it’s great she got the cross endorsement.

  4. No duh, I’m not an RLCer. Jeff Flake is a whiney wimp that is a Republican appeaser. Whenever the leadership cracks the whip. Fuck Jeff Flake.

    I am not so stupid as to beleive that there are very many dumb libertarians in the GOP as you suggest. Although, I have to admit, there are some dumb libertarians out there.

    You don’t even want to see me rip Goldwater and ESPECIALLY Reagan. I’ll spare your feelings for now, but it shows how gullible and inherently anti-libertarian you really are.

    The problem with “small government” Republicans is twofold: first that they are Republicans and secondly that they are Republicans. Republicans will give you smaller government… right after they ban abortion, force Jesus up your ass, subsidize everything under the sun, engage in unlimited military wars of aggression…etc etc etc.

    There is no will at all in the GOP to do anything about anything. NONE. It isn’t going to happen or it would have happened in abundance by now.

  5. Conservatives truly are the dumbest amongst political ideologies. They are in DISTANT last place because of their inherent lack of backbone, gullibility and total contradiction.

    Any time a conservative/Republican talks liberty, you KNOW they are full of horseshit and worse, they beleive you are at least as dumb as they are.

  6. I just looked at the list and Ron Paul didn’t even make the top 10. That tells you everything you need to know about these scumbags. Doing evil in liberty’s name.

  7. Devious David: “They posted their Top 10 list of Republicans and Trent Lott was #2.”
    Thanks for the plug of our ‘Liberty Index’, which rates legislators on 40 roll call votes. None of them has scored 100% in years (not even Ron Paul), so you can certainly find very ‘un-libertarian’ votes for any of them. I was quite surprised to see Trent Lott (and a few others) near the top of our ratings, but you can’t criticize the result without proposing *better* roll call votes for the rating.
    If you want to know where the RLC stands, read our Statement of Principles. If you want to know who we really support, visit our endorsed candidate listing:

  8. At least Ron Paul talks about smaller government, and has had a longer track record of always voting no for unconstitutional bills. They called him Dr. No for a reason. He’s the only I one I can really trust as far as I know.

  9. I like Jeffers but she has no chance of winning the general election. There is a better chance that the earth will plunge into the sun. So, why is the RLC doing this? Pawlenty is a good governor. All this can do is damage him. Humbug.