Jackyderm Bond Package in California

Yesterday’s quip about there not being a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties may have to be modified. In California, there doesn’t seem to be 37 billion dollar’s worth of difference. From SFChron:

The two leading Democrats in the Legislature pledged to campaign with Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger through the fall to win public support for a $37 billion bond package on the November ballot — setting up a potentially awkward situation for whichever Democratic candidate emerges to challenge the incumbent Republican.

Democratic State Senate Pro Tem Don Perata of Oakland and Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez of Los Angeles appeared at Schwarzenegger’s side Monday in Oakland and pledged continuing support for the bond issue to finance schools, roads, bridges, levee repairs and affordable housing.

The two Democratic leaders, joined by Senate Republican leader Dick Ackerman of Tustin (Orange County) and GOP Assembly leader George Plescia of San Diego, accompanied Schwarzenegger at several stops across the state to push the infrastructure deal, calling it historic and important to the future of California.

“Whatever it takes to get that done, we’ll do,” Núñez said, asked if Democrats would campaign with Schwarzenegger through the fall. “Absolutely, we’ll be campaigning together … whatever (is) the most effective message to the voters, that’s the message we’re driving home.”

If there was ever an opportunity for third parties, this is the time.

  1. You mean opportunity for further ignorance and marginalization? They do not respect responsibility in California! When Arnold made even the most lame and impotent attempt at fiscal restraint he got slapped down and then went for the gold for his own glory. I can’t say that I blame him. If you are able to look past morality and principle, then you might as well take advantage of people as a Democrat or Republican. The people want it, for god’s sake! I think that’s how most politicians feel about it. Why not profit from the stupidity of others when they ask and demand it? (Baring morals, et al. again)

    In order for true libertarian candidates to be elected, there must come a place/time when people have no choice but to embrace individual responsibility. That is the cost of liberty. The current excesses are so utterly entrenched that the behavior it enables will never demand such a thing en masse. It would mean an end to the party!

  2. This is clearly evident by people’s refusal to look at the present big picture situation. Granted, most people are pretty dumb and apathetic, but when I talk to people I can see that they do in fact see some aspects of the big picture as it is, however fuzzy. But people refuse to do something about it because to do so would be to assume to pain of doing so… no to mention the cognitive dissonace of having to make a change.

    Look how hard it is for someone to begin a nutritional diet or excercise program right now… they can’t do that! Imagine changing the way everything is being done! Imagine having to change your world view and beliefs on everything at once! Not going to happen until there is no choice at all. And then it will be the tireless minority that make the change possible for others. Accept this.