It’s “Time for Sime”

Arin Sime’s Libertarian campaign for the Virginia State Senate is one to keep an eye on. The election isn’t until 2007, but he already has an impressive campaign staff, great website and has raised over $11,000. Charlottesville’s newspaper, The Hook, published an article about Sime’s campaign where Arin had this to say about his three-term Republican opponent, Emmett Hanger:

“He hasn’t had a strong challenge,” explains Sime. “We’re starting a lot earlier, we’re better organized. It’s a conservative district, and I think it’s a vulnerable seat.”

The article continues:

He’s hitting parades. He’s talking to Republicans. And he has a sticker: “Time for Sime.”

“Our issue is name recognition,” he says. “It’s a big district, and we want to get out there knocking on doors. We’re raising good money, and we’re going to be on par with [Hanger].”

For more information, visit Arin Sime for State Senate 2007.

  1. Arin Sime is off to a great start. This is my hometown district so I am quite interested in this election. It will be the first time that a Libertarian candidate is on the ballot in this area for any office less than statewide. I have contributed to Arin’s campaign and urge others to do so especially after this November. There will not be many elections in 2007 and this one we can win. Eminent domain is an issue that is relevant to this district and Arin has taken an early, strong and popular stand.

  2. Sounds good. Really good.

    But he’ll lose no matter what, relying upon Republicans.

  3. Hanger is considered a RINO even within his own party and is most likely going to be challenged from the right in the Republican Primary by Delegate Saxman. If Saxman comes close but not close enough, there could be a large group of unsatisfied voters who could help out Sime.

  4. Could, but won’t. Even if their arms were going to be amputated if they didn’t – they wouldn’t.