It Feels Like the First Time: Falwell Dissed by Supremes Again

In sort of a reverse take on issue, Jerry Falwell’s got his panties in a wad over the site From The Register:

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear the appeal of Reverend Jerry Falwell against an Appeals Court ruling that allowed a gay rights activists to continue operating a site about the television evangelist under the domain name

Jerry Falwell has suggested that people who are gay and lesbian are sinning and that one’s sexual orientation is something that can be changed, according to Christopher Lamparello, who set up the ‘gripe site’ to challenge Falwell’s views.

Falwell sued, but the US Appeals Court ruled in August 2005 that Lamparello’s site did not violate trade mark law because it is not a confusing use of Falwell’s trade mark.

One might think Falwell would have learned when he lost to Larry Flynt in the Supreme Court over a funny parody advertisement (click poster to enlarge) years ago. I wonder if Falwell’s next target will be the poultry industy.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Jerry Falwell has suggested that people who are gay and lesbian are sinning…

    He who casts the first stone, Jerry…