It Could Be Worse, Kids…

So for all my bitching about how America’s government sucks cock these days, even while living under Bush I’ll come out and say that it could be worse.

We could be Thailand.

From Newsweek (yes I know I just picked on them, but eh):

The image is steeped in irony. As tanks rolled into Bangkok to overthrow his six-year-old government on the night of Sept. 19, Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was hunkered down at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York. The former telecommunications billionaire, who once owned a Thai TV station himself, could persuade only one channel to air his rambling emergency decree ordering troops back to barracks. Unsurprisingly, the message fell on deaf ears. The next day Army Cmdr. Sonthi Boonyaratkalin imposed sweeping curbs on civil liberties, isolated some top Army officers loyal to Thaksin, then outlined a timetable for restoring democracy. Thaksin flew into probable exile in London, lamenting to Thai journalists aboard his chartered flight: “I was prime minister when I went [to New York], but I am jobless on the way back.”

Yeah, so military dictatorship: Who the fuck even does that anymore? Yeah, Burma does, but you don’t see a huge rush of people all like “OMG LETS BE LIKE BURMA” or crushing on their leader or whatever. We’re all pretty much seeing it as, I dunno, Asia’s zit? Maybe I’m wrong here, but I don’t think so?

I mean, if you’re going to have some sort of brutal oppressive dictatorship, you could at least do it in style. China, North Korea, we’re looking at you. Evil soul-eating motherfucks, yes, but they have some sort of finesse to them. Well, when they bother to brush their teeth at least.

But military dictatorship? Sonthi Boonyawhateverthefuck, did the rest of the kids pick on you when you were younger? Did they always steal your lunch money, and you swore deep down in your heart that you would get them back? Because this little clownshow you’re putting on is really, really fucking immature. Keep it up and the real owners of Thailand (the Thai people) might ground you to Burma without dinner.

Stuart Richards

Stuart Richards is a 26-year-old land surveyor based out of Portland, OR. He is a left-leaning geolibertarian and (theologically) liberal Christian, and has been blogging on and other libertarian sites since 2004.

  1. Nice post, -except- that the people, for the moment, overwhelmingly support the coup…

    … and that Prime Minister Thaksin was not merely openly corrupt but blatantly corrupt…

    … and the general has at least set forward a plan to relinquish power, something very few dictators do.

    I think this is wait-and-see territory here.

  2. Yeah, we’ve got an openly corrupt politician over here too. Doesn’t mean I want the military overthrowing him. We can do that ourselves in 2008.

  3. It just goes to show that the people will support anything if they perceive that it will bring order and security. Kind of scary considering that here in America many people blindly support the neocons and are willing to give up their rights. What happens if in the future the people perceive that the president is not doing a good job fighting terrorism, would they support a coup too? Can’t happen here you say …. ?

  4. The only way we are going to be able to overthrow Bush in 2008 is if he decides that he will run for a third term or if he decides to suspend elections.

    Maybe then a military coup might not look so bad. Especially if government was turned over to civilian control and elections scheduled.

    Of course, impeachment would also be an option. But calling for impeachment isn’t a viable alternative for most liberals or libertarians because….well, because that would be radical.

    Anyway, military coups are still very cool in some circles. US taxpayers didn’t mind shelling out bucks to pay for the National Endowment for Democracy’s backing of those involved in the short-lived Chavez coup.

    And let’s not forget Musharraf, friend and ally of George Bush. Of course, he traded in the olive drabs for a silk suit when he took over Pakistan – an obvious act of maturity. The oppressed go crazy over a well-dressed dictator.

    Maybe if Boonyaratkalin started blogging at myspace he’d be cool.

  5. On behalf of gay men and with-it heterosexual females everywhere, could you please not use terms like “suck cock” and mean it as a pejorative?

  6. Maybe Stuart was just suggesting that he find more productive uses for his time?

    I certainly know that no *decent* human being in the world is going to have any qualms about increasing the number of earnest cock-suckers in the world.

    We need more of ’em. Make the world a happier, more peaceful place.

    roflmao. … kinda.

  7. Almost every other country sucks more cock than the US. There are few countries more free than the US, but we are by no means completely free.

  8. Thailand is (or was) one of the freest countries in Southeast Asia, but the coup does have the support of 93% of the people. They held a democratic election in April, but it was so rigged by Thaksin’s government that many felt democratic change would not have occured otherwise. Most of the opposition parties boycotted the election because of the corruption as well. That said, there was to be a re-election in November. I personally think the military should have waited. While rigged elections are common, two rigged elections would make me question if some sort of action like this needed to happen as a restoration of democracy. However, the military’s termination of the Constitution, ban on political organizing and cancellation of the November elections is completely wrong. They should have continued the November elections as planned with an interim non-military leader to keep the country stable and facilitate elections for the next two months.

  9. Also, don’t forget that Thailand is still a monarchy and that the military junta has the support of the King.

    Personally, I’m glad the coup is going smoothly, but that’s because I leave for Thailand in a few weeks.

  10. I am Thai,I totally agree with comment 13. The cause of this story is very complex,most stories you see from news are superficial.

  11. My understanding from BBC reporting is that Prime Minister Thaksin was sufficiently corrupt that there was no way to remove him under the Thai constitution. In America, we have the option to impeach, but he had enough control over the judiciary and the legislature that they couldn’t mount a successful prosecution.

    The complexity of the situation, combined with the support of the King and the people, and the fact that the coup has been entirely bloodless make it much harder to criticize the actions of the junta thus far, unless it’s simply saying, “coups are bad, mmm’kay.”

    We shall see if Thailand devolves into a Burma or Pakistan, but I think that’s unlikely.

  12. We can do that ourselves in 2008.

    Don’t count on it. There’s a good chance that election will be suspended in a “national emergency.” Even worse, it may be suspended-in-effect through stupid ballot-counting tricks, like the last two presidential elections. Check out Aaron Russo’s movie, “America: From Freedom to Fascism” if/when you get a chance.

  13. Paulie — ‘stupid ballot tricks’ cannot change a hard constitutional limit on two elected terms as president.

    Only way around this is for Cheney to become president w/ Bush as VP, and Cheney to step down only to be re-hired as VP by Bush.

    Insofar as I know, yes, that’s *legal.* Obnoxious, but legal.

    I have only this to say. I today have no firearms. But come hell or high water, if Bush is president in 2009, I will.

    But not for long.

  14. Actually that would not be legal. Someone who is not eligible to be president – for instance, because he’s already served out two full terms – is also ineligible to be VP. But what’s legal under Bush? Under executive orders 10999 and 11000 he can already become the dictator, call off elections, etc any time he likes. So, all he has to do is either goad someone into another terrorist attack, or manufacture one and blame it on designated scapegoat de jour (Muslims, militias, or whatever) and use that as an excuse.

    Or, they can simply annoint a new figurehead and steal another election. Not that the Democrats would be much better even if they didn’t.

    As for firearms – the government will soon be tracking all purchases, so get ’em quick if you have any such plans.

  15. Paulie — you can’t track the black market easily.

    I don’t claim to be anything resembling an expert on the VP aspect of the law. lol. However; this is another area I think you and I are agreeing on. Bush has ’till ’08 to clear out. We can’t get him impeached, but we can sure as hell make sure he doesn’t get to end the democratic process.

    Enough of that, though. Why are we agreeing so frequently?

  16. Paulie ”” you can’t track the black market easily.

    You can if all the money has RFID chips and federally databased by the banker-regime conglomerate to whom it was issued and where it was spent.

    We can’t get him impeached,

    I don’t know – maybe if the Democrats get both houses this November they’ll show some balls next year, if only as revenge for what the Republicans did to Clinton.

    But, suppose even if Bush and Cheney are both impeached, or if another major terrorist attack in the US doesn’t happen and the election in 2008 isn’t close enough for vote fraud to be credible – the best case scenario is a Democrat such as Pelosi or Clinton in charge of the executive branch, and they don’t differ significantly from Republicans on all these issues which concern us. So it’ll just be another sideshow. Still, if it keeps them occupied and reduces faith in government, I’m all for Bush impeachment. If he’s convicted, he can stand civilian war crimes trials.

  17. Enough of that, though. Why are we agreeing so frequently?

    Well I think we do agree about many of the abuses taking place today. We just in differ in that I believe that you can’t limit government any more than you can limit cancer, and that anarchy can work just fine – whereas you believe the opposite.

    I also believe a radical libertarian party can become electable and one which is sold out won’t do any good even if it could become electable, which it won’t, because it doesn’t distinguish itself enough from the major party.

  18. I thought this was common sense, but I guess not, so…

    Our civilian democratic government, inept and corrupt though it is, is not going to be overthrown in a coup/turned into a one-man dictatorship/whatever in 2008.

    I’ll even put money on it too if anyone wants to make a bet on it.

  19. Would your bet also cover 2006 and 2007? Actually, while I would bet you, it wouldn’t do me any good, since if I win I will not be able to collect since a)I’ll probably be in a detention camp, and you might be as well and b) All money will be RFID-tracked and databased and so I couldn’t get paid anyway.

    Check out Freedom To Fascism if/when you get a chance and then tell me if you’re still so sure.

  20. I haven’t seen it but I prefer to practice reality-based politics. The Knights Templar died out 900 years ago, dude.

  21. Please do some research on the reality on the ground before you let go with the foul mouth of a ten year old and about the same logic.

    One of the worst posts ever on hammer of “truth.”

    Please read Juan de Mariana’s De rege et regis institutione.

  22. I’ll even put money on it too if anyone wants to make a bet on it.

    Your money is covered- because it’s going to be a one WOMAN show, barring a competent and credible Libertarian presidential candidate.

    I’m predicting King George III gets replaced by Queen Hilary I.

  23. Okay, I’m a reformer and all, but the day that kissing military dictatorship ass becomes the litmus test for being a party member, I’m out.

  24. You missed the boat again Mr. Stuart. This isn’t about party membership.

    Or cock sucking or kissing ass, as much as you seem to want it to be.

  25. Much of the Thai people actually support the military coup. They hated the prime minister.

    It is a return to the king’s rule and not the military. -That- is what the people want.

  26. I think people notice the governments for about ten minutes, and then forget it.

    Like they just sorta go on about their day and don’t need to worry about the government until the government runs out of caviar and champagne, and then they send out the guards to get some cash by robbing the citizens, and then the guards go to the liquor store and get more goodies for the leaders.

    Just don’t let them run out of party supplies, like jets.