Is the MSM Stealing Material from Bloggers?

Muckraked has an article about about the main stream media stealing articles from bloggers.

We’ve all got our stories of being burned – I’m still pissed at the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz for blithely claiming our scoop as his own (granted, it doesn’t even qualify as a closet in the Watergate hotel of investigative journalism but, dammit, a scoop is a scoop) – and we’ve all told these tales to melodramatic effect.

So, we decided to survey the major newspapers and news networks to find out their policies on crediting bloggers and we gathered some accounts from bloggers who’ve broken stories that were later picked up by the MSM.

It’s worth reading, but the coolest part is that they quoted Michael Hampton and me.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. The big media companies will do everything they can to use the Internet and blogs to their advantage without crediting them for material.

    Because that’s when we become real competition, and you can bet your ass they know how level the playing field is when anyone with a laptop is a potential field reporter.

  2. Big media “personalities” and “journalists” consistently insist that the blogosphere isn’t a legitimate media outlet etc.

    It’s much like the Republicans like using libertarians while slapping them on the back, while sticking “kick me” signs to them. Oh these journalists are happy to plagiarize and use the blogosphere’s work and information but when it comes to acknowledgement of their efficacy and legitamacy, forget it.

  3. A blogger could never hope to be a serious journalist on the same level as Bill O’Reilly.

  4. I could never wish to sink myself as low as Bill O’Reilly.

    As for journalists, it’s like I said: They have a hard time taking bloggers seriously, especially with respect to national reporting and investigative reporting. Of course; they have good reason: few bloggers are capable of doing traditional journalism; they are primarily capable of spouting off their informed, or uninformed, opinions.

  5. main stream media journalists steal very obviously from places like IndyMedia which is written by people for people, and major party political candidates steal issues and ideas from minor parties and independent candidates, and kids steal candy from stores, what else is new?