Indiana LP About to Take NSA to Court?

Here’s an interesting teaser:

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is one of the named parties in a class action lawsuit filed today in State and Federal Court about an hour ago (4 pm EST). The press release on this has been delayed and won’t be issued until tomorrow morning. However, here’s a hint – the Libertarian Party of Indiana is making it clear that it believes that the NSA has no business snooping around the telephone records of a political organization without a warrant.

I’ll be watching this one with interest.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. I was just thinking of this today actually. Why doesn’t the LP take more government officials to court?

  2. Maybe because you have to have “standing” as a person directly harmed, and I think courts interpret that very narrowly.

  3. What sucks is I can’t even get involved, because for the time periods involved I had Qwest.

  4. Gee… and all this time, the duopolists have been saying the LP is “irrelevant”, or a minor vote-stealing irritant… well, now what can they say? “See? Those Libertarians are terrorists… the NSA said so!”

    Screw the lot of ’em.

  5. Good for Mark Rutherford and Dan Drexler! Looks like the LPIN is on the right track in tackling the issue. I’m looking forward to seeing their names on more court cases to challenge the government. The Jury Box works better than Ballot Box in many cases.