Is LNC Member Making Up Names or Impersonating People?

LNC member Michael Gilson-De Lemos (MG) and I were having a heated debate in the comments section of this posting. Then comments from a few other names showed up supporting MG’s point of view. The funny thing is that they ALL have the same IP address as MG — and most share the same e-mail address. The IP address in question is — we got your number.

Austin Cassidy reports the same thing at his site. The comments were placed at roughly the same time on both sites. Unless MG invited half the town to his house at 4 in the morning, it seems that Julie C, Ralph, Gary, Bill S, bill, Ann & Co, and Ralph are very likely to be the same person.

Cassidy may be digging up a bit more in the bullshit department, as well.

All of the responses to this item was submitted within a few hours of each other from the exact same IP address. Thus, I must conclude that all were generated by Mr. Gilson-De Lemos.

This seems pretty consistent with the claims being made. I live in Florida and to me, the Florida LP seems practically asleep. […]

So: of the 3 local public officials in Duval and Nassau Counties, I can only verify that one of them exists. And even then he’s on just about one of the most obscure boards you can imagine.

You’ll have to excuse me if I’m not hugely impressed.

I know some of the names mentioned by Austin and can verify that they are indeed real people. What I’m not so sure of is whether these people are currently appointed to the board positions about which MG brags. Even if they are, the people I know on that list are practical, normal folks and likely wouldn’t conduct themselves in the manner in which MG claims to have trained them.

It looks like we just exposed a handful of Libertarian Girls. I’d advise taking anything MG has to say with a grain of salt.

UPDATE: It sure looks like MG made up his own Wiki entry, too.

  1. I took the liberty of correcting the capitalization errors in his wiki entry. If there’s one thing I can’t stand its titles written in all caps.

  2. After skimming that wiki entry… creepy. What an ego! And it was all caps?! I am thinking tin foil hat brigade. Maybe we should replace him with that chick that Stephen likes.

  3. Just the title portions, like NOTABLE ACTIVIST, PUBLIC INTELLECTUAL, FUTURIST, etc, not the whole of the text.

  4. DD — that chick (Angela Keaton) is running for an at-large position. Unfortunately, MG is a regional rep (and Keaton is from CA/TX).

    If they pull the same trick they did last time, it may be difficult to vote MG out, as people from other states (aside from GA and FL) had no vote in regional representation.

  5. Actually, I was kind of wondering what exactly an “At large” representative is? I’m extremely new to the party(you may have seen me at the Alabama convention, I was the young guy from Montgomery). Is it basically similar to a district representative, except not holding a district affiliation?

    By the way, I loved the joke in your speech, the part where you rhymed with “Ayn Rand-ian”(to paraphrase). It took me a couple of seconds to get and it was tough to hold back laughter on that one.

  6. Paul, each region elects one delegate and one alternate delegate to the LNC. In additional, there are 5 delegates elected from the convention as a whole. These are considered the at-large delegates.

    It was nice to meet you, and welcome to HoT.

  7. Paul,

    Tom Knapp actually wrote that line for me. It was:

    The party’s candidates need to campaign on their proposals, not their philosophical principles. The voter’s interested in Joe Candidate, not Ayn Randidate.

    I like the line, but I guess I’ll have to improve on the delivery a bit. :)