Intl Cybercrime Treaty Undermines Constitution

Slashdot brings news of what may possibly be the most chilling effect on Internet free speech, ever:

espo812 writes

“A story from says, ‘The Senate has ratified a treaty under which the United States will join more than 40 other countries, mainly from Europe, in fighting crimes committed via the Internet.’ Ars Technica says it’s the ‘World’s Worst Internet Law.'”

From the Ars story:

“According to the EFF, ‘The treaty requires that the U.S. government help enforce other countries’ ‘cybercrime’ laws–even if the act being prosecuted is not illegal in the United States. That means that countries that have laws limiting free speech on the Net could oblige the F.B.I. to uncover the identities of anonymous U.S. critics, or monitor their communications on behalf of foreign governments. American ISPs would be obliged to obey other jurisdictions’ requests to log their users’ behavior without due process, or compensation.;”

It’s kinda retarded that if I talk shit about China’s stupid censorship laws (or link to a new software utility that allows dissidents to get around their firewalls), they’ll potentially be able to come after me with some international DMCA lawsuit. Stupid laws in other countries should have no effect on my constitutional rights, and this treaty is treading on very thin ice in that direction.