Internet Poll for 2008 Libertarian Prez

This poll over at The Next Prez has a somewhat realistic line-up of who will probably run. I say somewhat, because while I’d love to see Ron Paul give another go at it (I voted for him on the poll, naive that I may be), somehow I really doubt he’ll do it.

Also, check out The Next Prez’s Third Party Thursday roundup. We’re a tad over-represented as the source for the news, but there’s also some interesting news about Michael Badnarik fundraising hitting over $100K for his Congressional bid, so congrats are in order.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. The top six finishers from the January poll are in a run-off poll for February, so please stop by to vote again.

    The March polls will try to include the most likely candidates in each party, so let me know if I’ve missed anyone, or if any candidates are unlikely to enter the race.


  2. Would the Constitution Party really want to nominate Ron Paul?

    I always thought that the Constitution party’s platform says we should outlaw abortion and that were are a Christian Nation or something like that?

  3. I could see several libertarians that would be good choices, but the party needs to make a strategic decision about whats the best use of a presidential candidate is for a third party.

    They cant win – so the best use fo them is to send money to races they can win, no matter how far down the food chain that may be.

  4. Tim, granted we have a long hard uphill battle, but I’m not 100% convinced that we can’t win the presidential in 2008.

    A lot of things would have to fall into place before there was even a nomination, though.