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If you’re a writer and having trouble finding political material to cover, there’s a site out there overflowing with blog fodder. The Hill Blog has quite a few congresscritters placing blog entries on their site. I’ll provide a few recent examples from the site.

Legislation can stop hurricanes:

La. Dem. Sen. Mary Landrieu: “After several long days and nights of bipartisan negotiations and waiting, I was proud to sign the conference report that will bring so many Louisianians one step closer to hope for their rebuilding and protection.”

Google and MySpace are small players in the Internet market:

Calif. Dem. Rep. Lois Capps: “This is a bad idea for two reasons. First, it means that small players on the Internet will find it harder to use the world wide reach of the Internet to bring their new ideas to market. This could prevent the next Google or MySpace from emerging due to the inability to pay phone and cable company fees for the “fast lane” of internet access.”

Strengthening the bond between major corporations and the government:

Ill. GOP Rep. John Shimkus: “This legislation simply helps establish some certainty for companies making a huge financial commitment and long time commitment to building a new refinery. A federal coordinator would be established who would work with the federal agencies involved in the permitting process. The agencies would have to stick to their time lines without endless delays in making decisions.”

Common Americans are terrorists and enemies of the government

Kan. GOP Rep. Todd Tiahrt: “First and foremost, we are a nation at war. One of our most important weapons in this war against terror is information. The Terrorist Surveillance Program is crucial to gathering intelligence on terrorist activities.”

I’m certainly bookmarking this site for slow news days.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Stephen, there are no slow news days. Not around here, anyway. I’ve always got much more than I can possibly cover, and far less time than I’d like.

  2. Those first two items don’t match the headlines you gave ’em.

    Protection from hurricanes doesn’t mean the hurricanes don’t come; just that little things like cities that are BELOW SEA LEVEL on the coastline don’t, y’know, flood when the water-walls break — on account of the walls not breaking.

    The second was saying, “The next myspace or google.” Meaning that small-business internet sites would find it difficult to *BECOME* large.

    Sorry; just pointing out the obvious.