Illinois: Hassle Everyone before I Gamble Again

gambling - file photoUnder proposed legislation, every gambler who walks into a casino in Illinois would have to present his or her driver’s license or state ID card to verify they have not flagged themselves on a voluntary “no gamble” database (via Sploid):

Anybody on the list who tries to get into a casino can be kicked out and charged with trespassing. Anybody on the list who is found in a casino also must forfeit any winnings. So far, O’Shea said, the state has collected $244,000 from 173 self-excluded gamblers who won money on the boats.

Tom Swoik, executive director of the Illinois Casino and Gaming Association, said the industry would have to look hard at the proposal but said checking the ID of all 15.3 million people who went through the turnstiles of the state’s casinos in 2004 could cause long delays.

Once again, if you can’t take responsibility for your own life, try not to take it out on the rest of us with some retarded law proposal that makes sure someone holds your hand through life. The ramifications could also apply to just about every form of gambling, including convenience stores who sell lotto tickets.

Best part is, I’m willing to bet not a single dime of that $244K will be used to pay for this, and the costs of compliance will fall squarely on the casinos (and in return, passed on to the customer). Word up for collectively enforced stupidity.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. It IS Illinois, though… the same guys that keep re-electing the Daleys. When you die, make sure you’re buried in Chicago so that you can continue to vote in local elections.

  2. The thing is, the casino companies already have programs for people who have a gambling problem and want to put themselves on such a list. They can, in effect, bar themselves from the property.

    Making the rest of us go through another stupid ID check just because some people are compulsive gamblers is the height of folly. However, it’ll probably make Illini more comfortable with ID checks against large databases, not that that’s similar to any other government programs.

    Just remember that next time you fly.

    Yours truly,