1. And then they came for all the people that made all these stupid scare videos and the world was a better place.

  2. I’d rather see a zillion of these “stupid scare videos” then put up with stupid scare “threat levels” out of the Department of Homeland Stupidity. Far better to overstate a case against governmental tyranny to at least try to keep our government honest, then to fall to it. This kind of vigilance (and your right to be offended by it) are ever the price of freedom.

  3. Pure propaganda in its rawest form. Who made the video and who sponsors it? When was it made? HoT has miserably failed in living up to its name in this case. Why is alarm-ism and twisted lies so important to some of you?

    My theory is this video is at least approved if not sanctioned and made by either the radical Muslims or sympathizers.

    The radical Muslims are definitely willing the propaganda war as it is stunning how many mainstream Americans and libertarians (we are not mainstream and may never be with this trash) buy into this crap.

    God help us all. Oh, did I offend anyone using God in a sentence? I keep forgetting most of us are atheists.

    I know in Pueblo I am in a very small minority of libertarians that believe in a Higher Power and am the only one that attends meetings that believe we have enemies in the world and even have met some that openly admit they are antisemitic and blame Jews for all the problems. This is not doing us any good attracting members.

  4. I say show this every conservative war monger and the paranoid people they inspire. They get off on slippery slope theories right?

  5. I kinda see the Lebanon response more as inspiration for us when OUR government starts more gun grabbing and harassment.

    After all, ANY occupied people will most certainly revolt over the colonizing force. We would do the same (I would hope).

  6. “They” are only allowed to come for murderers and thieves. Anyone else, and “they’ve” overstepped their bounds.

    We need to stick together and make sure “they/we” don’t come for people who are minding their/our own business and exercising their/our own rights while respecting ours/theirs, no matter who they/we are.

  7. Julian,

    You wear you pro-Constitution badge so proudly yet you do not give a damn about constant violations of it so long as they are apart of the some pretended war on terror. You don’t seem to oppose any tyrannical action of the federal government so long as the masters assure us with a comment that it for our greater good.

    You are constantly harping on about your beloved 2nd Amendment (I love it, too so don’t start), yet violations of the remainder of the Bill of Rights are met only with your praise. And comments and video like this in opposition of your government suspending habeas corpus and holding American citizens indefinitely, without charges on some bureaucratic order is unacceptable to you and anyone who questions that is somehow assisting “the enemy.”

  8. You would do well to read a complete history of the Reichstag fire and its effects. Of course, you may already know all about it””your pro-state rhetoric sounds like you could very well be a reincarnation of Julius Streicher.

    What would this government have to do in the name of fighting terror for you to voice opposition?

    Great job Mike.

    For my part, I wish this video were on super-high rotation on all the major networks. The message is clear enough that is could be an inexpensive radio ad, as well.

  9. Julian, who says we are all atheists on here?
    Many of us are Deists, Christians, etc.

    If you have a problem with this vid., I take it you haven’t seen V for Vendetta yet either. There has always been some sort of class or group of people who’s rights have been subjugated by the state. What’s wrong with a video essentially saying, “Wake the F up people, you need to defend the right and freedoms of others if you are to preserve your own”.

    Lenny had it right when he said…, “Far better to overstate a case against governmental tyranny to at least try to keep our government honest, then to fall to it.”

  10. Let me add that even where I an Atheist I can’t see that references to God would offend me. It would only offend me if you tried to force me to follow that God’s moral code. Of course, we all have every right in the world to be offended by others’ words, we just have no right to insist others not have the ability to offend us.

    BTW, Julian, if you must know, I subscribe to Deism.

  11. That is the funny thing about rights when you take them away from one person you also take them away from your self.

    The problem comes in when they threaten others to take your voice away, when you do speak up.