House Passes Patriot Act

The press is already hailing it as a victory for Bush and the GOP, but I call it a major loss for Americans. The House just passed the new and improved Patriot Act by a super-majority vote.

Bush, forced by filibuster to accept new curbs on law enforcement investigations, is expected to sign the legislation before 16 provisions of the 2001 law expire on Friday.

The vote was 280-138, just two more than needed under special rules that required a two-thirds majority. It marked a political victory for Bush and will allow congressional Republicans facing midterm elections this year to continue touting a tough-on-terror stance. Bush’s approval ratings have suffered in recent months after revelations that he had authorized secret, warrantless wiretapping of Americans.

Prediction: Aside from Ron Paul, the GOP is going to have a very tough time maintaining control of the House of Representatives in 2006. While there may not be a significant difference between the parties, the increased level of gridlock (a good thing — my favorite Gary Nolanism) of one party not having absolute control over all three branches of government will certainly be welcome.

Of course, we all know Bush will sign the bill. The graphic (courtesy of Flickr) indicates where he can stick his pen, though.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Makes me feel so…patriotic! Did you hear that Bush just signed an Executive Order which creates an “Office of Faith-Based Development” under the Department of Homeland Security? Now God will help us fight the War on Terror!

  2. “Gridlock” would be a great thing if it actually existed–and was the only reason for a liberty-minded person to have considered supporting Kerry.

    Unfortunately, the jackyderms in burro’s clothing are deathly afraid of this President (or at least of his Administration), relegating any hope of real gridlock to the realm of fantasy that includes elves, unicorns and Constitutionally-restrained judges.

    His choices are confirmed, his “budgets” passed and whatever bills he supports are immediately made law, with only enough early opposition to sell some news copy.

    The sound and fury is that the Democrats oppose the Republicans (normally when the Republicans are doing to things the Democrats want done anyway) and are ready to fight them tooth and nail, no matter the issue. The reality is that save a few votes against the tyranny du jour, the “opposition” is just thinly guised support.

    We’ve known for years “there ain’t a dime’s bit of difference.” It seems were down to about 3 cents.

  3. I don’t think we are going to see much change in Congress come November. The Democrats have no fundamental disagreement with anything that the Republicans are doing and it shows. Further, the Democrats are so disorganized, they will be unable to mount any clever counterattack. Additionally, the American voter thinks that “America” can go on indefinitely and that the crooks in Washington can and will keep doing their routine to their minor detriment. Nobody fears dictatorship or financial collapse. They don’t even see it coming. They will have to get and hopefully fast and hard, before they are willing to even consider a rational choice. In short, Americans are willing to withstand MUCH MUCH more government.

    The good news is that there are SOME people listening. We just have to pick them out and nurture them. Turn them into the tireless minority.

  4. Another thing that I would like to add is some food for thought, and maybe you can discuss this with people…

    We have the largest government in history. And yet, we remain fairly free. This makes no sense until you look and see how it is sustained via fiat currency. What happens when the system by which the worlds largest government is strained or goes kaput? Do you really think that our freedoms will remain intact and that government will just bite the bullet and diminish its size of it’s own volition? Of course not! In order for that government to survive, it will not be able to remain very “friendly”. It will have to become very HOSTILE to enact and maintain it’s dictates. It will NOT go gently into that good night.

  5. Artus, 3 cents is too generous; there is no difference
    at all, because they are actually two faces of the exact
    same thing. Any differences at all are deliberately staged
    at the higher levels of the game, where they recognize they are in fact the same side. Just as with the Mafia, there are different families, but one commission.

    I’m not linking the following sites, because some of them are commercial, but you can cut and paste them in your browser and see the documentation. You may well know this stuff already, in wich case these are for anyone else who wants to know….

  6. Ah, I see they link automatically without the html code.
    Well, actually .tv is the only pay site. I apologize for the commercial link, and I am not an investor or principal.

  7. DD: I think the Democrats will make gains. Possibly take control of one or both houses, but I’m not sure.

    This always happens in a 2nd midterm when the faction of the emperor/potus is also in control of the Congress, and the potus is unpopular. Cesar Potus Bush II is currently at

  8. (continued) Less than 40 percent, and dropping like a rock (prounced Iraq). Puppetmaster Cheney is at 18 percent and dropping.

    Not even Diebold Votescam can save the NSGOP/BCF from losing significant seatage under these circumstances. The only thing that might save them would be open martial law after an American Reichstag II (aka 9-11 part 2, aka the other shoe dropping). Even that is not guaranteed, since we have significant market penetration now with the 9-11 truth movement; the people might not go along in sufficient numbers to pull it off.

  9. If the Clinton Crime Family/NSDP/blue bandana gang gets a majority in the Reichstag (effective next year), especially if they win both chambers of the Reichstag, expect articles of impeachment to be presented.

    Why? Symmetry/revenge, if nothing else. They probably won’t touch the most serious grounds for impeachment.

    The most likely outcome is acquital, but with significant PR damage to the NSGOP. The second most likely is Reichstag Fire II and open martial law to prevent outcome 3, which is resignation or conviction, quite possibly followed by civilian war crimes trials.

    Under Outcomes one or three the CCF/NSDP will most likely get a majority official certification of vote results for executive leadership of the Commission, allowing them to name their chosen family boss as Boss of All Bosses for a quadrennium or two. At this point they will likely make further gains in the Reichstag as well.

    The only way the BCF/NSGOP can maintain control is through
    RF2, maybe

  10. You know, ever since I thought of that particular possibility, I have seen it coming wider and wider.

    I even see (puts on tinfoil hat) a rather “alarming” trend in reporting that could be foreshadowing: a central theme of concern and “alarms” seems to be a tendancy towards nuclear concerns. Considering that a “suitcase bomb” only runs you between 1-3 million USD or so on the “eurasian black market” it isn’t at all unfeasible that we might see one happen… oh… say… in the middle of 2008.

    Thankfully, since nobody cares about Phoenix, I don’t have much to worry about with this being the city targeted. (Too wide. They’d want something with denser population and less vital economies.)

    Okay. So. Anybody got some sort of meds that help with foaming at the mouth? ’cause apparantly I got a bad case developing here…

  11. 9/11/06 or 9/11/08 could both be possible target dates.
    4/19/06, 4/19/07 or 4/19/08 could be good as well, with the blame placed on internal dissenters (“terrorist sympathizers”) like some of us here. The non-dissenters
    would still likely be targeted for roundups too, due to guilt by association. FEMA camp capacity is already well in the millions.

    As for suitacases, 1-3 M is a sucker price. I have heard a lot lower, but you have to have “family”. You are not foaming at the mouth or in need of a tinfoil hat. Lots of Russian and other ex-USSR scientists need to make a living, and material stockpiles are not well guarded either.

    Central Asia has porous borders open to Bakshish (bribes)
    and they connect with Afghan, Iran, Paki, etc….connect the dots.

    There is reputedly (this is just a rumor, of course) an open offer to secure said materials and set off an EMP blast or several, leaving protected (military, almost exclusively) electronics as the only ones working.

  12. My advice is for anyone who gets the offer to not take it. You never know if you are Team A or Team B (patsy) material ahead of time. And besides, it’s morally wrong. The direct effects of the blast will not kill people, just electronics, but secondary effects of many electronics failing will kill (possibly) millions; as will the response.

  13. Perhaps in a few district people will realize that the jackyderms are just that, and will vote for a third-party candidate…I certainly think Badnarik can succeed, and perhaps a few more elsewhere.

  14. Badnarik is a long shot, although not quite as long as most LP candidates.

  15. paulie — I was overestimating the price on purpose for precisely that reason. I know just how plausible a statement it all really is.

    But the problem is, suggesting such a thing to the open populace puts one firmly in the “I’m a looney!” department unless one makes placating comments to indicate that you understand the sheer insanity of the statement. Generally speaking, I’ve found that behaving so gets the message across that this is something serious.

    Tried explaining to any non-libertarian the Hurtt prize recently? Universally, they laugh. They think it’s a joke — that it can’t possibly be serious.

    I saw a bumper-sticker once a while back. Funny thing is, while I agreed with it, I also got pissed by it. All it said was: “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

  16. I am pretty boisterous with telling others the truth Ian, but I offer it to them as the common sense it is, and the generally follow with a “I can’t believe more people don’t make these connections, I mean this is pretty common sense stuff” which generally lead the conversation in the direction that everyone I’ve ever met recognizes of talking about how you can’t get any unbiased media so that’s why.

    They immediately accept the truth, because it is so blatantly the truth, and they only find themselves realizing later that the truth is some crazy twisted conspiracy that we all somehow take for granted every day.

    Well folks, surprise surprise, can anyone think of a time when the world wasn’t entirely shrouded in conspiracy and subterfuge or a ruling class that was trying to completely seperate itself and establish power over the masses?


  17. June 6th, 2006 is another possibility for the next terrorist attacks. The Globalists who control our government and who are the REAL force behind terrorism are into the occult and love numerology. June 6th, 2006 is 6/6/06 = 666.

    9/11 is an occult number. There is a website that explains the occult signifigance of 9/11. If I can find it I’ll post the link here.

    I know this sounds crazy but consider that Bush and other politicians and powerful people belong to occult organizations like The Order Of Skull And Bones and Bohemian Grove. For more information on this go to and and do a search on this subject.

  18. Andy, if you already know this, why do you ask me why I consider a few years a likely timeframe?

    Also, did you try the 7 pm rush? Was there one?