HoT Blogger in the News on Bloggers’ Rights

Michael Hampton, who blogs here and at Homeland Security, was covered in the news today in reference to FEC regulation of bloggers. From the article:

Wisconsin-based blogger Michael Hampton favored the broad language of the Hensarling bill over the more targeted CDT proposal. Though his blog, Homeland Stupidity, runs on about $1,000 per year and would likely be untouched by reporting regulations for online electioneering, he views any attempt to regulate web-based political activity as a threat to bloggers’ ability to air their views freely.

A self-described libertarian whose blog “covers almost anything the government does which might be considered stupid,” Hampton argued: “Attempts to regulate the speech of bloggers are tantamount to regulating the New York Times‘ editorial and op-ed pages, and as such, should be vigorously opposed.”

Hampton’s take:

And after carefully reconsidering the issue, I am still of the opinion that the only Internet campaign finance reform we need is for the Federal Election Commission to stay away from the Internet entirely. The CDT proposal is going to do the same thing to the Internet as existing campaign finance laws do: make it harder for third parties to get their message out. And since one third party has the most important message few people are hearing, it’s absolutely vital that every possible avenue for communicating that message be protected

I’m in agreement with Hampton — get the FEC totally out of the Internet picture.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Freedom of Speech is one of the most important things guaranteed by The Constitution…

    In Fort Wayne we recently had a 17 year old High School Student who was EXPELLED for writing a “satire” critical of The High School administration.

    I have written a large number of articles on how our Freedom of Speech is being slowly eroded away.

    I am also running for a seat on The School Board of that same school system.

    Mike Sylvester

  2. Ian,

    It happens all the time. Just drive down the freeway when it isn’t rush hour.

  3. They pass laws all the time. I find the best approach is to make fun of them.